20 Companies Hiring Like Crazy in May

There’s something about the month of May that seems to signify a fresh start. But, that doesn’t just need to apply to the flowers, the weather, and recent graduates who are eager to finally enter the “real world”.

As it turns out, May is the perfect time for you to land a new job—and there are plenty of them to be had, regardless of whether you’re fresh out of college or established in your career.

In fact, these 20 awesome companies are all hiring for tons of different positions right now! So, check out their listings, dust off that resume of yours, and prepare for a fresh start of your own.

The Vanguard Group is one of the world’s largest investment companies, advising clients and the general public on savings, investment, retirement, personal finance, the economy, and much more.

With over 200 positions currently available (yes, you read that right), there’s never been a better time to join the Vanguard team. Once you’re in, you’re empowered to take the reins in your own career. Managers ensure the team is surrounded by supportive people and technology, enabling employees to take charge of their professional growth and become the managers of tomorrow.

Yelp is a free website and mobile app that helps people find and review great local businesses, services, and places—and connect with other Yelpers around the world.

Yelp is always growing, which means there’s plenty of opportunity for existing and prospective employees. “At Yelp, there are so many new jobs that pop up every year and every quarter—so many new things that people can try—and so many new areas to learn. The growth is constant, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon,” explains Sahr Siddiqi, Senior Training Manager, Local Sales.

iProspect is the world’s leading digital performance marketing agency—driving client business performance.

iProspect is hiring for tons of open roles right now. So, what do you need to get your foot in the door? Employees are chosen for their passion and intellectual curiosity, and they take pride in helping one another whenever they can. When new members are brought on board, they’re paired with a mentor from another channel to learn more about the iProspect process from start to finish—as well as how to navigate the company culture.

Group is a passionate Christian publishing company which specializes in creating real ministry experiences that bring together worshippers of all ages.

“Every time I walk in these doors, I know that it’s going to be a fun-filled day with laughter and lots of different interesting things to do,” says Meghan Brown, Marketing Manager. Indeed, the Group team knows how to have fun, while also working hard toward the company’s mission of changing lives. This combination creates a unique and fulfilling work environment, and it’s why the organization has been voted the best local employer since 2008.

Medallia is a cloud-based customer experience software platform—enabling companies to capture customer feedback and understand it in real-time.

When hiring employees (which the company is doing plenty of right now!), Medallia looks for people with a ‘growth mindset’—the belief that you can dramatically develop your talents. Team members learn from their mistakes, adapt, and practice in order to become successful. Medallia believes anyone can buckle down and maximize their own talents, and it invests in employees to help them realize their potential.

NewsCred is a content marketing company dedicated to uplifting the creator-consumer relationship, empowering brands to become detectives and storytellers to create genuine connections with consumers.

NewsCred offers plenty of perks (ahem, unlimited vacation!) for employees. But, those brag-worthy extras aside, employees appreciate the opportunity to own their work and bring their whole selves to the office. “Think big. When you show up for an interview, don’t just think about the job and the exact skillset you need to have,” advises Lauren Hammarstedt, Director of Customer Succes, “Think about you as a person—and what you want to be known for in the world. NewsCred really cares about that.”

FTD Companies is a floral and gifting company that strives to inspire, support, and delight customers as they express life’s most important sentiments.

If you’re looking for an employer that will empower you to grow and advance, FTD Companies could be the perfect fit. “FTD is a collection of bright minds with seemingly unlimited growth potential for its employees. Security, transparency, competitive compensation and benefits—what’s not to love about all of that?” says Bobby Wolfe, IT Supply Chain Ops Engineer.

Integrative Nutrition is the largest nutrition school in the world—and the only school that explores more than 100 different dietary theories.

As you can imagine, Integrative Nutrition’s perks (and there are plenty of them!) reflect what it means to live a healthy and balanced life, with food, physical activity, career growth, and work-life balance. The company always has healthy food options available for the team. On top of that, the team also benefits from an on-site chiropractor, massages, and a fresh organic fruit delivery once a week.

Red Venture is an American marketing and sales services company, optimizing marketing opportunities for some of the nation’s largest brands.

From engineering to copywriting, there are plenty of different opportunities open on the Red Ventures team. According to current employees, the company is constantly searching for candidates who are performance-driven and hungry to grow and learn. New and seasoned employees have ample opportunities to take on additional responsibilities, and anyone intellectually curious and compelled to move the business forward is encouraged to apply.

Black Mountain Systems is an information technology company, changing the way the financial industry manages workflow and data software.

