20 Companies That People Are Happy to Work For

Think having a job means dreading Mondays and sighing every time you park yourself in front of your computer? Well, that doesn’t have to be the case—particularly when you work at one of these 20 places.

That’s right—employees at these companies head into work each day with a spring in their step, a smile on their face, and excitement to conquer their to-do list. And the best part? All of these teams are looking for new folks to join them.

So, dust the cobwebs off that resume, submit your application, and you’ll no longer have to live for the weekends.

Intercom gives online businesses a voice when speaking with customers by streamlining conversations through a communication platform that also makes targeted messaging natural and personal.

At Intercom, work is more about exploration and creativity than it is about plugging away at to-do lists—thanks to the company’s belief that each team should form its own mission statement and set of goals. Add in the autonomous schedules and supportive management, and team members feel encouraged and challenged, rather than limited.

StellaService evaluates online retailers to measure customer service effectiveness and guides companies to build better interactions.

StellaService combines the energy and frenetic pace of a startup with the financial backing of an established company. The company’s teams work together to define the future of customer service, and they believe in working hard and having fun while they do it.

Ring produces innovative, outdoor security cameras, including the original Ring Video Doorbell, that reduce crime in neighborhoods and help homeowners proactively keep their homes secure and their families safe. ​​

Ring employees are a tight-knit group who enjoy working together across all departments to grow and develop amazing ideas and innovative products. Between parking lot taco stands and after-work happy hours, there’s never a dull moment, and with such a meaningful mission, it’s easy to feel inspired day in and day out. “When our customers tell us how our products have really helped their lives, that, to me, is the most fulfilling part of my job,” shares ​August Cziment, ​Director, Operations.

Galileo designs and runs an evolving series of innovative educational and summer camp programs for kids Pre-K through 8th grade—encouraging explorative learning and failing without fear.

According to employees, working at Galileo is truly an all-around win-win. With incredible professional direction from management and co-workers, no goal is out of reach. Even better? They don’t feel like just another cog in a wheel. “The future of Galileo belongs to everyone here—it’s not just a group of executives behind an iron curtain,” says Viva Asmelash, Outreach Manager.

YETI is an outdoors lifestyle brand, creating high-quality products devised from necessity and innovated out of experience. Beginning with the YETI Cooler, the brand is expanding rapidly.

Pardon the pun, but there’s nothing cooler than working for YETI. Why? Well, employees value the investment that YETI makes in their development. It’s a company with room to learn and grow that prefers to cultivate leadership from within. With continual development programs and interdepartmental training, employees have the opportunity to progress and hone their strengths.

HomeAway is the leading online marketplace for vacation rentals, with vacation homes in over 193 countries around the world.

There’s no place like home. That is, unless you work for HomeAway—in which case, you love your work so much that you’d probably rather be at the office. The company keeps employees enthusiastically coming back with its supportive and familial atmosphere, emphasis on mentorship, and forward-thinking mission of changing the way people travel.

iCIMS empowers organizations to streamline the talent acquisition process and simplify applicant tracking with one easy-to-use applicant tracking system.

There’s no shortage of fun in the iCIMS office, which is something employees love. Aside from monthly socials and company celebrations, it’s not unusual to catch employees enjoying a game of Mario Kart, tossing a football around the sales floor, or attacking a jigsaw puzzle to help keep their creative minds sharp. “We take our play just as seriously as we take our work,” adds Khaya Malabie, Business Analyst II.

CEB is a best practice insight and technology company—advising organizations around the world on how best to drive business performance.

“One of the best things about working at CEB is that you have a lot of opportunities to create change,” says CEB’s Commercial Support Manager. And, that opportunity is fostered not only inside the office, where employees are encouraged to take ownership of their work, but outside as well. Need proof? Every year, CEB closes its offices on Global Impact Day to encourage staffers to give back and be part of something larger.

Washington REIT is an owner and operator of office, retail, and multifamily assets in Washington, DC, targeting for value creation through leasing, repositioning, expansion, and development.

When the company’s CEO says, “Our best assets walk out of here every night to go home,” you know you’re in a place where employees are truly valued and appreciated. And, that spirit of respect is one of the things Washington REIT’s team members love the most. With an open communication style and approachable management, employees feel involved and invested in what the company is doing—meaning they truly enjoy sitting down to work every day.

