20 Companies That Value Learning

They say you’re never done learning. And nowhere is that more true than at these 20 awesome companies that are big on expanding knowledge.

From formal learning and development programs for employees to company missions that center on education, these employers will always challenge you to grow, explore, and be your very best—whether you’re fresh out of college (congratulations, by the way!) or are further along in your career.

Sound like your sort of thing? Check out their open positions, toss your hat into the ring, and prepare for a rewarding and enlightening experience.

Empowering people to experience the world is the Booking.com mission. It’s why they tell their customers, “Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, you book it with us.”

Constant learning plays a big part in this—by encouraging staff to learn, they can serve their customers better. The company’s leadership style also supports the broadening of horizons, with managers helping employees find the value in successes and failures alike. This explorative learning approach also means team members are mentored one-to-one, with managers tailoring next steps to suit both personal goals and business objectives.

APL brings research applications to life in the space science, asymmetric operations, force projection, and air and missile defense categories, pioneering solutions to push scientific boundaries.

Though APL team members boast impressive resumes, the collaborative working environment pushes them to continuously learn. While generous tuition reimbursement and a part-time Masters program give staff the opportunity to learn in a traditional classroom setting, APL allows people to become lifelong learners by attending industry conferences or taking on projects outside the norm.

HCSC is the largest member-owned health insurance company in the U.S. Dedicated to innovation, service, and community, HCSC operates as a nonprofit licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield in five states.

Management at HCSC encourages employees of all levels to innovate, contribute ideas, and learn. As a result, the company offers numerous different programs for team members who want to soak up more knowledge. “Continuing education opportunities at HCSC are great. We provide school reimbursement for undergraduate, master’s degrees, and certifications, all while encouraging employees to attend seminars and conferences,” explains Lisa DeWard, Sr. Portfolio Delivery Consultant.

Smartly.io enables some of the world’s best advertisers to automate and optimize advertising through an excellent solution that boosts reach as a badged Facebook Marketing Partner.

Smartly possesses an intense learning culture—and it doesn’t just talk the talk. New employees explore a rotating training program between city offices and disciplines. As a result, the company is full-stack and no one’s above lending a helping hand to get the job done. This flat structure with mixed team collaborations perfectly suits the company’s philosophy of hands-on learning.

Newsela helps students around the world build reading comprehension through hundreds of daily, engaging news articles at five different learning levels in various languages.

“We are a game-changing company for educational institutions everywhere,” says Stephen Caputo, Account Manager. Being an ed-tech startup, Newsela’s culture is very supportive of learning. In addition to various office workshops, there’s an education program that employees can use for professional development. The office also hosts Lunch and Learn sessions most weeks focusing on a diverse range of topics.

MWH is a global engineering firm that seeks to create a better world in water and natural resource sectors through management services, technical engineering, and construction services.

Need proof of MWH’s emphasis on learning? Within the community of each MWH office around the world, the company welcomes interns from local universities all throughout the year. The organization invests in young professionals, involving them in every facet of professional engineering practice. MWH works to create pathways that enable people at varying stages of life and experience to envision possibilities, grow their knowledge, and achieve meaningful career progression.

IgnitionOne’s marketing cloud technology and expert services simplify the task of identifying and engaging specific consumers at key moments of influence across desktop and mobile channels.

IgnitionOne is big on giving employees everything they need in order to try and learn new things—and bring those new insights back to the office. The company is constantly searching for new ways to support team members in furthering their knowledge and education. “We’re implementing an employee learning structure for unlimited online education courses,” explains IgnitionOne’s Technical Lead.

CSE Insurance Group is a boutique insurance carrier with over 60 years in the industry and a reputation of integrity, striving to be at the vanguard of change as the industry evolves.

“The Senior Management Team encourages continuous learning—to be a continuous student—always learning and growing,” says My Ta, Underwriting Manager. With the agile attitude of a startup, CSE fosters an open environment for employees to collaborate and contribute ideas. The company also provides numerous educational opportunities, empowering continuous improvement for both CSE and its employees.

Gallup delivers analytics and advice to leaders and decision-makers about how the world’s citizens think and behave to help solve the most pressing problems.

When it comes to being invested in employees, Gallup leaders don’t just talk the talk. They genuinely want to help their employees learn and grow. The company is deeply dedicated to helping associates discover their own unique strengths, and then placing them in roles that speak to their innate talents. This approach means that employees are empowered to do what they do best every day, while being engaged with fulfilling work.

Dropbox changes the way the world stores, shares, and collaborates with a clean hosting platform that offers individuals and enterprises a secure way to manage files and photos.

