20 Companies Where Creativity is Key

Looking for a job where you can challenge yourself and stretch your creative muscles? Well, look no further, because these 20 companies are all about big ideas and innovative solutions.

In addition to being all around awesome, these workplaces put major emphasis on empowering employees to pull out their creative licenses, think outside the box, and push the envelope—regardless of their rank or position.

Did we just describe the employer of your dreams? Well, dust off that resume and toss your hat into the ring—all of these companies are hiring right now!

Captora utilizes top of funnel marketing campaigns to effectively drive portfolios across search, advertising, and social channels for companies seeking to broaden their marketing approaches.

“I like to work on interesting challenges that might not be so easy to overcome. Having an environment that helps me grow that aspect gets me excited about coming into work every day,” says Jay, Creative Solutions Consultant. Captora keeps the creative juices (and the pink coconut juice!) flowing by encouraging different teams to work together to come up with innovative solutions to problems.

Digital Air Strike is a social media and reputation management service, specializing in the automotive industry, that assists its clients in maximizing their SEO, enabling a higher ROI.

Digital Air Strike encourages creativity and teamwork. Each quarter employees from different departments are invited to work together to come up with new ideas and solutions to make the company better for employees, and most importantly for clients. Recently, the meeting focused on updating Digital Air Strike’s Mission, Vision, and Values. The meetings are called Diagonal Slice meetings because they include a cross-section of employees and “diagonal slices” of pizza—which make participation extra popular.

Ideosity is a consulting firm that helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers through a strategic and intelligent use of product information management and master data management technologies.

Because Ideosity carved out such a niche business for itself, employees are expected to bring their A game and big ideas to the office. But, rest assured, they’re highly rewarded for their creative efforts. In addition to fully covered health and dental insurance, team members get unlimited paid time off, a free gym membership, and plenty of snacks throughout the day.

Candescent Health is a Boston-based health startup on a mission to improve the accuracy, speed, and value of diagnostics in doctor’s offices all across the country.

As a startup, employees at Candescent Health have to be quick on their feet, learn from their mistakes, and come up with creative solves to problems. “Solving problems for people with difficult jobs is very rewarding, ” says Jim Garretson, Director of Product Management. In order to keep up with the industry and with others on the team, Candescent Health has quarterly engineering summits, lunch and learn sessions on a variety of topics, and informal town halls.

First Look Media is an experimental new-model media company on a purposeful mission to support a thriving, vibrant democracy by cultivating independent creators in the digital space.

“Who we are and who we want to be is constantly evolving. Each day, we bring something new, and I’m excited to be a part of that growth,” says Nicolas Borenstein, Director, Scripted Programming and Content. While employees enjoy plenty of other perks—like a great roof deck or a game of ping-pong to blow off some steam—it’s that big picture thinking that excites them all the most.

Amplify is a new kind of educational company, dedicated to reimagining the K-12 learning process through the creation of digital products and services that empower teachers, students, and parents.

Amplify knows that in order for employees to truly be innovative and creative, they need to understand the big picture. So, the company’s leaders always make sure to keep team members in the loop. “Managers here take the time to explain why things work, rather than just how they should—and that really helps me learn,” says Rodney Augustin, Software Engineer.

Kaleidoscope blends design, execution, and strategy to create holistic solutions for clients and campaigns, connecting the dots between consumer needs and overall brand experiences.

Creativity is at the core of what Kaleidoscope is all about. Aside from teams brimming with creative ideas and talent, the office itself—complete with mock-up and color-proofing studios—operates as a designer’s playground. When employees feel like they need to take a break from creating to refuel? Well, the dog-friendly office space, relaxing rooftop, and regular themed lunches definitely help.

FremantleMedia North America creates, produces, and distributes television and digital content. As a global content company, FremantleMedia generates beloved shows from The X Factor to Family Feud.

FremantleMedia North America knows that its most important asset is its people, and the company provides a creative working environment where people are challenged to learn and grow. “FremantleMedia allows its employees to push limits of conventional television programming,” shares Sam Harowitz, VP, Acquisitions and Co-Productions, North America, “We are creative with all of our undertakings. You can seize an opportunity and run with it.”

Bai Brands is an antioxidant beverage manufacturer—sharing the powerful and flavorful goodness of coffee’s superfruit around the world.

“Bai provides a culture to grow and be a part of a tenacious team,” says Rod’Esther Castor, Procurement Manager. Indeed, Bai recognizes that it’s the company’s determined and innately curious group of employees that truly pushes the company along in its “bevolution”—a term the company’s team coined for the innovative work Bai is doing.

