20 Companies Where People Are Excited to Come to Work Every Day

Do you know those people who love their jobs so much, they seem to bounce into the office each and every morning with smiles on their faces and springs in their steps?

No? Well, we know exactly where you can find them: at one of these 20 amazing companies.

That’s right—these places are so awesome, the people who work there are genuinely excited to head into work day in and day out. If you want to feel that same way, submit an application to join these happy teams. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to Monday. Gasp!

Aflac is the nation’s number one provider of supplemental and guaranteed renewable insurance for individuals and groups, offering cash benefits to cover the extra costs most major medical insurance companies don’t cover.

There’s one word that can be used to describe all of Aflac’s salesforce: passionate. Each and every team member is motivated by the purpose of allowing policyholders to focus on recovery, rather than financial stress.

Rewarding mission aside, Aflac sales agents are just genuinely excited about what they get to do on a daily basis. “This [business] is very exciting, and full of adrenaline,” says Whitney Millwood, District Sales Coordinator. “I never get bored.”

Area 1 Security actively pursues and provides visibility into the next generation of sophisticated targeted cyber attacks by identifying campaigns and their delivery systems before they unfold.

There are a lot of different things that Area 1’s employees love about working for this cybersecurity company—including the awesome Edwardian house that was renovated to become the team’s office.

But, the employees’ enthusiasm extends beyond just their cool new digs. Area 1’s hands-off management style trusts employees to get the job done—with no fuss, drama, or micromanaging. “The atmosphere here is great. Everyone is good at what they do—and that resonates throughout the company,” shares Tara Larivee, Lead Product Designer.

Kargo gives brands the power to deliver mobile ads that capture and connect with users through stunning campaigns. The fusion of tech and creativity helps transcend advertising expectations.

At Kargo, the company social life calendar is just as packed as the business agenda. From Thanksgiving potlucks and impromptu happy hours to movie nights and bowling outings, the team enjoys being together both in and out of the office—which translates into a pretty awesome culture.

“Man, the culture is everything here. It’s a resounding thing—to know that all these special, talented people actually care about you,” says Neal Modi, VP of Finance and Business Operations.

The product development experts at Synapse work with clients all around the world to conceive and develop any idea an individual or company can come up with.

“Coming to work here makes me feel like the luckiest person on the planet. I love the challenges, the people, and the clients,” shares Rory Nordeen, Electrical Engineer Tech Lead.

And, it’s safe to say that Rory isn’t the only employee to feel that way. With leadership that emphasizes mentorship over management and tons of amazing employee events—including a company-wide camping trip—all of Synapse’s team members genuinely enjoy the work they do, as well as who they do it with.

Founded in 2011, 360 Live Media is a marketing and experience design agency—creating transformational experiences for associations and corporations nationwide.

360 Live Media was recently voted one of the “Top 10 Places to Work in Washington, DC”—and it’s easy to see why. With things like Free Lunch Wednesdays, healthy snacks, team retreats, and community service events, the team definitely subscribes to a work hard, play hard philosophy.

“Everyone at our company is passionate about what they do and what drives them. We come in each day with the energy, focus, and passion to deliver great work,” says Lauren Ball, Account Director.

Sensibill enhances the world’s largest mobile bank applications with value-added services that enable users to manage, store, and understand their finances better within existing accounts.

Sensibill employees thrive under a personal leadership approach, wherein decision-makers challenge team members to take on big projects—but also extend friendly guidance when it’s needed.

The company’s commitment to PIE—passion, integrity, excellence—shines through in more than one way. Aside from the transparency leaders offer to staff members, delicious pie is also the go-to celebration food for major milestones and employee birthdays.

Ready for a slice? Submit your application now.

Priceline.com is a world-leading internet-travel company—offering exclusive travel bargains and savings to price-conscious consumers.

As one of the biggest players in online travel, priceline.com’s fun atmosphere makes every day at the office feel like a vacation. With an experimental culture that encourages constant innovation and collaboration, as well as priceline.com’s amazing company celebrations, employees can’t help but to look forward to heading into work.

“The way I look at priceline.com is that we’re one big extended family. I’ve been with priceline.com for 13 and a half years, and that speaks for itself,” says Imran Chowdy, Senior Director of Engineering.

TravelClick helps hoteliers around the globe understand their market, build their brands, and increase their bookings by creating cloud-based, revenue-generating media solutions.

TravelClick has a strong and distinctive culture. A results-oriented organization, TravelClick’s employees achieve the unachievable. The articulate, brilliant, dedicated, and motivated team continuously goes the extra mile for that extra ounce of success.

“What keeps me very excited about the future is all the opportunities for improvement we still have,” shares Farai Alleyne, VP of Technology Operations.

Andela connects top talent with the top employers in the tech landscape, harnessing the resources of the best and brightest minds to help shape the global view.

Andela encourages team members to ask anything, learn a new skill, troubleshoot a project, and get critical feedback in an open and supported environment. And, the company’s leadership definitely recognizes the importance of balancing hard work with a lot of fun play.

“We are passionate people who get a lot done during the day—and have a lot of fun,” says Andela’s COO and co-founder.

Cello Health Insight is an award-winning market research firm, specializing in the healthcare sector, designing custom insight research for pharmaceuticals and delivering valuable results.

Looking for a rewarding career? Look no further than Cello Health Insight. With its central role providing research and solutions to pharmaceutical companies throughout the world, this company’s recommendations can shape major policies and change lives.

