7 Helpful Articles to Read if You Can't Stop Thinking About Changing Careers

Should I quit my job? Am I better off staying put? Am I too old to change industries? What if I never find a career that I love? My job is fine; I’m just not happy, what do I do?

If any of these thoughts have taken up residence in your head (maybe even keeping you up at night), you’re in good company. Career changes—at any level—are stressful, time-consuming, and, well, often agonizing. How do you know if you’re making the right decision? It’s not an easy process to pivot to something unfamiliar, or to quit a job that’s OK on many levels but ultimately professionally unsatisfying.

Besides, it can feel like a bit of a luxury to even consider leaving a current job when we’re at least gainfully employed. But, if you find yourself thinking more and more about what’s next for you, and you’re in a position to begin a job search, we have seven articles to help you decide what to do.

With an easy three-step framework, you’ll look at your situation in a new light, and hopefully determine if you can salvage your job, or if you need to jump ship.

Maybe you’re at your boiling point: You hate your boss, your work drains you, and you spend most of your time browsing job listings. Before you throw in the towel though, take a moment to examine yourself using the questions outlined in the article—you’ll thank us later.

If you’re content with your career—not excited or passionate—but feel like something, maybe, could be improved, this is your chance to reflect on whether you want to push yourself to a different level, or keep treading water where you are. Either decision is fine by us, but it’s worth deep reflection before you commit.

Perhaps you’re up for a promotion, but the thought doesn’t excite you. Actually, it fills you with dread. Well, if that’s the case, it may be time to consider a whole new career.

It’s hard to let go of control—especially when it involves your future. But, when you realize that there are many paths to the end result you’re hoping for, taking an unexpected route enables you to open yourself up to opportunities that may help you achieve long-term goals.

OK, so you’ve finally made your decision: You’re making a transition. Awesome! Now it’s time to translate your skills to another industry (and it’s less intimidating than you’d think).

Jenny Foss, Muse career coach, says that, “Change is terrifying. Fear of the unknown is terrifying. Fear of failure? The worst.” While you can’t get rid of every ounce of fear, Foss provides eight steps to give you a solid foundation while changing careers.

While we can’t say that changing careers is a smooth and flawless transition, we can say that it’s been done before, and can be done by you. Just take some time to consider your options, and we know you’ll make the right choice for you.

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