9 Cheap Online Classes That’ll Show Your Boss You’re Ready for More Responsibility

You’re a year into your job—maybe even two or two—and things are starting to get too easy. You’ve gotten so good at your job that everything you do is smooth sailing and you’re not being challenged enough.

How do you tell your boss you’re ready for more responsibility—whether that means taking on direct reports, being assigned to bigger clients, or attending important brainstorming sessions?

You could go the “just ask right now” route, but that’s not always the smartest way to go. Instead, try taking one of these cheap online classes and showing off your new-and-improved skill set? Actions really do speak louder than words.

Getting ahead starts with getting organized so you’re ready to tackle anything thrown your way. This class discusses one method that’ll help you juggle projects and keep everything in one place—your to-do list.

Length: 18 minutes/ 3 videos
Cost: Free with trial/ $15 a month

Employees who shine have a secret weapon—a kick-ass grasp on time management. Prove that you can handle more projects and tougher assignments by learning how to balance your workload and get more done in less time.

Length: 1 hour/ 9 lectures
Cost: Free

Solve problems no one else can and recognize new avenues for exploration, and you’re sure to impress your manager. Not sure how? This class on reaching outside your comfort zone, overcoming limits, thinking creatively, and conveying new ideas covers it all.

Length: 4-6 hours a week
Cost: Free to audit

More responsibility might mean extending your workload, or, it might entail giving more presentations in front of the company, attending more conferences, or being a spokesperson for your brand. Learn how to do it all with this all-inclusive public speaking course on creating a story, gaining confidence, and tips for constantly improving your skills.

Length: 10 hours/ 30 lectures
Cost: $20

Leaders, successful employees, and people who move up in their career all have this one thing in common: great communication skills. They know how to share ideas, accept others’ thoughts without shooting them down, actively listen, and ask good questions. Pst—this class touches on all these important qualities.

Length: 4 weeks, 2-3 hours a week
Cost: Free with 7-day trial/ $79 per month

Take advantage of things you already participate in—say, meetings—to show your leadership skills. Here’s how to encourage productive, collaborative, positive meetings, no matter your role.

Length: 30 minutes/ 8 lectures
Cost: $45

Don’t just become a pro at handling stress, show you know how to capitalize on it by taking this course on analyzing, reacting to, and coping with all the stress that comes with more responsibility.

Length: 2-3 hours
Cost: Free

People who get ahead are likable—it’s just the truth. If you’re having trouble breaking down important barriers between you and your colleagues and being seen as a leader, this course might be the answer.

Length: 30 minutes/ 8 lectures
Cost: $20

And if a promotion is what you’re after, get everything you need to prove your managerial status with this free class on time management, bridging team gaps (for example, if people work remotely), prioritizing tasks, and implementing change.

Length: 2-3 hours
Cost: Free

Once you get one of these under your belt, it’ll be much easier to sit down with your manager and talk about your interest in moving up. If you are still feeling nervous, read this article—it’s a step-by-step guide to asking for a promotion.

Spoiler news: You’ve already made number one so much easier by completing one of these courses.

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