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The right click menu of Windows allows you to quickly access frequently used options. For instance, in order to change the resolution of the screen, you have to open Control Panel, select Personalization settings and go to the Screen Resolution tab, but as you may know that Personalization & Screen Resolution dialogs can be quickly accessed from Desktop right-click context menu. The Windows right-click menu tools are developed to extend the native options of the context menu, allowing users to add, edit and rename right click menu options. Take previously covered ContexEdit (reviewed here) for instance, it not only lets you add & edit new context menu items, but also allows configuring DDE ( Data Dynamic Exchange) settings. Today, we have one such portable application for you called Right Click Shortcuts Creator that lets you add shortcuts for applications, files and folders to the right context menu of the Windows Desktop as well as Windows Explorer. Using the application, you can quickly access frequently used applications, files and folders without having to navigate through different locations. More details after the break.

Right Click Shortcuts Creator sports a simplistic interface. At the top, there are File and Tools menu, while Add File, Add Folder, Edit and Delete buttons are available on the toolbar. It shows all the shortcuts that you add to right click context menu, in the main window.

You can edit the Name, Path, add Arguments and change the Icon of any shortcut that you add to the program by selecting it from the list and clicking Edit button from the top.

Edit File Shortcut

All the added shortcuts are instantly available in the right click context menu.

Program Manager_2012-06-11_15-02-38

The Options dialog box under Tools menu contains only one option; it lets you add any item you click on to the right-click menu, from the context menu itself. This means that, once you enable this setting, you can right-click any item that you want to add, and the option to Add To Right Click will be present in the context menu. Sounds confusing? The screenshot below will help.

Program Manager_2012-06-11_15-11-24

Even though, the application lets you quickly add items to the right click context menu, it doesn’t have an option to change the sequence of the items in the list. By default, the shortcuts are sorted alphabetically, and this sequence cannot be changed. Right Click Shortcuts Creator works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista,. Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Right Click Shortcuts Creator

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