20 Companies That Are as Great as Google

Google. It has developed a massive reputation. So massive, in fact, that it’s known all over as a noun, a verb, and a pretty awesome employer.

But, let’s be real. Not all of us can or even want to work for the tech giant. However, that doesn’t mean that we’re not eager to find a company that offers that same sweet culture, innovative team, and brag-worthy perks.

We’ll save you the trouble of feverishly Googling to find a place that offers just that (see what we did there?). We’ve pulled together 20 companies that are just as cool—and that are all hiring right now.

New York Life is the largest mutual life insurance company in the country. Working here means being part of a caring and collaborative workplace where an innate drive to excel is matched by a sense of responsibility to help people prepare for their futures.

In fact, much like Google, New York Life is focused on innovation. The company is looking for ambitious tech professionals whose ideas will help shape its future.

Being part of the New York Life team gives employees the opportunity to apply plenty of ingenuity to an industry leader focused on long-term growth for clients, the company, and for the people who work there.

The team at Philips knows that technology isn’t just about making cool gadgets. Philips is focused on innovating with purpose, and their employees are dedicated to making advancements in the health-technology space that can literally change lives.

Philips employees are behind the solutions that can help premature newborns and aging populations, help doctors detect and treat medical issues early, and the systems and solutions that help power hospitals. If you ask us, there’s no work more rewarding than that.

Braintree makes it easy for businesses around the world to make and accept payments online.

If you admire the fun office environment that Google boasts, you’re sure to love it at Braintree. The team often celebrates the company and each other with activities that include drinks, games, a yearly retreat, and even Taylor Swift dance parties. Every other week, employees get together to discuss what’s working and what’s not, choose actionable goals, and work to make the office a place where every employee feels comfortable, collaborative, and creative.

VSCO cultivates creative communities that empower people to express, discover, and connect. VSCO’s mobile application provides tools for individuals to photograph the beauty around them.

VSCO is one of those companies that—gasp!—recognizes that you have a life outside of the office. Employees are empowered and encouraged to be their authentic selves, and the company places a huge amount of emphasis on adequate work-life balance. “Whether it’s working remotely or flexible vacation time, there’s a lot of things VSCO does to make the work-life balance really easy,” says Emily Westerhold, VP of Finance and Operations.

RXBAR is a consumer health food company, producing a better choice of whole food protein bars, made with 100% natural ingredients for everyone to enjoy .

The RXBAR team is tight-knit, and makes it a point to celebrate each other. The company recognizes everyday wins—whether it’s company milestones or personal developments. Staff members socialize during team potlucks, get their hands dirty creating RXBARs from scratch, and listen to music daily.

MediaRadar is a SaaS company—providing real-time advertising insights and customizable tracking software for over 1.9 million brands across 1,500 publishers.

If you’ve been seeking a company that has a totally approachable leadership style, a job with MediaRadar is right up your alley. In the office, there aren’t any closed rooms, so everyone is available to talk to, collaborate with, and ask questions. MediaRadar’s CEO, Todd Krizelman, even sits right next to his employees—regardless of seniority and title.

Bluebeam improves paperless collaborations and workflows through a suite of PDF creation and editing software. The smart solutions help professionals in every industry—from engineering to government.

You’ll find plenty of fun (and food!) in the Bluebeam office. But, what’s one thing you won’t find? Micromanagement. Instead, leaders try to empower people to take on challenges and propose new ideas, giving tidbits of guidance along the way. Decision-makers are also interested in employee feedback and genuinely care about developing strong people—not just paper-pushers.

Continuum Analytics provides data software product training and consulting for big data, high performance computing, and business analytics.

With a spirit of innovation, a community-driven mentality, and a supportive culture that encourages idea-sharing, you’ll find a lot of similarities between Continuum Analytics and Google. “Seeing how Continuum is on the cutting edge of technology, how it engages with the community, and how it pushes for open-source solutions is what really made me want to join this company,” says Christine Doig, Data Scientist.

Booking.com gives travelers the ability to discover, book, and enjoy the world’s best places to stay—no matter the person’s budget or destination—through a digital suite of resources.

Booking.com wants the world’s best, brightest and most collaborative, which is why the company offers full relocation packages to Amsterdam for new employees and their families (yes, even your pup), and will even pay for team members to learn Dutch. Geweldig!

Once employees make the move, they quickly understand the importance of great working relationships, so they’re all about team bonding. Monthly gatherings give employees time to mingle, while organized morale-boosting trips take teams off-site to solve puzzles or master escape rooms. Because the team is so diverse, many in-office celebrations combine traditions from various cultures—which also means the menu is exceptional.

