9 Articles That'll Make You Feel Extra Prepared for Your Interview

Congrats! You’ve made it to the interview stage, which means your resume was good enough to escape the hiring manager’s slush pile, and your cover letter impressed someone enough to reach out to you. That’s a feat in itself, so pat yourself on the back. But now it’s on to speaking with actual people—which is great—even if it does come with its own set of obstacles and pitfalls.

There are tons of tactics to help you ace the big day, and we compiled some of the best. So, before you bravely march into the interviewer’s office or hop on the phone for a phone screening, check out these articles that’ll help you snag that job.

Yes, it sucks that you don’t have days to prepare, but if you’re lucky enough to receive a same-day request from the hiring manager, here’s exactly what you need to do.

Not sure what to make of the phone screen? Don’t overthink it; instead, be prepared to answer these common queries.

Part of building rapport (and looking confident), is to ask your interviewer questions of your own. Luckily, we have great advice for how to approach this.

Explaining how you perform under pressure is never easy, but there are definitely certain things you should avoid saying.

You might think you’re on track to sleuthing inside information, but we promise you these questions should remain unasked.

Confidence, which is strongly tied to body language, is one of the first things an interviewer notices. So get excited and enthusiastic before you shake the hiring manager’s hand.

And for those of us more worried about keeping shaking hands and sweating armpits at bay than exuding confidence (though, that’d be nice too), these tips’ll come in handy.

We all want a home run, especially during the job search, but it does take practice. Use the advice here to get up to pro level as quickly as possible.

With this guideline, you’ll walk out content that you left the interviewer with a great impression.

After you’ve had a chance to digest all the advice you’ve hopefully been soaking up before your meeting, take a moment to remember: You got this. It’s cheesy, but having a little faith (and patience!) in yourself is one of the keys to job search success. You may not nail the first or third or even seventh interview, but know that you have a chance to improve with each iteration. Remember the basics, think back to your past accomplishments, and put your best foot forward.

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