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2017-2018 Choice School Teacher

Dallas Independent School District

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Dallas, TX

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As Dallas ISD
seeks to ensure all students graduate from high school ready for college and career,
Public School Choice
will be a mechanism for growing the range of options so that all Dallas ISD students can attend a best-fit school – more specifically, a school where educators can more meaningfully and more deeply engage students intellectually by tapping into their specific interests, aspirations, and preferred learning styles.

Choice Schools
will showcase a single, school-wide “anchor model,” such as Montessori, STEM/STEAM, Fine Arts, Dual-Language, Personalized Learning, and other innovative models.
Choice Schools
will offer instructional approaches, content, and themes that are attractive to Dallas ISD families of all backgrounds.

Over the coming years, the Dallas ISD Office of Transformation and Innovation (OT) will help expand
Public School Choice
options for all students, regardless of their academic abilities through the launch of
Transformation Schools

Teaching in a
Choice School
classroom requires not only foundational teaching skills, but also supplemental competencies to ensure that educators are ready, willing, and able to co-create cross-curricular, performance-based learning experiences.
Teachers must also have competencies necessary to build a strong classroom and campus culture of social emotional support for students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Key Characteristics of a
Choice School

  • All students are known well and supported to achieve at high levels
  • Diverse community of students taught to become active, self-starting builders of their own education
  • Innovative, challenging, inquiry-based curriculum that engages all students
  • Core beliefs include: everyone is important; mindsets matter; problems and mistakes are creative opportunities; a changing world requires changing learning; learning is relevant, personal, and engaging; product is public; and connecting is key
  • Faculty committed to creating, learning, reflecting, collaborating, changing, and growing
  • Faculty committed to building relationships with students, families, other faculty members, and community-based experts

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Have a firm commitment to upholding the campus’ programmatic Vision and Mission through implementing the core features of the school model
  • Develop and implement highly effective lessons and/or cross-curricular unit plans to reflect knowledge of individual student’s skills, language proficiency, backgrounds, cultures, interests, learning styles, and special needs
  • Maintain commitment to student-led exploration of content, selection of resources, and development of collaborative solutions and outcomes
  • Maintain high student motivation through a use of a variety of engagement strategies and goal-setting with students
  • Maintain a nurturing and safe classroom environment targeted to the needs of students from different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Maximize instructional time through efficient routines, seamless transitions, and positive behavior narration
  • Measure student mastery through checks for understanding and interim assessments and use data to adjust future instruction and/or reteach objectives based on data
  • Demonstrate extensive content expertise, prerequisite knowledge, and deliver content with appropriate tools, language, and best practices for teaching all students
  • Stay abreast of emerging technologies, current research, knowledge and best practices to integrate technology into the curriculum to maximize student outcomes (i.e. blended learning; flipped classrooms; etc.)
  • Proactively seek and engage in professional development and be willing to pilot, implement, and scale new learning in the classroom (i.e. social and emotional learning; maker learning; design thinking; etc.)
  • Collaborate weekly with colleagues to plan lessons, discuss student needs, and seek feedback on instructional strategies
  • Establish relationships with families and community and use language that is respectful and non-judgmental when speaking about students, their families, and the community
  • Desire to build and grow the culture, processes, and structures of the
    Choice School
  • Perform all other tasks and duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree from accredited university
  • Valid Texas teaching certificate with required endorsements or required training for subject and level assigned
  • Demonstrated proficiency in subject area curriculum
  • Demonstrated flexibility to cope with the challenges of a rapidly changing world
  • Demonstrated willingness to improve competency by periodically participating in some form of professional growth
  • Ability to work autonomously as a self-starter and take risks in a progressive school environment
  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of students and families
  • el assigned
  • Demonstrated proficiency in subject area curriculum
  • Ability to effectively work with a diverse group of students

Selected individuals for Dallas Independent School District positions will be placed according to compensation guidelines. A campus-based employee may not assume a new position for which he/she was selected based upon the posting process until the end of the current semester, unless approved by the chief officer – Human Capital Management. Federally funded personnel must comply with time and effort reporting requirements through personnel activity reports or periodic certifications, as appropriate.

A security check and disclosure of family relationship information is required for all positions.

No telephone calls please.


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