20 Major Companies With Startup Vibes

There’s something so thrilling about working for a startup, isn’t there?

There’s the collaborative spirit and the shared excitement of rolling up your sleeves and working toward something major together. There’s the emphasis on values, plenty of innovation, and a strong culture. There’s tons of hard work—but also tons of awesome perks that make your time in the office not only tolerable, but fun.

Think you can only get those characteristics at a small company that’s just starting to get off the ground? Think again. These 20 companies are well-established, while still making strides in technology and maintaining those startup vibes we all know and love.

The icing on that cake? Just like many startups, they’re all hiring right now.

For more than 170 years, New York Life has been helping families and individuals all across the country with investment, retirement, and life insurances plans and policies.

Since technology is constantly evolving, you’ll find plenty of hackathons and a fast-paced culture at New York Life. That pace is driving the business forward—and the company is looking for the ambitious tech professionals whose ideas will help shape its future. It’s a unique opportunity to apply startup ingenuity to an industry leader that focuses on long-term growth—for clients, for the company, and for the people who work there.

Booking.com gives travelers the ability to discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best places to stay—no matter the person’s budget or destination—through a digital suite of resources.

As a fast-paced and innately curious company where people are encouraged to take ownership of their work, Booking.com is experiencing rapid and expansive growth. The company now has 187 offices globally, due to a desire to have a strong local presence. Employees cite the awesome culture, emphasis on innovation, and the perks—which team members claim are right in line with big tech companies like Facebook and Google—as some of the many reasons to love being a member of the driven and creative Booking.com team.

HPE helps customers go further faster by using technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into tools that transform industries, markets, and lives.

If you love the creative environments of startups, HPE has everything you’re looking for. Leadership knows the importance of pushing ideas to the limit, even if it turns out they aren’t successful. The company coaches and encourages employees to get creative without worrying about failing. It knows that if an associate is getting everything right all the time, they’re not taking enough risks to try making something spectacular.

Mohawk Industries designs, manufactures, and markets top-of-the-line woven and tufted broadloom carpets and rugs for residential and commercial use.

Employees are all quick to remark on Mohawk Industries’ startup-like dedication to innovation. Management is always willing—and even excited—to lend an ear to big ideas and new sustainability initiatives. Team members also appreciate the warm and welcoming culture. “Mohawk feels like a family-run business, even though we’re a Fortune 500 company,” says Rebecca Richeson, Director, Operations Logistics.

VIZIO raises the bar in consumer electronics by bringing the best technology, at affordable prices, to people around the world who value great experiences and innovative entertainment.

For a multi-billion dollar brand whose name is synonymous with technology and innovation, VIZIO has a collaborative, open, entrepreneurial culture that inspires employees to bring unique ideas to the table. In fact, taking ownership of projects and having the freedom to exercise creative approaches makes the office feel similar to a startup—with the resources needed to actually execute those ideas and influence change.

LiveRamp enables marketers to unify and utilize their customer data to create better marketing experiences.

LiveRamp is growing rapidly. And, the company knows that it owes its success to it’s team of innovative employees. As a result, LiveRamp is willing to do anything to encourage them to keep pushing the envelope and own their ideas. To foster innovation, the company holds a Hackweek once every ten weeks to give everyone a chance to work on projects that might be useful to the company and its customers.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mercedes-Benz is a world-renowned luxury car manufacturer that’s creating the future of safe, sustainable, and technologically advanced cars.

You know the name Mercedes-Benz. But, chances are you’re less familiar with the creative and flexible culture and numerous perks this company has to offer. Employees are open to trying new ideas and processes, and the organization gladly provides its staff with necessary resources and opportunities to support each other and create cutting-edge products. When they need to blow off some steam? The game rooms, stocked dining area, and chance to drive company cars usually do the trick.

Dex Media advocates for small business growth by delivering and supporting a suite of digital marketing solutions that enable local companies to reach more customers online.

At Dex Media, employees are empowered to grab the reins in their own positions and help push the company forward. “Act like an owner. If you see something wrong or off, go ahead and fix that. This is your house too, and you can treat it as such,” explains Fade Oguntona, Digital Web Consultant. When they need to take a break from all of that innovating? Employees blow off steam with everything from off-site movie days and trivia nights to tons of internal sports teams.

Lithium is changing customer service with a platform that helps brands create social communities that connect passionate customers to each other.

Core values are a big deal at startups—and that same rule holds true at Lithium, where their beliefs aren’t just written up on a poster and hung in a room somewhere—they’re taken to heart by every member of the team. Discussed daily, the values are to take customer success personally, build products Lithium’s proud of, play with excellence for the team, learn fast—but act faster, and be real—high standards that push the company and the employees to succeed.

Continuum Analytics provides data software product training and consulting for big data, high performance computing, and business analytics.

