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Apps like Facebook and Twitter improve the in-app browser they offer so that it will load content faster, and display it better making it easier to read. That said there are still times when a link only opens in an actual browser like Safari or Chrome. Although a browser’s primary function is to display a web page, it must do so securely. Browsecurely is an iOS extension that adds a secure browser to any and all apps the have a built-in browser. It stops links from tracking you but it also lets you block any content that you’ve blocked via Safari’s content blocking feature (iOS 9 only). Additionally, it also remembers services you’re logged into in Safari and doesn’t force you to log into them again should you open a link in a different app.

Since Browsecurely is an extension, you will have to enable it once you’ve installed the app. Tap and hold a link in any app (we used Twitter) and wait for the actions menu to pop up. Scroll to the very end of the bottom row and tap ‘More’. You will see a list of activities that you can enable/disable. Browse Securely will appear here with a switch that you need to turn on.

Return to the app, and tap and hold a link until the action menu pops up again. Browse Securely will appear as an option now. Tap it to view the link without being tracked, and with all content you’ve blocked for Safari, duly blocked here as well.


You need to be running iOS 8 to use BrowseSecurly and iOS 9 (or above) to use the content blocking feature.

Install Browsecurely From The App Store

Via Lifehacker

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