20 Companies That Are Going to Be Huge (and Are Hiring Now)

Is there anything better than knowing that you work for a company that’s leaving its mark on a particular industry—and maybe even the world?

We don’t think so. And, that’s exactly why we’ve pulled together these 20 awesome companies that have already made major waves and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. In fact, they’re all poised for even more explosive growth.

Want to get in while the gettin’ is good? You’re in luck. Not only are these companies all on the up and up, but they’re also all hiring right now.

Accolade revolutionizes the healthcare industry, improving patient experiences and lowering costs through combined personal engagement efforts, technology applications, and clinical client support.

With a growing team of dedicated employees committed to serving the company’s clients, things are only going to get bigger and better. “I think the single most exciting thing for the future of this company is growth,” says Accolade’s Director of User Experience, “We’re working to provide this very significant product and service to a lot more people.”

Phoenix Energy is a New York City-based sustainable energy company, supplying New Yorkers with sustainable energy management solutions.

With a mission to advance a sustainable energy future, to say that Phoenix Energy has an eye toward growth is a major understatement. After all, the company is aiming to reduce 10 million pounds of carbon dioxide each month. “It’s rewarding to see how well we’ve grown,” shares the company’s Energy Management Specialist, “Every time we bring someone on, there’s a completely new dynamic to the team, and I’m excited to see where we take it.”

Dia&Co is a an online styling service for women above size 14 with a mission to inspire radical self-acceptance through style.

As a company that was founded by two fierce women who couldn’t believe that the fashion needs of 65% of women in the U.S. weren’t being met, it’s easy to see that there’s plenty of room for major growth for Dia & Co. And, motivated by a mission of body positivity and making curvy women feel good in their own skin, the company is more than ready to keep doing great things—especially after they jam out to their “Eye of the Tiger” pump up anthem.

Rubicon Global changes the rules of recycling, leveraging a cloud-based platform and industry education to challenge the notion of monetizing landfills while also reducing waste management costs.

If you think trash and technology have nothing in common, it’s time to take a page from the book of Rubicon Global’s employees. The entire company believes in a future without landfills or garbage, which the company is working tirelessly toward day in and day out. And, while employees appreciate the supportive management and fun off-sites, it’s ultimately the fact that their work is making a measurable difference that gets them excited to head to the office each day.

Lithium is changing customer service with a platform that helps brands create social communities that connect passionate customers to each other.

Employees at Lithium pride themselves on the fact that they’re quite literally changing the way that people help each other. As far as what’s next? Well, team members know there’s plenty of room for Lithium to keep growing and making waves. “It’s a great time to be joining the company,” says Kirk Yokomizo, VP of HR Operations, “I think there’s a huge opportunity for the company to grow even bigger than we are today—much, much bigger.”

Sneak Attack Media is a digital promotions and creative services company specializing in music and lifestyle brands.

There’s no denying that Sneak Attack has grown since it started a decade ago in a tiny East Village apartment. And, growth is something that the company plans to continue doing, including adding new passionate employees to its tight-knit and supportive team. And, we’ll let you in on a little secret: With a stockpile of healthy snacks and music constantly buzzing through the open office space, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cooler place to work.

Beautycounter creates safer, high-performing products for the whole family—the organization believes that no one should ever compromise their health in the name of beauty.

If you want to work for a company that’s totally shaking up the beauty industry, you’ve found your home at Beautycounter. “The Beautycounter brand is a force for change,” says the company’s founder and CEO, “Through both education and our unique direct retail model, we’re more than a beauty brand. We’re a movement.”

Area 1 Security actively pursues and provides visibility into the next generation of sophisticated targeted cyber attacks by identifying campaigns and their delivery systems before they unfold.

Cybersecurity has become only more important and relevant for businesses in recent years, which has positioned Area 1 Security to continue growing. With a trusting management style and a fast-moving culture, every single Area 1 Security team member is motivated to solve problems and serve the company’s clients in order to finally take the upper hand away from that cyber bad guy.

Knot Standard is a custom-clothing platform—allowing consumers to make their own creations over the web or in one of its six global showrooms.

Some of the biggest and best companies get a start by identifying an underserved market—which is exactly how Knot Standard began. The company has been growing at a rapid pace, but still manages to maintain its beloved startup mentality. By celebrating successes and keeping everyone in the company inside the communication loop, employees are able to see the physical product their efforts produce—and stay motivated to keep pushing forward.

