About SalesJobInfo: salesjobinfo.com is a blog started in January 2013 by SecureTeam focusing on posts covering guide, tricks and tips about how to build a kick-ass affordable Job Career with satisfied performance and unbelievable speed. The main goal of salesjobinfo is to teach newbies (and even babies) some simple basic tricks and tips useful to manage Job Career and Goal.

Who this blog is for? This blog exists especially for newbies who start Seeking Job. Those who want to move out to the Real World. Those who never work before.

So obviously this blog is not for you who are a Job ninja.

About the author: Hi.. my name is 3xp1r3 and I like blogging very much. This blog is just one of my other blogs but I really want to make it serious. I will treat this blog as my personal journal of my learning about Job and what common people need to build a working life to host their career and goal. My personal purpose is to share basic simple tutorial so a person with no job experience can follow what I did and shared in this blog. I will also try to include screenshot pics in each article posted here.