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Here at The Muse, we partner with a lot of great companies to bring you insider looks at their offices and awesome job listings. These employers pay us to be featured on the site, but rest assured that we don’t just work with anyone. And when it comes to articles like this, these Muse-worthy brands made this list not because they want to be included, but because their culture, policies, and employee feedback showed us that they deserve to be. Here’s to finding the company of your dreams!

You don’t want a job where you just clock in and clock out every day. No, you want a career where you’ll be challenged to try new things, grow within your company, and advance within your field.

Does that sound too good to be true? Take it from us—it’s not.

These 20 companies are not only great places to work, but they also boast awesome opportunities for employees to take charge of their own professional development. And, the good news doesn’t stop there—they’re all hiring right now!

For more than 170 years, New York Life has been helping families and individuals all across the country with investment, retirement, and life insurances plans and policies.

Because technology is constantly evolving, New York Life challenges its employees to always think big and come up with cutting-edge ideas—which is why the company hosts numerous hackathons. “New York Life is a place where input and ideas are appreciated and sought after. It’s a place where you are given the support to make a meaningful impact,” says Danielle Dory, Technology Project Manager.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy for individuals and small businesses to sell products online, through social media channels, and at physical retail locations.

When it comes to professional development, Shopify doesn’t just talk the talk. The company offers a continued development allowance that employees can use to purchase books, workshops. and other tools that will help them grow. For employees who are interested in opening their own Shopify store, the company provides an allowance to help them get the business off the ground. Shopify also provides one-on-one career coaching for every single employee.

iProspect is the world’s leading digital performance marketing agency—driving client business performance.

“What I love most about iProspect is the company’s passion for sharing knowledge and growing people in their careers,” shares Jake Hughes, Paid Search Director. With things like a comprehensive training portal for employees who want to learn a new aspect of the business to lunch and learns where team members can get insights from vendors, iProspect is a big believer that knowledge is power.

In addition to helping clients tackle tough business challenges with measurable software solutions, Centric Consulting adds the professional expertise of its highly-trained people to the package.

Employees at Centric Consulting can take advantage of numerous avenues to grow their careers through learning opportunities. From the company’s online learning portal to the regular webinars by Centric Consulting thought leaders, all team members are encouraged to participate in learning and expand their professional knowledge. “I’ve learned more in my first year at Centric Consulting than I did in twice that amount of time in college,” adds Michael McKinney, Consultant, Mobile Developer.

Virid is an e-commerce company changing the way retail sales transaction technology is implemented in the industry so that customers can connect with growing businesses.

Virid believes in the power of knowledge and encourages all employees to continue their education throughout their career. Leadership offers each employee an educational stipend to use for events, seminars, and conferences that will help them learn new skills and better understand the industry. The organization also hosts regular training sessions for its employees so that they are on top of best practices.

Keller Williams provides the real estate platform of choice for agents and consumers around the world. The team of innovators push boundaries by focusing on training, education, and tech.

Keller Williams takes flexibility to a whole new extreme. Employees are encouraged to identify their unique strengths, and then forge entirely new career paths rooted in those competencies. “Entrepreneurship at this company is huge. I’ve seen people create entirely new career trajectories. I did that too—I’m the first to have this position,” shares Ruben Gonzalez, Staff Economist.

PagerDuty is the leading digital operations management platform for business, empowering over 8,000 companies around the globe with SaaS solutions to create exceptional customer experiences.

At PagerDuty, the leadership recognizes that growing a strong company requires building a capable workforce. To that end, an environment of constant development is fostered. There are tons of sponsored educational opportunities, and in-house events and conferences are held in which employees can share their knowledge with each other. Even the daily stand-ups involve a rotational knowledge share.

Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies, connecting people around the country with quality news, sports, and entertainment content.

Incredible professional growth is a cornerstone of why people love working at Sinclair Broadcast Group. The company invests in talent coaches and development courses that help the already-impressive team reach their full professional potential. And, the company has a proven track record of internal promotion. “My managers have all helped me grow and expanded my horizons,” adds Abiezer Garnica, Newscast Director, “I have never been told I wasn’t able to take advantage of new opportunities.”

Capital One is a nationally recognized and high-tech business banking company, offering better customized consumer and commercial lending and deposit financial services.

Dedicated to launching exhilarating and challenging careers, Capital One offers plenty of opportunities and tools (including various workshops and programs!) for employees to learn new skills and climb the ladder. In terms of staff careers, management wants its employees to celebrate learning, take charge of professional development, and benefit from educational resources as much as they possibly can.

Gallup delivers analytics and advice to leaders and decision-makers about how the world’s citizens think and behave to help solve the most pressing problems.

