20 Companies Where You Can Find Purpose in Your Career

What do you want to get out of your career? A paycheck, definitely. But, what else?

If you find yourself saying things like “fulfillment” or “a greater sense of purpose,” you’re going to love this list.

We’ve pulled together 20 companies that are awesome places to work and are also hiring right now. And, the best part? They’ll give you the opportunity to walk out of the office each day feeling like you made a valuable contribution to something important.

Gap Inc. operates Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Intermix, and Athleta brands—offering quality clothing and accessories for men, women, and children on an international scale.

Employees at Gap Inc. take customer service seriously. “At the end of the day, it’s really about the success of your clients, because that’s what gives your job meaning,” says a Gap Inc. Senior Account Executive II. But, the company also believes in serving the community. With tons of cool volunteering opportunities and initiatives at Gap Inc., employees have the chance to become influential community leaders as they work for positive change and grow within the company.

Exact Sciences is a diagnostic company that focuses on the early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

If it’s a rewarding mission that you’re after, you’ll feel right at home at Exact Sciences. Starting with colorectal cancer, everyone at Exact Sciences is committed to playing a pivotal role in the fight against cancer. Members of the organization, regardless of their position as manager or employee, take care to keep this mission at the heart of everything they do—and conduct their work with intelligence, humility, and compassion.

World First makes it easier and more affordable to move money around the world by offering individuals and businesses excellent exchange rates and even better service.

World First is growing—and fast. But, the company isn’t the only thing that’s on the up and up. World First also believes that its employees should be on the fast track to personal and professional fulfillment, and provides plenty of support and autonomy for them to do that. “The outlook on personal development is pretty progressive. We talk with managers about our goals and taking our careers beyond short-term performance evaluations,” adds Lucy Marshall, E-Commerce Sales.

CommonBond builds better student loans as a step to shaping the future of personal finance. Lower lending rates, caring customer service, and a focus on community sets the company apart.

CommonBond takes the title as the first and only finance company to offer a one-for-one Social Promise. The mission, inspired by the team’s love for education and giving back, sees that every loan CommonBond funds on its platform funds the education of a child in need. Then, CommonBond members and employees travel across the world to visit students they support to see the impact of their work in action. Talk about a rewarding purpose!

IVY is the world’s first social university, dedicated to igniting minds and sparking world-changing collaborations by creating movements that connect the best and brightest minds.

How do IVY’s employees describe the company? “We are a company of young, intelligent, excited people who are looking for ways to change the world,” shares Phil Chan, Arts & Culture Director. One way that IVY helps team members do that? Leaders serve as advisors, chatting with employees about their expectations and potential for the future on an individual basis.

Elevation Church is a multi-site church led by Pastor Steven Furtick that spreads the message of Christianity, bringing the movement across the United States and Canada.

Outside of the supportive management and an emphasis on adequate work-life balance, what Elevation Church employees love most is the impact that their work has. “Knowing that somebody will be impacted forever—that fulfillment is unparalleled,” says Lanaire Lindo, Associate Campus Director.

LRN helps companies adopt ethics-driven cultures—mitigating risk and elevating behavior to drive economic success.

LRN’s mission is rewarding on its own. But, the company takes things a step further by giving back to the local community. Each year since Giving Tuesday was founded, employees are encouraged to engage in some volunteer work in communities around the world, reminding LRN of its deep-rooted purpose to do the right thing, and its core values of truth, humility, passion, and integrity.

Rubicon Global changes the rules of recycling, leveraging a cloud-based platform and industry education to challenge the notion of monetizing landfills while also reducing waste management costs.

“When I think about the future, I see a world without landfills—and I’m proud to know that I was in on the ground floor, taking the first steps to get there,” shares a Rubicon Global Account Executive. Rubicon Global empowers employees to be part of moving toward that vision by always giving them the opportunity and flexibility to share ideas, concerns, and feedback to make the company (and the world!) better.

Axiom’s attorneys and consultants provide cost-effective legal services to businesses and corporate employers. Axiom charges less than typical law firms—and delivers solid service to clients.

There are few things that provide a greater sense of purpose than knowing that your work is helping to push the company forward. And, Axiom knows this. “I love that I get opportunities here that I wouldn’t get at any other stage in my career—dealing with senior stakeholders both at Axiom and at many of our clients—it’s empowering to be able to make key business decisions and be trusted to do so,” shares Amir Dhillon, Marketing Analyst.

