20 of the Greatest Companies You Could Work for This Year (That Are All Hiring)

When hunting for a new job, there’s a lot of criteria you keep in mind. You want a fulfilling mission, challenging responsibilities, great co-workers, an adequate salary, and—perhaps most importantly—you want to work for an awesome company.

Finding an employer who checks all of those boxes can often feel like finding a needle in a four-story-high haystack—that is, until now.

We’ve pulled together a list of 20 companies that are straight out of your job search dreams. With supportive leadership, brag-worthy perks, and company cultures that will make all of your friends turn green with envy, these places are nothing short of amazing.

And, bonus: They’re all hiring right now. So, when you’re done drooling over how awesome they are, go ahead and submit your application and prepare to turn your career dreams into a reality this year.

Like most financial institutions, Goldman Sachs specializes in several key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, investment research, securities and risk management, and technological innovation.

Many outsiders view Wall Street as cut-throat, conservative, and consuming. But, Goldman Sachs challenges that assumption through a collaborative and fun work environment, and a huge emphasis on work-life balance—particularly for new parents, who have access to everything from pediatricians on on-site daycare to help ease the transition back to work.

From Virgin Media and Time, Inc. to McGraw Hill Education, Elastic Path develops the most sophisticated enterprise e-commerce platform, helping clients create innovative customer experiences.

Most people can’t wait to clock out at the end of the day. But, when you work for a company that’s as creative, supportive, and fun as Elastic Path, nobody’s ever in a rush to leave. Plus, the office is pretty sweet too—featuring rooftop access, an onsite fitness facility, and some furry friends to brighten the days.

Using its proprietary technology, Main Street Hub offers local businesses and organizations a unique approach to connect with new and existing customers in their communities.

From the fun and lively environment to helpful managers and supportive colleagues, Main Street Hub’s employees have a long list of what they love about working there. And, as the team continues to grow and thrive, the company is offering even more great perks—like 100% paid medical, dental, and vision insurance, professional development opportunities, and a vibrant culture dedicated to helping local businesses every day.

CarMax makes the process of buying and researching quality used cars simple, enjoyable, and stress-free—with a focus on honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

CarMax believes in a spirit of continuous improvement—both for the company as a whole as well as individual employees. Under this philosophy, team members are given projects that support the business and align with personal development goals. Instead of harping on deadlines, managers focus on building career ladders and preparing employees to climb.

Black Mountain Systems is an information technology company, changing the way the financial industry manages workflow and data software.

One of the things that BMS’ employees appreciate most is the amount of trust they feel from management. This translates into the opportunity to take ownership of their work (without any fear of micromanagement), while also having the flexibility to create their own schedules that suit them best. Put simply, BMS cares more about the quality of your work than the hours you spend in the office.

NewsCred is a content marketing company dedicated to uplifting the creator-consumer relationship, empowering brands to become detectives and storytellers to create genuine connections with consumers.

At NewsCred, work doesn’t need to feel like a job. By selecting candidates with a similar ethos, the company has been able to preserve an environment where people are excited to come to work. Add in things like unlimited vacation, numerous professional development opportunities, overnight hackathons, and countless board game competitions, and it’s obvious that NewsCred has a crew of very happy employees.

CreditCards.com partners with leading banks to provide consumers with the largest selection of credit card offers so they’re equipped to choose cards that are right for them.

“Liking what you do and the people you do it with is the recipe for success. That’s how it is here,” says CreditCards.com’s SEM Manager. The office definitely fosters a “work hard, play hard” mentality that is conducive to productivity and collaboration, but also lets team members blow off some steam with a Nerf war or a friendly foosball game. Every week, even more bonds are formed when the company’s new hires push a beer cart around the office to casually meet their colleagues.

Fullscreen Media delivers multi-platform original content, streaming syndicated series and movies. Driven by content creators, Fullscreen builds a new generation of socially-enabled entertainment.

Fullscreen’s employees appreciate the open and transparent environment. With constant opportunities to learn, grow, and collaborate, everyone loves coming into the office every day. Oh, and the company’s numerous perks don’t hurt, either. From in-house happy hours and outdoor work areas to bring-your-dog Fridays, there’s plenty to love about working at Fullscreen Media.

Asurion helps people balance life and its interdependence on technology by insuring consumer devices and appliances and offering a plethora of technology solutions to keep them running.

At Asurion, it’s the collaborative environment and supportive leadership that employees like most. Managers provide real-time feedback, titles aren’t important, and employees consider themselves part of a network—not a hierarchy. This even playing field encourages plenty of teamwork, autonomy, and a unique coaching style that helps people build strong career blueprints.