Dogfish Head serves up a unique list of thirst-quenching craft brews for beer mavens who appreciate the experience that comes with sipping full-flavored pints of the world’s most social beverage.

There’s one thing that all of Dogfish’s employees have in common: A deep-rooted love for craft beer. And, sharing that passion fosters a collaborative work culture that enables them to approach every decision as a team effort. As a matter of fact, Dogfish’s employees don’t concern themselves with hierarchies—you’ll rarely hear mention of titles around the brewery. Oh, and Dogfish’s crew doesn’t complain about the free case of beer on payday either.

Twitch is the world’s leading social video platform and online community for gamers, bringing live and on-demand content to developers, publishers, and media outlets around the world.

Twitch may be growing rapidly, but the company works hard to maintain the startup mentality that employees adore. Management is hands-on in advice, support, and availability, but hands-off when it comes to work style. Beyond that, the company’s perks—like the option to attend regular gaming events and plenty of good eats—keep employees engaged and happy.

Upwork is the leading online workplace, providing business owners and freelancers with a marketplace to find each other.

With a “work hard, play hard” philosophy and unlimited paid vacation time, there’s plenty to appreciate when you’re an Upwork employee. But, perks aside, it’s the company’s rewarding mission that fulfills team members the most. “I am extremely proud to work for a company that provides economic opportunities for talent across the world. I love that we make the world a bit smaller each day,” adds Karen Nguyen, Mid-Market Team Lead.

Virool transforms the way businesses use video ads through a data management platform that targets the right people. Intuitive placement and visual optimization create an experience—not just an ad.

Virool’s employees love that the sky’s the limit when it comes to their careers. “We want to give people the opportunity to grow beyond their initial positions,” says Garun Mangat, Head of Market Development. New hires who join the team are encouraged to write out a list of professional goals—and managers and colleagues alike help them reach them.

Convene coordinates full-service event and meeting spaces that integrate technology, catering, design, and production to simplify planning processes and eliminate cost overruns for clients.

Convene has built a team of driven and passionate lifelong learners, who love the fact that learning and development are core pillars of the company’s culture. During onboarding, employees receive comprehensive orientations, and are taken on a tour of all departments and facilities to understand how the company works and who oversees each aspect.

Lever fuses applicant tracking system capabilities with those of a customer relationship management tool to keep recruiters, managers, and employees in the loop when sourcing and hiring new talent.

While Lever employees love their work, they also genuinely enjoy being together. And, the company fosters these close-knit bonds through things like an office book club and daily lunches where colleagues can chat about everything from work issues to their passions outside of the office. Lever’s team members, known as Leveroos, consider themselves more than just co-workers—they’re also friends.

Symphony makes the exchange of sensitive business content more secure and efficient through multi-channel communication platforms that enhance company collaboration.

One of Symphony’s core values is, “Work should be fun, or why bother?”—a motto that’s reflected in nearly everything they do. The Symphony office is no stranger to Nerf gun battles, team-building fitness events, and fun and informal offsite events. The company’s employees are constantly dreaming up new traditions that allow them to connect outside of just the occasional coffee pot chat.

Maven Wave assists clients in creating and capitalizing on change opportunities through a unique blend of strategic insight, business knowledge, and technology expertise.

Maven Wave’s management style is structured around ownership and autonomy. Employees feel empowered to take risks and even fail because the atmosphere is one of accountability and autonomy. The Maven Wave office has an open-door policy, which encourages employees to ask partners, managers, and other team members to collaborate on issues—and find the resolution together.

Hypertherm designs and manufactures advanced cutting systems, consumable products, accessories, and high-tech industrial software solutions used in various industries around the world.

One of the coolest things about Hypertherm? It’s a 100% employee-owned company—complete with profit-sharing bonuses and a no-layoff policy. Employees appreciate the participatory culture, where decisions are made collaboratively and rewards are shared across the board, as well as the company’s emphasis on health and happiness—including an onsite medical center and wellness program.

HealthcareSource is a talent management software company, helping healthcare organizations find quality talent and provide quality care to their patients and customers.

Ask any HealthcareSource team member what their favorite part of the company is, and they’ll all be quick to mention the awesome culture. It’s not just the benefits and perks—although they have some great ones—but a core set of “Live It!” values that help the team to be the best versions of themselves and exceed expectations.

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