Group is a passionate Christian publishing company which specializes in creating real ministry experiences that bring together worshippers of all ages.

At Group, the mission to change lives energizes employees to work hard and problem-solve collaboratively. There’s always a lot of laughter in the office, as well as some silly sights. This combination creates a unique and fulfilling work environment, and it’s why the organization has been voted the best local employer since 2008.

Transunion offers clients around the world complete credit protection, from credit alerts and reports to credit scores and more, all accessible from one easy-to-use platform.

TransUnion employees take the company’s mission seriously and every single team member feels fulfilled by the notion that they’re making a significant difference in the lives of consumers. “We want to make sure consumers are getting all the information they need to get their financial goals in order,” says Lauren D’Auria, Vice President, Sales.

Ebates is the leader in cash-back shopping—providing its users with the best online deals and cash back on every purchase.

While disrupting the online shopping industry is rewarding in and of itself, Ebates employees get the greatest amount of satisfaction from knowing that their voices are heard and their opinions are valued in the office. “You’ll always be given a say here at Ebates. Managers are more than willing to accept your suggestions,” says Siddhi Shenoy, QA Automation Engineer.

FiveStars boosts the brand loyalty of its business and community clients by creating incredibly unique opportunities that help turn each transaction into a long-term relationship.

FiveStars has a custom training program designed to develop people’s leadership skills to their maximum potential. Managers, called “Coaches,” take on the role of leading, managing, and mentoring team members. Coaches model and live out the values, focusing on the growth and well-being of people—and improving the community. Coaches invest in building solid relationships, which helps people maximize their strengths, achieve success, and do their best work.

Esri is the world leader in geographic information system (GIS) software development and believes The Science of Where™ can transform society by unlocking data’s full potential in every organization.

Esri’s mission is to help its customers make the world work better—a mission that the company’s team members take an immense amount of pride in. “From running cities to managing fire departments, our maps are truly built to help run the world more efficiently. I’m excited to be part of that creative process,” says Cassidy Bishop, Digital Strategist.

Guidepoint connects clients to a vast network of experts—across industries around the globe—providing strategic insights and a competitive advantage as they make business decisions and investments.

Guidepoint is a place that welcomes the curious, motivated, and critical thinkers—from established professionals to fresh graduates. At Guidepoint, talent is nurtured, and there are countless opportunities to explore and learn—with HR and management guiding employees towards areas that they’re passionate about. Empowering mobility, both upwards and laterally, the company is a place of dynamic growth that values driven self-starters.

Box helps companies replace outdated technological systems in favor of using the cloud to securely store files, collaborate on content, and access information from anywhere—on any device.

Box employees are challenged to be the very best they can be, and they’re always open to learning new skills, discussing company growth, and collaborating across teams. “There’s a lot of room for innovation and creativity. If you’re the kind of person who can take a loose idea and really run with it and bring your own creativity and flair to it, I think you’ll be really successful here,” explains Janessa Schmig, Security Analyst.

Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies, connecting people around the country with quality news, sports, and entertainment content.

You can admit it: Climbing the ladder provides an awesome sense of purpose at work. Sinclair Broadcast Group recognizes this and makes professional growth a cornerstone of the culture by investing in talent coaches and development courses that help the already-impressive team reach their full professional potential. The company is committed to the growth and career path of each employee and has a proven track record of internal promotion.

FDM Group helps young people launch successful IT careers, providing new graduates and military veterans with essential training, grooming them to join the next generation of digital innovators.

The general consensus among people who work at FDM is that the firm’s company culture is pretty special—it’s what sets FDM apart. More than simply encouraging entrepreneurship, FDM inspires individuals to seek their dreams. It’s a workplace full of opportunities, an environment where people support one another and are encouraged to think outside the box.

Acquirent is a leader in outsourced sales and strategies, minimizing business risk, generating leads, and driving growth for small to large companies with its sales expertise.

Acquirent always kicks off work days on a positive note with motivational morning meetings. It’s an excellent way to recognize leadership, applaud top sellers for a job well done, and welcome hungry new hires to the company’s camaraderie and culture. The beloved employee appreciation rituals energize Sales Teams to start strong and finish stronger every single day.

Dex Media advocates for small business growth by delivering and supporting a suite of digital marketing solutions that enable local companies to reach more customers online.

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