PGAV Destinations designers create results-oriented master designs, pilot in-depth industry research, and design innovative products for global destinations to celebrate culture, nature, and heritage.

The company believes that exceptional destinations can only be made by people who possess that rare and unforgettable blend of creativity, professionalism, and vision. The staff is comprised of over 100 full-time artists, architects, storytellers, business strategists, designers, interpreters, and planners who seamlessly integrate their work to provide unique, exciting, and innovative experiences for clients.

Insomniac games is an independent video-game developer with a passion for pushing boundaries and creating compelling experiences for players through novel mechanics and captivating storylines.

Because the gaming industry evolves so fast, Insomniac is always pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment. With opportunities constantly emerging, Insomniac takes risks and explores novel experiences using cutting-edge platforms while reaching out to untouched audiences. To do so, the company asserts that good ideas come from everywhere—be it an intern or someone with 10 years of experience.

Thumbtack is an online marketplace for local services, connecting consumers with the right professionals to accomplish personal projects.

Thumbtack knows what it means to be creative. The company has re-invented the local services industry, empowering consumers to discover services and negotiate pricing that’s right for them—from wedding planning to personal training. And, Thumbtack does that through its team of imaginative employees who are dedicated to the company’s inspiring mission.

YETI is an outdoors lifestyle brand, creating high-quality products devised from necessity and innovated out of experience. Beginning with the YETI Cooler, the brand is expanding rapidly.

At YETI, employees aren’t showing up to perform the same rote tasks day after day. It’s a company with room to learn, grow, and be creative that prefers to cultivate leadership from within. With continual development programs and interdepartmental training, employees at YETI have the opportunity to constantly progress and hone their strengths.

Bonobos is a men’s apparel company that provides a full line of personalized and tailored clothing with a perfect fit that feels and looks great.

At Bonobos, it doesn’t matter what role an employee has—everyone’s input is expected and valued. With this hands-on approach, employees are invested in helping where they can, regardless of job titles, and provide insight that allows the company to make informed decisions, to grow, and to succeed.

Digital Trends aims to demystify technology and make the digital world less intimidating. The company seeks to publish content that everyone can enjoy and understand.

“The culture here is very casual and open. It’s an easygoing environment, but we work hard and are very effective at what we do,” says Alana Wolfman, Senior Digital Producer, of what life is like in the Digital Trends office. The team definitely knows how to roll up their sleeves and make big things happen. But, they also recognize when it’s time to take a break from all of that creating—which is often done with microbrews and Nerf wars.

Squarespace provides innovative tools that enable customers to easily create, manage, and publish exceptional websites.

At Squarespace, the entire team is passionate about the company’s mission to make beautiful products that help creative ideas succeed. “There’s a willingness to go the extra mile to build something extraordinary. Everyone here wants to do something special,” says Squarespace’s Director of Product Design.

Continuum Analytics provides data software product training and consulting for big data, high performance computing, and business analytics.

At Continuum, doors are always open for brainstorming sessions, career advice, and problem solving. According to the Continuum team, every employee is kept in the loop on upcoming ideas and plans for the future—and each opinion is considered as equally valuable as the next. “For me, it was very surprising to be working in this company where all my ideas are actually appreciated,” says one of Continuum’s Software Engineers.

Symbility Intersect builds mobile and IoT products that fuse innovative technology and user experience to provide client solutions that align with business goals—and delight end users.

Employees describe the company’s management as decentralized—which means autonomy and trust are as common as idea-sharing in the office. People at all levels brainstorm alongside leaders, and a universal self-starter mentality enables everyone to pursue growth opportunities in any direction possible.

Pandora is a personalized radio service, available anytime and anywhere through connected devices. The company’s goal is to play music that its listeners will love every time they tune in.

Inside Pandora’s music-filled office, you’ll find a team full of passionate creators. But, despite the fact that Pandora has attracted top talent, employees always remain humble. “It’s pretty amazing to be working with people that don’t have egos,” says Maira Benjamin, Director of Engineering, “We have people that want to get the job done well and are willing to work with each other towards the bigger purpose of the company.”

Method pioneers premium planet-friendly and design-driven home, fabric, and personal care products that put the hurt on dirt—without doing harm to people, creatures, or the planet.

Unorthodox and creative are two qualities Method looks for in employees. In fact, during the interview process, candidates are asked “How will you keep Method weird?” Letting their employees embrace their creative sides is important. “We have a great team. My questions or crazy ideas are always explored and listened to,” says Mia Croft, Arts and Crafts Designer.

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