A Simple & Easy Client For Uploading Images To Fotki

Fotki is one of the largest image and video sharing social networking website in the world. It’s used by millions around the globe on daily basis for all kinds of photo and video sharing. If you love spending time on this awesome web service, sharing photos with your friends, family and other people on our mother planet, and need a quick way to upload your images without hoping into the website itself, then Fotki Desktop might come in handy. It is a Windows desktop client to upload all your favorite images to Fotki’s cloud server within a matter of few seconds. It also lets you batch upload photos, thus saving a great deal of time. The application is ultra light and consists of a simple and easy to use interface. It supports pretty much all the major image formats, for instance JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and TIFF. More details about the application after the break.

On launching the application, a Log in window pops up. Input your Fotki Username and Password, and click Login (You can also mark Save this account on this computer, Save password on this computer and Sign-in automatically, if you may desire). If you don’t already have a Fotki account worry not, as you can instantly create one by hitting sign up a the bottom of the login screen.

After successfully logging in, you can start sharing your photos. You will be able to see your current user ID using which you have logged in and should you need to switch to a different user ID, click the Change user button. To start uploading the pictures, hit Upload button and select the photos which you want to share/upload.

Forki Desktop

The next step requires you to select your Destination Folder (Public or Private) and choose an album name for your images. You can also mark Faster upload, which in return will resize the photos to 1600×1600 pixels resolution, before uploading them to website, though it depends whether the original photos are larger than the given resolution anyway. When you’re done, click Upload to start the uploading process.


It may take from a few to several minutes to upload your photos, depending on your internet connection’s speed and number of files. Sit back and wait for the process to finish.

Upload process

The application is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. The desktop version works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Fotki Desktop

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