20 Companies That Employees Seriously Love Working For

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s time to celebrate love in the office!

No, we’re not talking about office romance—we’re talking about companies where the employees truly love working there. Whether it’s because of stellar colleagues, a supportive environment, or just some sweet perks, employees at these companies feel like they’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Are you eager to feel just as smitten about your work? Consider this your lucky day, because all of these amazing companies are hiring right now.

The National Aquarium is a hub of science education and a wildlife refuge for thousands of marine animals. Visitors get to learn about conservation and are exposed to more than 700 aquatic species.

Knowing that they’re making a huge impact in preserving wildlife and educating the community about those amazing creatures is enough to keep a smile on the faces of the National Aquarium’s employees. But—let’s be honest—you couldn’t find a cooler workspace either. “Whenever I feel stressed, I walk down to the underwater viewing area to visit the sharks,” says Corey Frier, Events Specialist.

Vanguard is one of the world’s largest investment companies, advising clients and the general public on savings, investment, retirement, personal finance, the economy, and much more.

Vanguard supports its employees’ (called the “crew”) professional growth by allowing them to own their work and encouraging them to push forward. “Vanguard invests in their crew in a variety of ways,” shares one team member. “By investing time and resources on me, Vanguard helps me achieve my full potential.”

Schoology is an award-winning academic hub for educators—providing innovative technology tools that improve educational learning beyond the classroom.

Aside from their affinity for in-office scooter rides and an afternoon game of pool, Schoology’s employees have one big thing in common: They all understand the company’s challenging mission and believe in its values. In fact, it’s those very things that make Schoology’s passionate and forward-thinking team members excited to come into work every single day.

MedXM works with health plans to create an effective approach towards engaging and connecting with members by customizing services based on client needs.

MedXM employees cite the supportive and welcoming atmosphere as a highlight of their work day. The open and supportive culture is encouraged throughout the company—from the top down. “If I have a problem or need a solution, I can just knock on the CEO’s door and get immediate results,” says Krista Stone, Provider Relations and Training Manager.

With a network of nearly 925 hospitals in 42 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, Banfield Pet Hospital leads the veterinary industry in pet health and preventive care.

Animal lovers won’t find a better place than Banfield Pet Hospital, where they can work each day knowing they’re helping to shape the future of veterinary medicine. Plus, the company’s headquarters are pet-friendly, meaning you’ll always find a furry friend roaming the office and ready to give you an afternoon pick-me-up. The team—four-legged and two-legged alike—is tight-knit, and often enjoys plenty of fun outings to continue strengthening those bonds.

Bounce Exchange is an online marketing analytics platform—enabling its clients to track web traffic as they convert new customers.

Bounce Exchange’s employees claim that they have so much fun together in the office, that they don’t even need to go out for happy hours (though they still do that, too). “Everyone here is very, very awesome. We’re a bunch of friends who happen to work together,” says Matt Russell, Lead Graphic Designer.

Maven Wave assists clients in creating and capitalizing on change opportunities through a unique blend of strategic insight, business knowledge, and technology expertise.

Maven Wave’s team members love that they’re able to take ownership of their own work. They’re empowered to grab the reins, make decisions, take risks, and forge their own path in their positions. And, when they need a little support? The company’s open-door policy means that management is always there to offer advice and guidance.

Plum Organics is a values-driven food and beverage company, nourishing the next generation with nutritious, inventive, and flavorful products.

With a supportive and encouraging culture, a rewarding mission, and an emphasis on innovation, Plum Organics employees have plenty to love about their jobs. And, as if all of that wasn’t enough to inspire endless adoration from the team members, they also enjoy on-site massages and a kitchen stocked with all sorts of healthy snacks.

Continuum Analytics provides data software product training and consulting for big data, high performance computing, and business analytics.

At Continuum, employees are never made to feel like their opinions don’t matter. “For me, it was very surprising to be working in this company where all my ideas are actually appreciated,” shares a software engineer. Add in the flexible working schedules and the recognition from leaders, and Continuum’s employees are a happy bunch.

BAE Systems builds and optimizes technology that revolutionizes defense around the world. The company helps sustain economies and safeguards security and commercial interests with pristine execution.

