20 Companies Where You Can Be Flexible

You’ve probably seen those offices with onsite gyms, baristas on staff, stocked snack counters, and sun-soaked rooftop decks. There’s no doubt about it—there are plenty of companies with digs that are nothing short of sweet.

But, no matter how cool the office is, there’s still one thing that nearly every employee craves: flexibility. You have a life outside of the work (gasp!), and you’d like to be able to get your tasks done from where you want—and ideally on your own schedule too.

Sound like a pipe dream? Well, we’ll save you from pinching yourself, because this can all be a reality. We’ve rounded up 20 companies that offer an insane amount of flexibility as one of their biggest perks. And, on those days when you actually want to be in the office? Well, you won’t complain about their awesome workspaces either.

Aflac is a leader in voluntary insurance sales at the worksite, offering supplemental insurance policies to help with costs most major medical insurance companies may not cover.

Team members are proud of the work they do at Aflac. “This [opportunity] offers everyone whatever they want,” says Andrew Loewen, District Sales Coordinator. “Because you can really just make it your own.” Being an Aflac Benefits Advisor is fulfilling and it doesn’t demand that you’re in the office at all hours. As an Aflac Benefits Advisor, you’ll work remotely to provide benefit package solutions for businesses in your own community—meaning you can set your own hours and channel your entrepreneurial spirit. It doesn’t get much more flexible than that!

Aflac agents are independent agents of Aflac, and are not employees of Aflac. Certain criminal convictions may prohibit you from becoming an independent licensed agent under state and/or federal law.
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Function1 is a software company specializing in enterprise technology, providing both tech and business professionals with a full picture outlook and overarching strategy for their organization.

Work-life balance can be the holy grail for many employees, and Function1 puts it at the forefront. Unlimited paid time off, work-from-home flexibility, and an open, trusting environment combine to foster a strong community and culture among the employees. “There’s a lot of flexibility in your work hours, but we trust people to get their work done,” says Allan Mai, Senior Consultant.

Market Track provides businesses with real-time intelligence solutions based on comprehensive analysis of advertising, promotional, and e-commerce landscapes.

“My favorite thing about our culture is the flexibility of the schedule. It makes for a great work-life balance,” says Lucy Liu, Senior Data Analyst, of working at Market Track. The flexibility is definitely a big perk. But, beyond that, employees also enjoy incredibly supportive management, tons of development opportunities, and regular team outings (bowling, anyone?) that provide the perfect fun atmosphere for co-workers to bond.

Fetch Robotics is a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup—revolutionizing the way work is done with innovative industrial robotic solutions.

When it comes to describing the culture at Fetch Robotics, “flexibility” is one of the first words employees will use. “Fetch Robotics allows its employees flexibility—this is a very ‘get your work done but it doesn’t really matter when you do it’ culture,” says Ian Danforth, Lead Robotics Engineer. Feel like you need a mid-afternoon break? You can go ahead and take one—and likely even join in an office-wide game of laser tag.

Box helps companies replace outdated technological systems in favor of using the cloud to securely store files, collaborate on content, and access information from anywhere—on any device.

As a platform that gives employees the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, it only makes sense that the very same concept would be a key piece of what it’s like to work at Box. And, when it comes to fun in the office, the company definitely isn’t afraid to think, well, outside the box. From Friday lunches to organized employee events, Box team members are a happy bunch.

Beautycounter creates safe, high-performing products for the whole family—the organization believes that no one should ever compromise their health in the name of beauty.

As an independent consultant with Beautycounter, you’re in charge of your own schedule and workload—which is exactly why all kinds of people gravitate to this role. Some are young college students or recent graduates excited to join the workforce. Others are working moms looking for flexible schedules, or empty nesters who want to rejoin the working world. If you’re craving flexibility and have a passion for better beauty, send in your application now!

Veeva creates and engineers custom cloud-based business software solutions for clients, from pharmaceutical companies to emerging biotechs, within the growing global life sciences industry.

With numerous different flexible and remote opportunities available, Veeva recognizes the importance of ensuring that every team member feels informed and encouraged. Managers offer specialized support, feedback, and tools for success throughout project processes. By paying close attention to both small and large issues, the company finds it’s able to better the business while allowing employees to grow at the same time.

Bounce Exchange is an online marketing analytics platform—enabling its clients to track web traffic as they convert new customers.

With 20 vacation days per year and two work-from-home days each month, Bounce Exchange employees are offered a great deal of flexibility. But, if they feel like they need a break while they’re in the office? There’s the option for that too—including a nap pod room where team members can rest and recharge.

Andela connects top talent with the top employers in the tech landscape, harnessing the resources of the best and brightest minds to help shape the global view.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career, look no further than Andela. The mission is fulfilling, the co-workers are collaborative and fun, and the entire work environment is supportive. But, if you care to work remotely, Andela also has numerous flexible and remote opportunities posted for people who are eager to join this passionate team!