Rain Bird is the world’s leading provider of irrigation products and services.

You’ve heard of an open-door policy. But, at Rain Bird, that door is wide open. Managers and directors are incredibly approachable and love to hear creative suggestions from all of the company’s employees. And, it’s exactly that “no such thing as a bad idea” philosophy that keeps Rain Bird at the top of its game, allowing the company to continually innovate and efficiently come up with solutions to address customers’ needs.

Dex Media advocates for small business growth by delivering and supporting a suite of digital marketing solutions that enable local companies to reach more customers online.

“The sooner you get your foot in the door here, the sooner you’ll be on track to skyrocket the rest of your career,” says Dex Media’s Executive Vice President, John Wholey. With mixed management styles that bring out the best in individuals, tons of free learning resources, and a healthy dose of milestone transparency, Dex Media’s employees don’t only dream about doing big things in their careers—they actually make them happen.

PVH is one of the largest apparel companies in the world with a diversified portfolio of iconic lifestyle brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, and more.

PVH doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to professional development—it walks the walk too. Managers take their staff’s success seriously by supporting their growth and helping them set goals every year as they look toward their futures at the company. Through PVH University, team members can also take classes that cover topics ranging from how to be a good manager to learning how to use Excel.

Engine Room is a software consulting firm that provides the know-how to deploy software solutions—from updating legacy systems and building technology to implementing rigorous software security.

Engine Room is small but mighty. The company has a supportive management style that ensures that leaders are involved and available, without getting in the way of the development process. And employees at Engine Room Technology enjoy spending time together, not only while collaborating on the work but also while joking and goofing off—around the office and outside of it.

RepEquity is an award-winning digital brand management company—expertly building online business presences with search, multimedia, mobile development, and analytics.

If you ask the employees how they’d describe RepEquity’s management style, you’d likely hear “hands off” over and over again. Leadership has a great deal of trust in the company’s team members, who have become pros at merging their expertise to balance skill sets, expand great ideas, share perspectives, bridge knowledge gaps, and pitch in supportively to get projects right.

Fundbox is a financial information technology company, offering business owners simple ways to fix their cash flow and fund their futures with advance payments for outstanding invoices.

The team at Fundbox is incredibly tight-knit and encouraging. Whether it’s welcoming new hires or acknowledging company wins, celebrations happen often in the office—and it’s a tradition to ring the “Whiskey Bell” and toast milestones with shots. These special and hilarious team moments bring both offices together, across continents and time zones.

Symphony makes the exchange of sensitive business content more secure and efficient through multi-channel communication platforms that enhance company collaboration.

The team at Symphony is living proof that your time in the office doesn’t need to be a drag. With everything from Start Wars movie nights to team charity hikes, it’s easy to see that Symphony really lives its core values of, “Work should be fun, or why bother?”

Fluxx drives philanthropic change by connecting grant-seekers and grant-makers through cloud-based technology. The company is committed to transforming the process through innovative software.

“Fluxx changes the way philanthropy works. You can see that in every person in the office,” says Kristy Gannon, Vice President of Product. And, with a business that’s built around giving, it comes as little surprise that the entire team is incredibly community-minded. With a coordinated volunteer program, employees participate in community service opportunities around the San Francisco area. 

Comprised of four operating companies—property management, construction, real estate development, and homebuilding—The Bozzuto Group creates quality homes and extraordinary communities.

Bozzuto is an award-winning company with an admired reputation—and that’s all because of the talented people who work passionately together to create lasting relationships, cultivate loyalty, and make a positive impact in their communities. “I think that one skill that someone who works for Bozzuto definitely has to have is the drive to want to make a difference,” shares one team member.

Cleveland Research Company is an independent equity research firm, offering clients in-depth market research and clear insights to help them make more informed business decisions.

At Cleveland Research Company, you’ll find a work dynamic that isn’t easily found elsewhere. The close-knit culture is one of the many things team member here love. “When people ask me if I know every employee’s name, I chuckle a little because I not only know their names, I know their spouse’s names, and probably their children’s names,” says Erika Wolford, Manager, Training and Development.

With a wide selection of energy plans, North American Power provides its customers with affordable home energy rates and allows them to make informed decisions about their energy use.

In the office, the excitement is palpable as the company continues to reach new heights. There is a deep sense of togetherness across departments, and the company routinely shares key performance metrics with the entire team. With less than 100 employees, each staff member is high-impact, so there’s tremendous opportunity for both personal and professional growth.

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