20 Companies That Are Transforming Industries

Disruptors. Innovators. Forward-thinkers.

They’re all words you’ll hear tossed around a lot. And, while many companies like to talk the talk when it comes to those titles, they don’t always walk the walk.

But, the 20 companies we’ve rounded up here? Well, let’s just say that they definitely do those words justice. They’re shaking things up, making waves, and changing the name of the game in their respective industries. Ready for the best part? They’re awesome places to work—and they’re all hiring right now!

You might think there isn’t room for change in the sales industry. But ClearSlide is turning the traditional sales process on its head to deliver an amazing customer experience for both buyers and sellers. ClearSlide is paving the way in Sales Engagement – a market expected to grow to over $5B in the next five years.

ClearSlide offers the most complete and open Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications, actionable insights, and guided selling. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, the ClearSlide team fearlessly innovates to deliver an integrated platform that delights thousands of customers around the world. ClearSlide serves leading companies across industries such as BuzzFeed, Comcast, Expedia, The Sacramento Kings, Verizon, Lyft, The Economist, and more.

Zynga is a pioneer and industry leader in the mobile-gaming landscape, creating such well-known games as FarmVille, Words with Friends, and many others that are played worldwide.

Despite the fact that Zynga is already a leading force in the mobile and social gaming environment, the company is still just as motivated by its mission to push the envelope and inspire gamers everywhere. “We’re always thinking about new features to delight and engage our players—about what can come next—it’s really inspiring,” shares Nicole Opas, Vice President of Games.

HireVue offers high-powered digital video and predictive analytic programs that help businesses, big or small, build and coach top teams in every industry.

“We’re a fast-paced company and we’re always changing and disrupting the HR space,” says Kayde Givens, Product Trainer, of what it’s like to work at HireVue. The company goes so far as to host an annual user conference for clients from around the globe. The group gathers in Park City, Utah for breathtaking scenery and educational talks that aim to make waves in the digital human resources space.

Curalate is an innovative visual commerce platform that provides its clients with an enhanced digital experience that consists of tools to increase brand awareness, engagement, and revenue.

Because consumer behavior is something that is always shifting, Curlate recognizes the importance of staying a step ahead. “Technology changes often, but we’re able to predict trends before they happen,” says Chelsea Marion, Client Success Manager, of how Curalate manages to always be at the forefront of the industry, “It’s exciting to know that we have a pulse on what’s occurring in the market.”

Centerline Digital is a modern marketing agency that builds custom marketing solutions for the world’s most progressive enterprises.

Centerline Digital isn’t your run-of-the-mill marketing agency. The company utilizes a mash-up of business problem-solving, marketing strategy, great content creation, and activation to provide impactful results for clients. And, Centerline Digital does it all with a super talented team. “The people I get to work with blow my mind on a regular basis—it’s remarkable how much talent they’ve packed into this building,” says Joe Bond, UX Strategist.

Dyn helps companies manage internet performance with cloud-based products that monitor and optimize web properties. The insights and analytics generated shape each company’s performance strategy.

Dyn has a big goal: making the internet better. Since 2001, the company has enabled startups and big-name brands to overcome challenges related to internet complexities and visibility needs. And, Dyn does that by always being open to new suggestions. “Dyn is a ‘Yes’ environment. If you have an idea, put it on the table, and it will be part of the conversation,” says a Senior Technical Support Representative.

Esri leads the world in geographic information system (GIS) software development by applying The Science of Where to mapping and analytics, helping customers in all industries improve operations.

Esri is quite literally building the maps of the future to accomplish big things—like designing more efficient cities or delivering clean water and electricity. And, employees love knowing that they’re making the world a better place. “You look at the company—you look at the impact it’s making on the world,” says Whitney Kotlewski, User Experience Architect, “There’s an attitude of wanting to give back and an understanding that you’re making a difference.”

Revcontent transforms native advertising into an art form with fully responsive, custom widgets that enrich users’ site visits with premium partner content to generate revenue.

Revcontent doesn’t believe in following trends—the company would rather be leading the charge. “Wherever the market moves, we’re not only going to be there—we’ll be at the forefront,” says Katherine McDermott, Brand Manager. And, when team members aren’t busy making major waves, they enjoy the office’s numerous amenities—including a stocked bistro and kitchen, an on-site gym, and a slide that connects the office’s two floors.

SmartBear Software creates quality tools that assist over 5 million software professionals to deliver the world’s best applications.

In order to keep the company moving forward, SmartBear’s leadership is supportive, fast-paced, and trusting. Team members are given complete ownership of their day-to-day tasks, because the company’s management is confident that the people brought on board will strive to reach the goals set out by leaders. 

JVM Lending is a California-based residential mortgage company disrupting the game with its unique, no-commission business model and congenial team of highly accountable experts.

