8 Important Articles to Read Before You Start Negotiating Your Salary

There’s nothing like the word negotiate to make you feel uneasy. You’ve probably wondered how exactly to confidently enter a salary negotiation conversation. Maybe you’ve been so nervous about broaching the subject that you haven’t even bothered to do it.

You don’t want to be too hard on yourself about your nerves, but you also don’t want to leave money on the table either.

Because if you want to be competitive in today’s market, if you want to make what you deserve to for the work you do, you’re going to have to learn this essential skill.

So whether it’s negotiating a new job offer or a raise—or even more PTO, we’ve got resources for you strategize, practice, and execute it.

Asking for more money is never easy—but this short phrase may help you clinch the deal and get you the salary you desire.

Not sure if you’re even in a position to negotiate? Jenny Foss, career strategist, lays out your options for seven different scenarios.

I hope we can pay this person enough, and two more common thoughts running through recruiters’ heads during the final stages of hiring.

If the thought of even broaching this topic makes your stomach clench—you’re in good company, but you still need to conquer your fear.

Wondering what other benefits you should seek when the position has a compensation cap that’s a lot lower than you were anticipating? Here’s what to ask for and how to ask.

Negotiation expert Erica Gellerman gives strategies for answering, “What are your salary expectations?” and four other recruiter questions you’re bound to get.

The job market doesn’t care what you personally think you’re worth, so stop using this advice. Learn how to be a smarter, more effective negotiator.

This is how to handle when you’re given a raise way below your expectations. Even if you’ve said a stunned, “thank you,” and walked away—there’s still a chance to negotiate. Oh, and if you want personalized assistance, reach out to one of our career coaches who specialize in this very area.

Photo of person ready to negotiate courtesy of David Lees/Getty Images.

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