Dropbox employees benefit from a collaborative environment with plenty of opportunities to grow. A fan favorite is Hack Week, which allows everyone to return to their roots by poking around code or pursuing a professional interest. This freedom makes the problem-solving process seem less intimidating—and often generates inspired solutions that make the office (and employees!) even better.

Frontline Education provides over 8,500 educational organizations with innovative software solutions to efficiently manage their needs, including recruiting, hiring, attendance tracking, and more.

You won’t find a bigger emphasis on education than you will at this high impact learning company. Formerly Frontline Technologies, Frontline Education recently overhauled the brand and changed its name to more accurately represent its history of proudly serving on the front line of education since 1998. It’s obvious that the company values learning—for both its employees and its clients.

Unilever is a global leader in promoting sustainable living and is the company behind many much-loved brands, including Dove, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, Suave, Pond’s, and Q-Tips.

Aside from the meaningful work, one of the benefits that Unilever employees appreciate the most is the company’s generous Tuition Reimbursement Program. A variety of team members have taken advantage of the opportunity to broaden skills and apply their newfound knowledge to the work they’re doing at Unilever. People have studied an array of disciplines, including management, entrepreneurship, and business.

Philips is a leading health tech company, improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum—from healthy living and prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and home care.

By providing employees with a large degree of independence and flexibility—including encouraging them to step outside their own roles every now and then—Philips wants every team member to feel supported in continuous learning. “Philips helps me become a better marketer through a plethora of resources. I’m able to travel around the globe, meet with teams in person, and actually work out certain issues or challenges. It’s usually in those scenarios where the most learning happens,” explains Grant Williams, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager.

JVM Lending is a California-based residential mortgage company disrupting the game with its unique, no-commission business model and congenial team of highly accountable experts.

At JVM Lending, members of the team are given plenty of autonomy and endless opportunities to master their work. Each new staff person participates in a six-week training program, paid for by JVM Lending, that results in a real estate license. After the initial training is complete, management encourages staff to pursue additional education and professional development opportunities.

Democracy Prep Public Schools is a network of open-enrollment, high-performing K-12 public charter schools committed to preparing students for success in college and a future of active citizenship.

At Democracy Prep Public Schools, scholars aren’t the only ones who get in on the learning. Operations Team members get to take part in professional development courses, which help them grow their careers. They also recently implemented scheduled reviews, which give staff invaluable feedback on how to improve their performance.

Philips Lighting is the global leader in lighting products, systems and services, transforming how lighting is used to enhance the human experience in the places where people live and work.

Philips Lighting believes in helping employees to grow as professionals. Whether it’s pursuing an MBA or attending technical workshops on lighting design, there’s always an opportunity to expand expertise. The company supports employees’ professional development through initiatives like Philips Lighting University, which helps employees build expertise with real-time learning. There’s also on-the-job and in-the-field training every single day.

The City of Houston represents one of the fastest growing municipalities in the United States, tackling governance with creative, data-driven solutions that mirror the diversity of its population.

The City of Houston is a dynamic organization with a commitment to innovating the public sector and re-inventing the ways the city supports its citizens. With that in mind, the organization looks for workers with this same passion for improvement—and offers great opportunities for people who want to do good and always keep developing.

Plum Organics is a values-driven food and beverage company, nourishing the next generation with nutritious, inventive, and flavorful products.

Innovation is part of the DNA of Plum Organics. Employees are encouraged to challenge the status quo, and they fundamentally believe there is a better way to create business value. In order to continuously push the envelope, the company knows that it’s important that employees feel that they have as much autonomy as they need. “We have flexibility and can be as creative as we want to be. You feel free here because it’s easy to be yourself,” shares Gina Alamillo, R&D Technologist.

Asana is a web and mobile task management app—designed to effortlessly increase teamwork productivity without email.

“Really, a manager’s purpose at Asana is to make sure the people they’re leading have the tools they need to succeed,” says Reigan Combs, Lifecycle Marketing Lead. This means that team members get to roll up their sleeves and be involved in big decisions and projects. Employees view each company challenge as a chance to build purpose together, become better personally and professionally, and change the potential collective output of humanity.

DMC Atlanta specializes in direct sales and marketing acquisitions for top cable and satellite, retail, and telecommunications companies across the country, focusing on a relationship-based approach.

“We truly believe that professional growth and personal growth go hand-in-hand. Happy people tend to be more successful,” says DMC Atlanta’s HR Director. DMC Atlanta’s leadership supports this philosophy by working closely alongside the team. This sort of collaborative approach provides each member of the team the opportunity to learn how to lead—and to become great managers in their own right when the time comes.

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