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GIFs, more than enough has been written on this wonderful format and the images created in it but here we are writing a bit more. Meet Gifx, a free iOS app that lets you add GIF patterns to your photos to make them look cool. The app offers a free pack of GIFs to get you started, and a few more patterns in exchange for leaving a review on the App Store, and following it on Instagram. It’s basically fusing a GIF with any photo you might take. With the free version of the app though you can only save the final output in MP4 format and it comes with a watermark . To save it as a GIF, you have to buy any sort of upgrade the app has to offer. It also restricts the quality of the video you can save to just low quality. You can mask a GIF and add multiple GIFs in layers.

Launch the app and you can use one of the existing photos or videos from your camera roll, or capture a new one. To record a video with Gifx, hold down the capture button to record, and release to pause it (pretty much like you do in Vine). You can crop the image to a nice square.


Tap the Free GIFs block to expand the selection available. Select a pattern and tap to add it to your image. The slider at the top lets you adjust the opacity of the pattern you’ve overlaid. You may not want to apply the pattern on your entire image so you can mask a part of it. Tap the Mask button and then choose from the many shapes available to mask the GIF. If you want to instead hide the GIF completely leaving just a bit visible, tap the mask shape again to reverse the mask.

Gifx_add_gif Gifx_add_mask

Once you’re done, tap the Save button at the top. Select the length of the video. You can add a second layer after you’ve saved the photo with the previous GIF added to it.

Gifx_save Gifx_layer.png

The upgrade to save as a GIF and remove the watermark, you will have to by the $0.99 upgrade and for $3.99.

Install Gifx From The App Store

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