Adlib Software helps companies analyze and classify their unstructured data—identifying potential security risks and uncovering valuable information that companies can use to their advantage.

Adlib doesn’t want different departments to work in vacuums and ultimately miss the forest for the trees. So, the company regularly hosts Town Halls, where the entire staff gets together to find out what everyone is working on. The team loves the chance to check in with co-workers they don’t get to work with on a regular basis and to collaborate on decisions that will drive the company forward.

Quantcast is a technology company specializing in real-time advertising and audience measurement.

When it comes to professional development, Quantcast doesn’t just talk the talk—it also walks the walk. The company gives all employees access to a number of resources that they can use to grow professionally—including opportunities to attend weekly Toastmasters, learn online through the Lynda platform, and join GRIT (Grow. Inspire. Train.), the program for female leadership.

DriveTime is one of the nation’s largest used car dealers, specializing in helping people with tricky credit issues find financing for the vehicle of their dreams.

Work hard, play hard is a philosophy that’s taken seriously at DriveTime. And, the team isn’t afraid to combine the two. It’s not uncommon to find two co-workers enjoying a quick ping-pong match—in order to get a task moved up to the top of someone’s priority list. “It doesn’t feel like you’re going to work on a daily basis, but like you’re hanging out with friends and bouncing off ideas,” adds Michael Donnelly, Internet Sales Manager.

Anne Lewis Strategies crafts comprehensive fundraising campaigns for Democratic causes. With a passionate team of strategists, writers, and technologists, the company always stays on the cutting edge.

Anne Lewis Strategies is quickly growing, but it hasn’t forgotten what drives the company at its core—the people. Everyone’s voice is heard in the office, and employees make sure to maintain their close-knit bonds no matter how much the team expands. Regular extracurricular events like karaoke nights and baseball games definitely help with that.

Houzz is a platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners
and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community.

What do employees love about working at Houzz? From the open communication to the room for advancement, there’s plenty to love. But, it’s the culture that keeps people the most excited about coming to work every day. “Walking in here every day doesn’t feel like work because it’s such a team environment. You walk in relaxed—but still excited to work,” shares a Houzz account manager.

Revcontent transforms native advertising into an art form with fully responsive, custom widgets that enrich users’ site visits with premium partner content to generate revenue.

If you’ve ever found yourself drooling over the perks and amenities that Google’s workplace has to offer, you’re never going to want to leave the Revcontent office. With a stocked bistro and kitchen, gym, and themed meeting rooms—which is all held together by a slide connecting the two floors—this office is straight out of your wildest dreams. And the incredibly supportive leadership and an emphasis on individuality really seal the deal.

Hearst Autos, a division of media company Hearst Corporation, strives to be the premier auto industry content producer. The company is overhauling its world famous “Car and Driver” web property.

Hearst Autos has a laid-back startup culture inside a larger corporate entity. The team is full of creative big-thinkers who also like to have fun together. Every Friday, employees enjoy going out for dinner and drinks to unwind from the week. Other people on the team socialize in the company’s break room, where TV time and Nerf guns are plentiful.

Index Exchange equips enterprise sellers with custom architected solutions, fully transparent sell-side management technology, and access to programmatic demand organized and certified by humans.

One Index Exchange employee has a unique first interaction with the company’s chairman, when he told her, “If you’re not having fun at work, you’re not having fun at home.” And, without a doubt, fun is ever-present in the Index Exchange office with everything from weekly catered lunches to mid-day Nerf gun fights.

CarMax makes the process of buying and researching quality used cars simple, enjoyable, and stress-free—with a focus on honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

There’s plenty of room to grow at CarMax, where leaders focus on mentorship over management. Under this philosophy, team members are given projects that support the business and align with personal development goals. Instead of harping on deadlines, managers focus on building career ladders and preparing teams for the climb.

Earnest Research is a data innovation company that transforms raw data into a source for business and investment professionals to make better decisions.

You won’t find a rigid and formal hierarchy at Earnest Research. Every employee works toward the same goal, and little differentiation is made between leadership and individual contributors. By keeping the organization flat, the company finds people are able to take a greater sense of ownership over their work—and ultimately achieve greater success as a team.

Revana Digital designs digital marketing and sales solutions to help leading B2B and B2C companies acquire, retain, and grow profitable customer relationships.

Revana Digital employees know how to recharge and have some fun, and they also aren’t afraid of a little friendly competition around the office. In addition to office Olympics, ping-pong and foosball tournaments, the Revana Digital crew goes all out for Halloween—competing against teams to outshine one another and throw the best Halloween party.

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