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The People hub in Windows Phone 7 is a pretty good place to view all the updates from a particular contact, but as it is automated, you cannot add new information and details for each contact manually. That is exactly what AboutOne brings to WP7. The app can be regarded as a parallel contact book for your Mango phone, with the twist that it is designed exclusively for your relatives and family. The app ensures that you never forget your wedding anniversary, or any other important family date. AboutOne can also be used to keep track of the medical records of your family members and yourself and can be used as a scrapbook to accumulate your photos and memoirs as well.

 AboutOne Contact AboutOne-Contact

In case you don’t have an AboutOne account already, create one from the app’s welcome page. Once that has been done, an instruction list shows up, telling you how to proceed. The first thing to do as soon as you have created an AboutOne ID is to import all your contacts to the app. This way, it gets easier to define family contacts, and to view updates from them. However, this step is not absolutely necessary, and you can manually add family members to the app at any time. To define a new familial contact, users have to enter a name, title, description and a photo. After all that has been done, you can go to the Health section and enter any important medical information there. AboutOne lets its users add important dates against each contact, and will remind you when an anniversary is approaching.

AboutOne Stream AboutOne Emergency

Apart from contacts, AboutOne can be used to preserve memories and important photos as well. There is a whole separate section for that, where you can also add a member’s educational record. The Stream section of the app displays all the important updates deduced from the information entered in a contact’s dedicated page. Probably the best feature of AboutOne is its Emergency menu, where you can mark any contact as an emergency one, and the app will always keep it within your reach in the dedicated Emergency hub.

AboutOne syncs all the entered data with the cloud, so there is no chance that you will lose important information. On the other hand, emergency data is also copied for offline viewing for the convenience of AboutOne users. The app is available for free, and you can give it a shot by heading to the following web Marketplace link.

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