Mango Languages is an online learning platform dedicated to enriching lives through the exploration of language and culture—providing fun, easy, and accessible ways for anyone to learn languages.

There’s tons of things for Mango Languages employees to appreciate. But, one that frequently tops the list? The company’s flexible PTO policy that empowers employees to decide when and where to work to best get the job done. A close second on that list of perks? A company tradition called “Fiesta Fridays”, where employees can kick back and relax with some delicious food and drinks from a different culture.

MDA is leading the fight to free individuals—and the families who love them—from the harm of muscular dystrophy, ALS, and other related muscle-debilitating diseases.

For people who can’t imagine spending eight hours a day chained to their desks at the office, MDA is the perfect place to stretch your legs. “Working at MDA is not your traditional ‘sit in the office’ job,” says Nathan Ressler-Aragon, “You’re out in the community, and you’re connecting with people, which is awesome, because there’s never a dull day. There’s always something going on.”

Tapingo is a fast-growing startup that leverages mobile technology to make it easier for users to order anything—from food to event tickets—with their mobile devices.

At Tapingo, micromanagement is a dirty word. Leaders provide guidance and support, but without a trace of handholding. Instead, managers encourage employees to have confidence and make their own decisions. If a mistake is made, the company sees it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Even better? Tapingo is currently hiring for a few flexible and remote positions!

GLG provides professional educational platforms that connect industry experts—changing the way the world’s business leaders learn and share information.

At GLG, flexibility doesn’t just apply to your schedule—it’s a concept that applies to your entire position within the company. “To be successful at GLG, it’s really important to be nimble. There’s so much going on, so many exciting and new opportunities, you need to be able to balance multiple priorities, take on new projects, and pivot in different ways,” explains Sara Arnoudse, Head of Learning and Development.

Epsilon transforms analytics into tangible relationships for companies around the world, using digital marketing tech to inform strategy and branding that connects with clients on an emotional level.

Epsilon believes in flexibility and work-life balance. But, the company also believes that the time you do spend in the office should be nothing short of fun. From in-house breakfasts and potlucks to achievement parties and company-wide outings, Epsilon’s culture is all about getting things done as best as possible while having a good time along the way.

Ibotta is replacing the convoluted system of coupons and rebates through a simple app that enables consumers to gain easy cashback rewards.

Flexibility in the Ibotta office not only applies to schedules, but also to the actual work. At Ibotta, employees are trusted, and this trust and transparency forms a core of the culture. “The management style is very hands-off, says Matt Filippini, Director of Sales, “There’s no person overseeing everything you’re doing. You’re doing it and you’re becoming successful in your own right.”

Framebridge is a full-service online custom-framing company—making beautifully framed and custom designed art easily accessible.

Framebridge’s small but mighty team is known for its “roll up your sleeves” culture. But, while the team definitely knows how to get things done, they never feel chained to their desks—because they truly love their jobs. “If you’re thinking of working here, be prepared to work hard—but also be prepared to be delighted by your every day,” shares Rachel Lubin, Director of Strategy and Business Intelligence.

NewsCred is a content marketing company dedicated to uplifting the creator-consumer relationship, empowering brands to become detectives and storytellers to create genuine connections with consumers.

There’s no shortage of perks at NewsCred, including unlimited vacation time for employees to relax and recharge, team outings, and great professional development opportunities. Beyond the overnight hackathons, field days, and board game competitions, NewsCred’s culture encourages employees to share and explore their interests together, fostering friendships that go beyond the office.

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and online community for gamers, bringing live and on-demand content to developers, publishers, and media outlets around the world.

While Twitch has been growing at a rapid pace, leadership still works hard to maintain a startup mentality and culture—including a high degree of flexibility and fun in the office. “We have board game nights every Thursday after work, as well as board game lunches every Tuesday,” explains Sharmeen Browarek, Product Manager, of how the team unwinds and bonds.

Snapsheet’s state-of-the-art mobile application technology transforms tedious auto insurance claims into simple, customer-centric processes, optimizing a carrier’s overall operations.

If there’s one thing that Snapsheet understands the value of, it’s employee happiness. As a result, there are frequent potluck lunches at the office, ordering bagels for breakfast, putting on company parties, and organizing bowling nights or team softball games from time to time. Oh, and the flexible PTO and frequent ping pong breaks throughout the day don’t hurt either!

Blinds.com is the world’s largest online seller of custom window coverings—offering a selection of everything from awnings to curtains to shades to shutters.

Blinds.com team members really enjoy their time spent in the office. And, why wouldn’t they? There are tons of fun ways for the staff to blow off steam—including a round of ping pong and group outings for laser tag and indoor skydiving. By creating an environment where everyone feels at home, Blinds.com keeps energy levels optimal and productivity at top speed.

Think your company should be on a list like this? Learn more and get in touch!

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