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The iOS App Switcher does a pretty good job, and lets users efficiently perform all the tasks that it has been designed for. Having said that, if you have a jailbroken iDevice, then chances are that you always welcome new alternatives to existing iOS features, and that’s exactly what MissionBoard is all about. This Cydia tweak does not bring any new functionality to the table, but provides a whole new way of task switching for users having jailbroken iPhone or iPads. MissionBoard does not disturb the existing App Switcher tray, and offers a separate view of recently opened apps. You can select any Activator gesture to launch MissionBoard, and the tweak will come up with a screen containing a thumbnail view of all the apps you used recently.

 MissionBoard Settings MissionBoard iOS

MissionBoard is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and can downloaded for free from there. Once installed, the package adds a menu of its own to the stock Settings app. There aren’t too many options available in the tweak’s menu, and you only have to use it to toggle on the tweak and select the gesture you want to associate with it. You can choose the gesture from Activator’s own menu as well, but having the Activation Methods option within the MissionBoard settings is really convenient. The tweak is toggled on by default, and if you tinker with that setting, you will need to respring your device before proceeding.

So, once you have assigned a gesture to MissionBoard, perform it and access the tweak’s interface. You will see that all the apps you used recently are listed in the tweak’s window. MissionBoard displays a view of each app’s splash screen (or any screen that comes up when the app is launched), and you can navigate to any of the listed apps by simply tapping its image. The name of each app is displayed below its thumbnail. There are 4 images in each view of MissionBoard, but you can scroll down to view the rest of the apps available in your iPhone’s App Switcher.

Rather disappointingly, there is no way of killing apps using MissionBoard, and you will still need to go to the stock iOS App Switcher for that purpose. Apart from that little deficiency, MissionBoard is pretty good and won’t make you regret that you gave it a try, specially owing to the fact that it is available as a free download in the Cydia store.

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