Comparable to the rest of the lending industry only in name, JVM Lending places customer comfort and satisfaction above all else. “JVM is innovative in how we do the loan process. We work as a team, and that’s what makes the experience so different for our clients and for all of us who work here,” says Heidi Ameli, Senior Mortgage Analyst.

Radius is a data science IT company, helping marketers reach customers in more meaningful ways with real-time predictive data analytics, powerful segmentation, and seamless integrations.

Using data in marketing isn’t necessarily a new thing. But, when it comes to predictive marketing, Radius does things differently—and, ultimately, better. “We’ve seen a ton of change with our product enhancements, and it’s really getting to a place where I believe it’s putting us above and beyond any of the other companies in the predictive marketing space,” explains Wes Heavner, Enterprise Sales Director.

Dolby creates spectacular audio and visual technologies for movies, homes, and businesses—making entertainment experiences magically come alive.

Dolby’s a leading global developer in its field—pioneering entertainment technology that wows consumers from the cinema to the living room. With creative scientists and engineers hard at work to transform everyday entertainment in theater, music, electronics, and games—the company has audio, imaging, and voice technology down to a science. “This is a place that pushes the boundaries of the science of sight and sound. It’s a big thing, and something to take pride in,” shares Cleo Barretto, Staff Embedded Software Engineer.

KIND is on a mission to create snacks that are healthy and tasty, wholesome and convenient. KIND’s motto—“Do the KIND Thing”—is about doing the kind thing for the body, the taste buds, and the world.

Challenging norms is not new to this company. Just look back to 2004, when KIND created the “Fruit & Nut” category during a time when only “slab” bars—made from indecipherable ingredients—were available. KIND also debuted clear wrappers, spotlighting its reliance on whole, simple ingredients that you can see and pronounce. The company has continued to introduce innovative items, upending the healthy snacks category and sending big food companies scrambling to compete.

Jive is the leader in accelerating workplace digital transformation for organizations, enabling people to work better together.

When it comes to Interactive Intranet and Customer Community solutions, Jive is an industry leader. And, that’s motivating for all of Jive’s team members, who feel connected to the company’s purpose. “One of the best things about Jive’s culture is it feels like we all truly believe in the mission,” says Vinh Jones, Director of Product Management, “We want to change the way work gets done.”

Hearts & Science is a data-driven marketing agency with expert media planning and buying capabilities.

If there’s one word employees would use to describe the culture of Hearts & Science, it’s this: innovative. “It’s amazing to be part of a company that delivers innovative solutions while also operating in an innovative fashion,” says Sean Bernson, Project Supervisor, “It’s an honor to work with extremely talented, driven, and fun co-workers.”

Accolade is revolutionizing healthcare by using a blend of compassionate, trusted health assistants supported by breakthrough science and technologies to help consumers navigate the healthcare system and make better care decisions. Their model results in industry-leading engagement levels, better clinical outcomes and substantial medical cost savings for their employers.

At Accolade, employees start every day inspired by the possibility of reinventing healthcare. Aside from being constantly inspired by the company’s mission, Accolade team members also enjoy plenty of perks—including flexible schedules to allow for adequate work-life balance and free coffee and fruit all over the office!

MedStar National Rehabilitation Network is a rehabilitation provider, offering comprehensive inpatient, day treatment, and outpatient hospital and healthcare services to support patient recovery.

MNRN believes in providing unmatched rehabilitation treatment with quality equipment and professional development for staff members. Besides having simulated kitchens, bedrooms, cars, curbs, and more to assist employees in helping patients overcome real life challenges, MNRN offers specialty symposiums, license certifications, mentorship programs, and yearly stipends for continuing education.

KellyMitchell connects talented candidates with job opportunities across North America and offers strategic consulting, staff augmentation, and outsourced business solutions to a variety of clients.

Whether it’s a potential candidate seeking a job or an established employer looking to hire, KellyMitchell acts as the IT staffing liaison to help organizations across the country quickly and effectively meet all their personnel needs. The company has built a team suited to meet this mission by offering a comprehensive 90-day training program for new hires—which definitely isn’t the standard for most staffing agencies.

VSA Partners creates stunning aesthetics for companies around the world by fusing strategic design and creative marketing to deliver top-of-the-line branding with end-to-end perfection.

The company builds an authentic working environment for all employees—with a focus on fun and innovation. “VSA Partners has a real commitment to the ever-changing landscape of the digital environment,” shares Scott Theisen, Creative Director, “It’s the nature of these changes that keeps our problem-solving creative and fresh.”

Acquirent is a leader in outsourced sales and strategies, minimizing business risk, generating leads, and driving growth for small to large companies with its sales expertise.

Acquirent is committed to driving the bottom line for its clients. But, the company never forgets to take the time to recognize great work. Acquirent always kicks off work days on a positive note with motivational morning meetings. It’s an excellent way to recognize leadership, applaud top sellers for a job well done, and welcome hungry new hires to the company’s camaraderie and culture.

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