Hiring managers is a big deal at Gallup. The company takes great care in selecting managers who are naturally talented to lead. As a result, Gallup leaders are invested in their employees and want to help them learn and grow. This approach means that employees are empowered to do what they do best every day. “At Gallup, your manager is more of a guide to make sure you’re doing what you do best and that you’re on projects that fit your talents,” shares Kara Sasse, Product Strategy Manager.

GCG provides legal services administration across the United States. With a staff of more than 1000, GCG is a trusted organization that’s served the legal community for over 30 years.

At GCG, employees are the greatest resources. The company continually looks for new ways to engage and develop the team, and GCG encourages employees to take ownership of their growth and career development. “I’m empowered by our leadership to step up to new challenges. There’s a lot of trust in GCG’s team members,” adds Vanessa Naff, Junior Software Developer, Systems and Technology.

Plum Organics is a values-driven food and beverage company, nourishing the next generation with nutritious, inventive, and flavorful products.

Innovation is part of the DNA of Plum Organics. Employees are encouraged to challenge the status quo, and they fundamentally believe there is a better way to create business value. With Monday morning huddles and a collaborative office, team members have ample opportunity to share their big ideas and—even better—figure out how to tackle them.

Facebook is the largest social media network, enabling over a billion users to openly connect with friends and family, share content, and discover the world.

Facebook deeply invests in the professional advancement and well being of its people. In addition to receiving career guidance and quality training for futures at Facebook and beyond, employees have the flexibility to set personalized work schedules—measuring progress by impact not hours. And, during Friday Q&A sessions with CEO Mark Zuckerberg, employees can openly ask and receive answers to difficult industry questions with absolutely nothing held back.

CapTech helps organizations bridge the gap between business and technology by delivering organizational transformation, customer engagement, data & analytics, and custom IT solutions.

“There are a lot of opportunities for professional development, and many different training opportunities, including boot camp for new hires,” explains Venkat Iyer, Consultant Developer. Indeed, fresh recruits have the opportunity to attend a three-week boot camp to learn the ins and outs of IT consulting. New hires are also paired with experienced consultants to lean on for advice and support as they take on their own clients and lead projects.

DMC Atlanta specializes in direct sales and marketing acquisitions for top cable and satellite, retail, and telecommunications companies across the country, focusing on a relationship-based approach.

DMC Atlanta believes in pushing its employees to be the very best they can be, which the company supports through a coaching management style. This approach provides each member of the team the opportunity to learn how to lead—and to become great managers in their own right when the time comes. But, DMC Atlanta isn’t just concerned with employee life inside the office. “We truly believe that professional growth and personal growth go hand-in-hand. Happy people tend to be more successful,” explains the HR Director.

DealerSocket creates and delivers one of the automotive industry’s most comprehensive car sales and overall management technology platforms, serving more than 10,000 dealerships in North America.

“DealerSocket really focuses on growing people from within the company,” says Alex Alviso, Customer Support Representative. The company feels it’s important to foster an environment where people can continue to learn and grow every single day, so employees are always encouraged to seek help and guidance from one another whenever needed.

PillPack is an online pharmacy helping people manage their prescriptions. The company packages medications into daily-dose packs labeled and organized according to the time they should be taken.

PillPack understands that when employees feel like they’re making an impact, they’re much more motivated to push their own careers forward. So, the company has cultivated a workplace culture that’s both collaborative and supportive. While everyone works toward a common goal, individual team members are given autonomy to make decisions. This isn’t a company where workers feel like cogs in a machine—employees can see the rewards of their labor in real time.

Bleacher Report publishes digital and multimedia sports content on the web. Its website and mobile platforms provide fans with comprehensive sports news coverage and commentary.

At Bleacher Report, management supports everyone to take risks, think outside the box, and challenge the norm. Employees feel comfortable trying new things, thanks to the encouraging atmosphere. “Our team is extremely close. We push one another to try new things—to create new content and to initiate new projects. It’s a fun place to work,” says Vanessa Casal-Oñate, Associate Video Producer.

FiveStars boosts the brand loyalty of its business and community clients by creating incredibly unique opportunities that help turn each transaction into a long-term relationship.

FiveStars has a custom training program designed to develop people’s leadership skills to their maximum potential. Managers, called “Coaches,” take on the role of leading, managing, and mentoring team members. Coaches model and live out the values, focusing on the growth and well-being of people and the solid relationships that help FiveStars thrive.

ZX Ventures is a global disruptive growth group, incubator, and venture capital firm specializing in helping brewers around the world dream, build, and deliver innovative beverages.

Whether it’s conceptualizing new liquids or packaging, scaling small brands, gaining new insights via consumer data, providing unique brand and consumer experiences, or creating entirely new businesses from scratch, the ZX Ventures team is always eagerly pushing the envelope of innovation. Let’s just say this—employees are never bored.

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