You won’t find closed doors in the Continuum office. In fact, team members report that it isn’t unusual to bump into the founders—CEO and CTO—roaming the hallways. Beyond that, every employee is kept in the loop on upcoming ideas for the future—and each opinion is considered as equally valuable as the next. “For me, it was very surprising to be working in this company where all my ideas are actually appreciated,” shares a Software Engineer.

Spearheaded by the creative vision of Margot Elena, her eponymous company encompasses four fragrance libraries, each offering distinct and deluxe perfumes, hand creams, and other body luxuries.

There’s no such thing as a dull day at the office for Margot Elena employees—they dream big. The staff’s passion, intelligence, and loyalty to each other create a foundation for sustained success. Whether participating in a cross-departmental initiative or challenging colleagues to a friendly game on the basketball court, employees enjoy the adventure that each day brings.

A leading security company, Northrop Grumman provides innovative systems, products, and solutions in autonomous systems, cyber security, and complex logistics to government and commercial clients.

There’s so much to love as an employee at Northrop Grumman. From the commitment to diversity to the supportive management to the room to advance within the company, team members never run out of good things to say. One thing they appreciate most? The overall vibe in the office. “I love the culture here. Even though it’s a big company, it still feels like a tight-knit family,” says De’Shawnn Woods, Electrical Engineer.

Using proven optimization strategies and the latest tracking and quality assurance technology, W4 helps companies like Groupon and Amazon grow their businesses and reach a wider audience.

Much like the workers you’d find at a startup, employees at W4 understand the value in working hard. “The people here are very driven. You are your own competition,” explains Dylan Tolliver, Affiliate Manager. But, the company also makes sure to emphasize healthy work-life balance for team members, including a half day for the last Friday of each month—as long as revenue increased from the previous month.

LenderLive partners with financial companies to streamline the mortgage loan cycle, achieving strategic goals while mitigating financial risk through innovative technology and process management.

While there are plenty of fun perks at LenderLive (are you up for a break on the in-office putting green?), the company also recognizes the importance of its values. The only thing more prominent than LenderLive’s charitable spirit and commitment to giving to the community is its advocacy for internal education and career development—including certifications, classes, industry trainings, and an in-house management training program.

Bluewolf is a global business consulting firm, innovating business processes and technologies to help companies accelerate customer engagement and drive sales.

Want a strong sense of independence and freedom? The schedule control and flexibility at Bluewolf will be right up your alley. On top of having the choice to work from home, the office, or customer sites, team members also have the amazing option to work in multiple countries through Bluewolf’s Global Rotation Program—and are given a one month paid vacation for every five years on the job.

Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data, and reduce security risks through managed software services and technologies.

If you’re looking for a company that embodies the “work hard, play hard” philosophy, you’ll feel right at home at Trustwave. The company understands how easy it can be for employees to burnout after coding or creating for days on end during big projects. In order to counteract the effects, Trustwave strives to provide opportunities for internal teams to blow-off steam and encourages employees to take plenty of time-off to tend to their personal well beings.

Amplify is a new kind of educational company, dedicated to reimagining the K-12 learning process through the creation of digital products and services that empower teachers, students, and parents.

At Amplify, leaders don’t just dole out instructions without any explanation. Instead, the company believes that employees—regardless of their level—deserve to be in-the-know about what’s happening and why. So, managers make sure to sit down with individual employees to show them how and why each step is important. Employees say that approach helps them to learn and grow within the organization.

Addteq has been a leader of providing business solutions to Enterprise clients for over 10 years, using DevOps automation for creating innovative solutions to solve business processes.

Addteq employees love the casual and laidback environment in the office. Team members enjoy relaxed relationships with their managers, as well as plenty of opportunities to celebrate their own accomplishments. Every other Friday, Addteq hosts a Beer & Brag event in the office. During the event, employees display or demonstrate new achievements they’ve completed during the week while enjoying cold drinks and delicious snacks.

Captora utilizes top of funnel marketing campaigns to effectively drive portfolios across search, advertising, and social channels for companies seeking to broaden their marketing approaches.

As a company that’s founded by three entrepreneurs, you’ll find plenty of collaboration and innovation in the Captora office. Another thing you’ll find? Plenty of delicious perks to tempt your taste buds. From pink coconut water and ice cream samples to mochaccinos and daily catered lunches, you definitely won’t go hungry while you’re hard at work.

As the definitive voice of the Bay Area, the San Francisco Chronicle is on a mission to tell the story of the city by reporting on issues that have region-wide impact.

Creativity is paramount at the San Francisco Chronicle—its employees are always looking for new ways to engage their readers. Their latest idea? Hosting a series of dinner and discussion events encouraging readers to attend and influence the paper’s restaurant guide, which appears in their revamped Lifestyle section. It’s this kind of innovation that brings the startup vibes to a 152-year-old company.

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