The meaningful work and the emphasis on adequate work-life balance are two major things employees cite when asked what they love about working for BAE Systems. Beyond that, team members also appreciate the high level of trust from management, the diversity and inclusion initiatives, and the fun-centered office environment.

Jumpcut is transforming the online education industry. Instead of producing mind-numbing presentations, Jumpcut is engaging students with Hollywood-caliber courses that feel like movies.

While the rewarding mission of changing the entire face online education is enough to keep employees feeling fulfilled, motivated, and inspired, Jumpcut doesn’t hold back on the perks either. With daily catered lunches and dinners, unlimited vacation, and the latest tech gear, it’s no surprise that Jumpcut’s team members are excited to head into the office every day.

Rubicon Project is an industry-leading digital advertising company—automating the buying and selling of global online ads.

Rubicon Project’s employees don’t know what it’s like to dread going to work—thanks to things like an easy-going team culture and a huge degree of flexibility. “You come to work and it doesn’t feel like you’re dragging yourself,” says Laila Sanchez, Office Manager, “It’s fun. You want to be here—you want to be with your team.”

As the definitive voice of the Bay Area, the San Francisco Chronicle is on a mission to tell the story of the city by reporting on issues that have region-wide impact.

Raising awareness about important issues in the community is something that fills many of the employees at the Chronicle with pride, but it’s the culture of the organization that really shines. “What I love most about the culture here is the diversity and support I get. I’ve never had a job in my entire career where I’ve felt so supported,” explains Alison Pfaff, Creative Services Director.

Axiom’s attorneys and consultants provide cost-effective legal services to businesses and corporate employers. Axiom charges less than typical law firms—and delivers solid service to clients.

The company welcomes new ideas with open arms, recognizing that individuality helps to drive innovation. And so Axiom empowers its employees to take ownership in key company initiatives. “I love that I get opportunities here that I wouldn’t get at any other stage in my career – it’s empowering to be able to make key business decisions and be trusted to do so,” says Amir Dhillon, one of Axiom’s marketing analysts.

Hometeam combines compassion and technology to create resources for seniors and their families that improve communication, recipients’ quality of life, and the overall field of in-home care.

Do you know that mid-morning slump? Well, there’s no such thing in the Hometeam office—every single employee is genuinely excited about their work. “The culture here is electric. Every day, you walk in and you can’t help but smile. Everyone is ready to go and ready to contribute as soon as the day starts,” says Hometeam’s Care Manager.

Kargo gives brands the power to deliver mobile ads that capture and connect with users through stunning campaigns. The fusion of tech and creativity helps transcend advertising expectations.

The team at Kargo is, well, a true team. Employees not only work together, they champion each other. Ideas are judged by their power, not their source. Mutual respect informs every team member’s actions, and true camaraderie defines the organization’s culture.

MWH is a global engineering firm that seeks to create a better world in water and natural resource sectors through management services, technical engineering, and construction services.

When it comes to what employees love most about working at MWH, many cite the fact that they’re making a true difference as what matters most to them. “This is a very rewarding job, because so many people benefit from the work that we do,” shares Vicente Arrebola, Project Advisor.

InsPro Technologies offers leading enterprise administration software systems that support group and individual health, life, and annuities insurance policies to providers, holders, and companies.

Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed at InsPro Technologies. From ping-pong tournaments to beer and pizza, InsPro believes in recognizing and celebrating the hard work put in by employees. Oh, and did we mention that they all enjoy soft pretzels in the office on the last Friday of every month?

CertainTeed manufactures comprehensive construction materials—from insulation, foundations, and windows to roofing, decking, and gardens—in order to assist customers in creating comfortable spaces.

CertainTeed understands the importance of investing in employees. Management Teams are trained to be direct in discovering the development and career progression of their employees. It’s their aim to align company goals with individual aspirations in hopes of growing the organization from within—fostering a supportive and encouraging atmosphere that all employees appreciate.

Yext enables companies of all sizes to manage location data across the industry’s largest ecosystem of maps, apps, social networks, directories, and search engines.

Yext is the world’s leading location data management company, assisting businesses in engaging mobile consumers across a network of over 100 publisher sites.

At Yext, employees believe in fun, and they love to let loose and have a good time with one another. In the New York office, there even exists an entire Fun Room, where folks gather to enjoy some downtime together. Here, there’s a pastime for every personality, from video games to card games—and even a foosball table.

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