If you’re seeking an emphasis on work-life balance and a culture of trust, you’ll feel right at home at Black Mountain Systems. The company encourages employees to focus on getting their work done—not the hours they’re in the office. Team members have the ability to create their own schedules. So, if employees need to leave earlier to commute back home, make a doctor’s appointment, or just work remotely—they have management’s blessing to do so.

Prometheus is revolutionizing the apartment-renting industry by providing superior quality service and attending to the small details of the apartment search and rental experience.

Prometheus has been around since 1965, but the company is still steadily growing. Once you’re a part of the team? You can anticipate plenty of room for growth and a culture that truly supports your professional development—including offering much-deserved recognition for the hard work you do. In fact, many employees describe Prometheus’ recognition programs as top notch.

Ventera Corporation creates management consulting software for government agencies, telecommunications companies, financial services firms, pension organizations, and more, all around the world.

Camaraderie is a core pillar of the culture at Ventera Corporation. In fact, many employees say that the hierarchy feels invisible. Partners sit right around the corner from almost every desk, and they love getting in on team activities around the office. During onboarding, each employee receives a Career Coach to mentor them throughout the life of their employment at the organization.

Capital One is a nationally recognized and high-tech business banking company, offering better customized consumer and commercial lending and deposit financial services.

Dedicated to launching exhilarating and challenging careers, Capital One looks for entrepreneurial-spirited self-starters with initiative and the confidence to ask for help. In terms of staff careers, management wants its employees to celebrate learning and take charge of professional development. “Capital really cares, and you feel it in the energy here,” shares a UX Design Researcher.

Dex Media advocates for small business growth by delivering and supporting a suite of digital marketing solutions that enable local companies to reach more customers online.

Life in the Dex Media office is full of food, fun, and tons of support. The company is big on providing learning resources and management styles that help employees set their own career goals and then reach their full potential. “The sooner you get your foot in the door here, the sooner you’ll be on track to skyrocket the rest of your career,” says John Wholey, Executive Vice President.

Good Apple Digital is a nimble, boutique media agency—focused on targeted digital media planning and buying in independent media culture.

At Good Apple, you don’t need to play the waiting game in order to climb the ladder. Employees appreciate the unique opportunity to show off their individual talents and have them noticed by their managers. As opposed to other offices—where people might wait two or more years to be promoted—the company bases a Good Apple’s growth on merit and performance, rather than time.

IgnitionOne’s marketing cloud technology and expert services simplify the task of identifying and engaging specific consumers at key moments of influence across desktop and mobile channels.

Working with such a forward-thinking company means employees have the flexibility to challenge themselves and try new things. But, aside from that, team members cite the team-focused and familial atmosphere as the thing they appreciate most. “We have an awesome group. I come to work every day excited that I get to hang out with my peers,” says Rez Haque, Senior Software Engineer.

Combining top brands, expert service, and unparalleled convenience, Trunk Club helps people discover and purchase premium clothes without having to do any of the shopping.

Trunk Club employees work hard. But, they also know when it’s time to kick back and blow off some steam together. For example, every other Thursday, the Trunk Club Tech Team gets together for a themed happy hour. Employees congregate at the bar—or even the rooftop—to enjoy a drink before the weekend. The event remains a fun employee tradition that helps co-workers get to know each other better and share plenty of food, drinks, and laughs.

T-Mobile is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services capable of reaching over 293 million Americans where they live, work, and play.

Dread annual performance reviews? T-Mobile might just be your dream employer. The company has ditched old-school performance reviews for a personalized approach to increasing employee engagement and growth, including help with job-related classes, developing leadership skills, and on-the-job training.

Outcome Health is a mission-driven health education company, empowering healthcare professionals to engage patients with healthy living digital media technologies.

Want your voice to be heard in the office? You won’t be disappointed at Outcome Health. Leadership emphasizes solution-based thinking, and it supports that ethos by giving employees the flexibility and influence to chime in on the final decision-making processes. By exploring several solutions or recommendations—with a no finger-pointing policy—management ensures that problems at Outcome Health get resolved quickly and collaboratively.

Chartwells Higher Education is a leading contract food service management company dedicated to providing a unique people-centric dining experience for students on over 280 university campuses.

There are plenty of different adjectives employees could use to describe Chartwells’ culture. But, “supportive” tops the list. “My favorite part of the culture at Chartwells is that everyone wants to see you succeed,” shares Meagan Clements, Marketing and Design Intern at The University of Miami, “As a student who came on in my junior year of college and not really sure of what I wanted to do, that made me so comfortable to talk to everyone and ask for help.”

Think your company should be on a list like this? Learn more and get in touch!

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