And, that means employees always feel challenged by their projects—but, they also truly love their work. “We never get bored in our work, there’s always something new to learn—there’s always something new to explore,” explains Cello Health Insight’s CEO.

Convene coordinates full-service event and meeting spaces that integrate technology, catering, design, and production to simplify planning processes and eliminate cost overruns for clients.

Since Convene employees work across a number of venues and aren’t always in the same offices at the same times, the company makes it a priority to plan team activities where people can bond and blow off steam. Together, they volunteer to cycle for cancer charities, form intramural sports teams, and participate in an annual office baseball game.

That makes for a motivated, collaborative, and well-bonded team of employees who genuinely enjoy getting awesome things accomplished together. As Convene’s Human Resources Manager explains, “Everyone here has a very different personality, and all those different perspectives really lend themselves to our productivity.”

MedXM works with health plans to create an effective approach towards engaging and connecting with members by customizing services based on client needs.

MedXM employees cite the supportive and welcoming atmosphere as a highlight of their work day. The open culture is encouraged throughout the company to guarantee each work day is a rewarding and inspiring experience.

“Working here is extremely satisfying because everybody is collaborative and engaging. We all know each other very well, even the new hires, and we try making the office feel as comfortable as possible,” says Marvin Carvajal, Quality Control Specialist.

The Predictive Index provides clients across any industry with the tools needed to select and retain the best candidates, create cohesive teams, and optimize their workforce.

The Predictive Index’s employees describe this company as a fun and welcoming place to work. And, as an organization that specializes in behavioral assessments, The Predictive Index definitely knows how to find the right, enthusiastic fit for the company’s open positions.

“People are excited to be here—they’re excited to be in their roles. They’ve been screened behaviorally whether they knew it or not when they came in here—for fit. So we’re highly confident that they’re the right fit for their specific role,” explains Mike Zani, CEO.

Ninthlink is a full-service web design, development, and internet marketing agency that creates, grows, and promotes businesses with expert digital strategy, programming, and optimization.

The Ninthlink crew has an enthusiastic energy—both inside the office and out. Team members definitely hold themselves (and each other) to high standards. But, they know when it’s time to kick back, unwind, and have some fun.

The team often enjoys activity-filled company events outside of the office. Determined to keep the good times going at off-site outings, that spirit of fun comes with employees from the office—whether that means competitively battling it out in laser tag or bonding over beers during trips to local breweries.

Jive is the leader in accelerating workplace digital transformation for organizations, enabling people to work better together. The company provides industry-leading Interactive Intranet and Customer Community solutions that connect people, information and ideas to help businesses outpace their competitors.

It’s no wonder that Jive employees love heading into work: The company takes fun seriously (while still being productive, of course). In addition to a video game room, the Jive breakroom features beer and wine on tap, as well as ping-pong and foosball tables. 

“Jivers love to have fun. That’s one of the key cultural aspects about Jive,” shares Kosheno Moore, Senior Enterprise Community Manager.

Goosehead Insurance is an independent agency and franchise company, taking pride in the power of choice and protecting people without cutting corners.

Goosehead Insurance is incredibly invested in employee success. With team huddles every week and one-on-one review sessions twice each month, employees continuously have the opportunity to ask important questions and improve performance.

“Goosehead takes a genuine interest in you succeeding and cares about your personal and professional development as a whole,” explains Jacqueline Franco, Service Agent. Knowing that leadership is in their corner makes for some happy, satisfied, and excited employees.

Yodle is an automated online marketing and advertising company that helps local businesses attain and retain customers in the simplest, most profitable way possible.

Above all, Yodle values its company culture—and the employees who embody it. A lot of emphasis is placed on learning, and a tremendous amount of time and energy is invested into making the office a place where people want to be.

And, if you ask Yodle’s Area Sales Manager, it’s working. “Yodle is a family, and that’s what makes the company successful, she says, “Every single person is cared about.”

iProspect is the world’s leading digital performance marketing agency—driving client business performance.

Creating an atmosphere that all employees enjoy is a top priority for the company—and it shows throughout the office. The iProspect culture is casual and comfortable and, according to employees, on any given day activities might include five to 10 dogs roaming from desk to desk, a few spiked milkshakes, or even the occasional lunchtime lip-sync battle.

Warmed up and ready to show off your skills? You know what to do.

33Across is the first publisher traffic and monetization platform to guarantee the quality of its ads, offering advertisers 100% viewability and placements with a pre-bid fraud filter time and again.

There’s no such thing as a dull moment when you’re an employee at 33Across. “There’s always something new that we’re doing every single day, and I feel really privileged to work with some of the smartest people in the industry,” says Blair Pecka, Senior Director of Product Management.

Those smart people are put to good use. With an incredibly approachable management style, anyone who comes to 33Across has a real opportunity to help drive the success of the company.

Signpost is cloud-based marketing software company, giving local businesses the power to effortlessly build and manage customer relationships.

The team at Signpost is incredibly passionate about the things they work on and the progress they’re making. “Passion—that’s the common denominator for everyone on the Signpost team,” adds Alex Moffitt, Sales Executive. “It’s in the product, on the sales floor, and in our clients. It’s what gets us up in the morning.”

That drive and passion has led to explosive growth for Signpost—which is thrilling for the company, but even more exhilarating for employees. As Signpost’s Lead Sales Manager, James Curcio, explains, “The time I’ve spent at Signpost is sure to be one of the most exciting professional experiences I will ever have.”

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