3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Ahead, According to the Former Starbucks CEO

Earlier this week, Howard Schultz, demonstrated incredible optimism in his Arizona State University commencement speech.

The successful leader—who grew up in public housing in Brooklyn and is now worth 3.2 billion dollars—called himself proof of the “American Dream.”

In an effort to help people build and shape their own journey, he suggested they ask themselves following three questions:

1. How will you respect your parents and honor your family?

2. How will you share your success and serve others with dignity?

3. And how will you lead with humility and demonstrate moral courage?”

While this advice was directed toward new grads, it’s undeniable that sitting down and answering these questions at any point in your career will help you make sure you’re on a path you’re proud to be on.

By recognizing the impact of community, of friends and family, Schultz suggests that success is not to be had without fostering relationships, acting responsibly, and calling upon your innate moral compass. Add to that recipe enthusiasm, a strong work ethic, and an unbreakable spirit, and your chances of going far increase exponentially.

Schultz’s conclusion felt especially poignant. He repeated the African word “Ubuntu” (I am because of you), making a clear case for collaboration and cooperation.

What does this mean for your career journey? Practicing humility and integrity in the workplace will lead you down a truly successful path.

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