Zappos is an online shoe and clothing shop committed to making shopping quicker, easier, and more consumer-friendly.

More than 1,500 employees working with millions of products from over 1,000 footwear and apparel brands. That’s a lot of big numbers, right? And, believe it or not, Zappos is poised and ready to continue getting bigger. It’s exactly that eye toward the future that keeps Zappos on the steady up and up. “I love that Zappos has the initiative to try new things and be fearless,” adds employee Angela Gonzalez.

Fetch Robotics is a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup—revolutionizing the way work is done with innovative industrial robotic solutions.

Is there anything more innovative than robots? Probably not, and Fetch Robotics employees are literally building the future one nut and bolt at a time—turning the high-functioning robots imagined in science fiction into reality. As if that cutting edge mission wasn’t enough, the company’s collaborative environment and laidback atmosphere ensure that employees are happy, fulfilled, and excited to come to work.

Nextiva outfits modern businesses with unified cloud communications through a simple approach to UCaaS that includes bringing companies a slew of communication tools and cloud applications.

Since getting started in 2008, Nextiva has been on a steady incline. Today, the more than 500-strong team is still just as excited about revolutionizing business communications. That mission seems to be working, since the company is regularly recognized for its fast growth. Despite that, Nextiva makes a concerted effort to preserve the startup mentality employees love—regardless of how big the company gets.

Korn Ferry is a global people and organizational advisory firm—helping leaders, organizations, and societies succeed by releasing the full power and potential of people.

“When we originally started, we were a business built to help take advantage of the dot com boom,” explains Andrea Wolf, Practice Leader of Human Resources for North America, “We have expanded dramatically since then, and we continue to grow and evolve today.” With a strong culture across its global offices and a dedicated and passionate team, Korn Ferry is undoubtedly ready to just keep moving forward.

Gallup delivers analytics and advice to leaders and decision-makers about how the world’s citizens think and behave to help solve the most pressing problems.

Associates at Gallup love that their work has the potential to positively impact hundreds of millions of people around the world. But, the company recognizes that growth starts right in its own office—with its own employees. That’s why Gallup’s leaders are dedicated to helping associates discover their own unique strengths. By empowering team members to be the best they can be, Gallup itself only becomes bigger, better, and stronger.

OfferUp connects local buyers and sellers through a simple marketplace app that gives peer-to-peer commerce a community feel while enabling users to benefit from valuable exchanges.

Long gone are those days of setting up some folding tables in your driveway and hoping that people come by—thanks to savvy technological solutions from companies like OfferUp, that change the way people buy and sell items. The company has big plans to continue to scale, which keeps things exciting for employees. “It seems like a new company every quarter based on how fast we’re growing,” says Dhigha Sekaran, Director of Engineering.

Bizzabo is an all-in-one event success platform that helps organizers from around the globe create successful events.

Boasting an empowering leadership style and a team of employees that feel more like friends than co-workers, Bizzabo is changing the name of the game and making it easier for people to plan and organize impactful events—a mission that enables both the company and the team to keep on growing.

Summit Information Resources helps businesses build beneficial relationships by providing customers across the nation with quality new and used networking hardware, server, and storage equipment.

Summit Information Resources has growth in mind—not only for the company as a whole, but for individual employees as well. With a huge emphasis on pursuing personal and professional development, the company is armed with a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to advancing and elevating themselves, the business, and the success of the company’s many clients.

Sensibill enhances the world’s largest mobile bank applications with value-added services that enable users to manage, store, and understand their finances better within existing accounts.

At Sensibill, piles of crinkled receipts are a thing of the past. The company is changing the way that people manage their finances, empowering them to stay organized and make smart decisions. Sensibill’s leadership ensures that each employee not only understands the big picture, but also how their work is individually contributing to the larger company vision—a philosophy that has positioned Sensibill to keep growing and making waves in the personal finance industry.

The product development experts at Synapse work with clients all around the world to conceive and develop any idea an individual or company can come up with.

Innovation is at the core of everything Synapse does. In an industry that’s so cutting edge, the company recognizes the need to evolve as technology evolves and constantly challenge the status quo, which Synapse accomplishes through a hands-off leadership style and an environment that’s always open to new ideas. Put simply, employees believe that the possibilities—as well as Synapse’s future—are limitless.

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