20 Companies Hiring Like Crazy in February

It’s here—the month of love, candy hearts, and flowers.

But, if you’re not really feeling the traditional romantic vibe, how about you use this month to find a job that makes you swoon? Turns out, it’s actually the perfect time to feel love struck, because these 20 companies are all more than worthy of your adoration. And—bonus!—they’re all hiring right now.

So, submit an application and save yourself the stress of trying to find those last-minute dinner reservations. After all, there’s really nothing better than finding a brand new gig that makes you feel all warm, fuzzy, and heart-eyed. Hey, Hallmark, where’s the card for that?

U.S. BMW Group is a nation-leading luxury and performance automotive distribution company, transforming extraordinary ideas into exceptional driving machines.

BMW is an iconic vehicle brand. But, to its employees, the company is better known for being an amazing place to work. With everything from supportive leadership and a generous benefits package to fun office traditions and plenty of perks, BMW knows how to keep its team members happy and engaged in the office.

AppLift is a global leader in programmatic advertising for mobile, fueling user growth for clients and connecting products to the right audience through technology, data, and services.

With numerous open positions currently posted, there’s never been a better time to join the team at AppLift. If you land a spot? Well, you can look forward to an open and friendly team, a fast-paced and energetic culture, and plenty of group lunches with your new co-workers. Oh, and we haven’t even mentioned the company trips to wineries, craft breweries, and tons of awesome museums.

Galileo designs and runs an evolving series of innovative educational summer camp programs for kids Pre-K through 8th grade—encouraging explorative learning and failing without fear.

If there’s one thing that inspires and motivates Galileo’s team, it’s the belief in the company’s mission and the people behind it. Leaders recognize how invested every employee is in the progress of the company and provide everyone a seat at the table for big decisions. “The future of Galileo belongs to everyone here—it’s not just a group of executives behind an iron curtain,” shares Viva Asmelash, Associate Director of Staff Outreach.

GrubHub quells hunger in urban areas across the United States, providing local menus, online ordering, and fast food delivery services.

GrubHub never fails to recognize that employees have lives outside of work, and prioritizing work-life balance is a core part of the GrubHub culture. But, the company still tries to make life inside of the office sweet too. If you ask us, the delicious cake from GrubHub’s on-site restaurant and team happy hours on the office’s private rooftop deck don’t sound too bad.

Allstate is dedicated to helping people live the good life every day and protect what matters to them most, whether it’s their home, car, or family.

Is there anything better than having a boss who genuinely wants to see you succeed? Allstate doesn’t think so, which is why the company’s leaders make sure to get to know each of their employees’ strengths and motivations. Once they know the passions of the team and how staff works best, Allstate managers are able to pair their employees up with opportunities to succeed. Ready to feel that supported? You’re in luck—Allstate is currently hiring for over 500 (yes, we said 500) open positions.

Movoto makes real estate easy and stress-free by pairing buyers and sellers around the country with trusted local agents who walk people through the entire relocation process.

If modernizing the real estate industry sounds like it’s right up your alley, you’re sure to feel at home here. Employees appreciate the flat hierarchy, company-wide transparency, and the close-knit bonds the team members share. And, you can’t forget the regular foosball matches and the plenty of other fun things planned by the company’s Mo’ Culture Club.

Blackbaud provides technology and expertise that helps advance the global philanthropic community by supplying software and services specifically designed for nonprofit organizations.

At Blackbaud, every single employee has an undeniable passion for helping others. So, it only makes sense that Blackbaud’s Day of Caring is a favorite event among team members. On this day, the entire company heads out into the community to do various volunteer activities. Does that generous spirit sound like it’d suit you perfectly? Apply for one of Blackbaud’s numerous open roles now!

Evantage is dedicated to helping large companies execute more effective sales and marketing campaigns by providing trained face-to-face sales teams that adapt quickly to target markets and products.

Evantage believes the best companies have the best team members, and management wants the best of the best working on their tight-knit, supportive, and fun crew. “The qualities we look for in candidates include wanting to work with people, wanting to build your own skill set, and having a student mentality,” says Trinh Nguyen, HR Manager and Head of Recruitment.

Argen is the world’s largest manufacturer of dental alloys and a leader of innovation within the industry, dedicated to improving people’s lives by preserving their greatest physical asset—teeth.

Argen is in the business of creating smiles, so it’s no surprise that the company’s employees are a happy bunch. When it comes to what they love most, many cite the warm, welcoming, and familial culture as their favorite thing about Argen. “We look at everybody who works here as part of the family,” says one of the company’s Manufacturing Engineers. “It’s very unique to be in a business this large that still feels like a small business.”

A market leader in business process management and case management software, Appian delivers an enterprise application platform that unites users with their data, processes, and collaborations.

At Appian, employees never feel stuck. They know there’s plenty of room to learn and advance within the company. And, when a team member does move up the ranks, there’s never a fear of micromanagement. Leaders and managers are given a lot of freedom to oversee their teams while also getting the support and feedback they need to grow and make a real impact.

Zappos is an online shoe and clothing shop committed to making shopping quicker, easier, and more consumer-friendly.

Team members at Zappos appreciate the fact that they’re able to show their true colors in the office. The company encourages employees to be themselves—so they know there’s no need to hide their quirks or awkward dance moves. “We love people who are genuine, who love to be expressive, who feel free and comfortable in their own skin, and who can show energy and passion in what they love to do,” says Lisa Marshall, User Experience Designer.

Medallia is a cloud-based customer experience software platform—enabling companies to capture customer feedback and understand it in real-time.

What does Medallia look for when hiring new employees? A growth mindset—which is the belief that you can dramatically develop your talents. The company believes that anyone can learn from their mistakes, buckle down, and maximize their own talents—and it invests in employees to help them realize their potential.

Digital Trends aims to demystify technology and make the digital world less intimidating. The company seeks to publish content that everyone can enjoy and understand.

The employees at Digital Trends definitely subscribe to a “work hard, play hard” philosophy. Team members love that they can get their work accomplished in an environment that’s still fun and casual. And, all of that hard work pays off on Friday afternoons, when employees unwind by sampling microbrews together. Consider this your warning: The occasional Nerf gun war will ensue.

Prezi helps over 160 million users in all corners of the world create and deliver memorable presentations with their cloud-based presentation software.

Prezi employees feel empowered by the fact that their managers trust them completely. Instead of having someone constantly looking over their shoulder, everyone on the team is given the freedom to do their jobs well on their own. The weekly happy hours, competitions at the pool table, and Monday evening yoga classes don’t hurt matters either. Ready to join them? Prezi is currently hiring for a ton of open positions.

PulsePoint helps brands engage the right customers at scale by fusing the science of programmatic distribution with the art of content marketing.

PulsePoint is always looking for people who are the best at what they do—regardless of what it is they do. The company believes that anyone with something unique to offer—and anyone with skills, passion, and dedication—is encouraged to apply. Simply put, PulsePoint finds room for talent. And, with quite a few open roles currently posted, they won’t have to look too far to find exactly where you fit in.

IVY is the world’s first social university, dedicated to igniting minds and sparking world-changing collaborations by creating movements that connect the best and brightest minds.

Is a mundane and monotonous job your biggest fear? At IVY, you don’t have to worry about it. The team is always active and involved in sharing innovative ideas and trying new things to push the company forward. “This is not the type of place where you come to work and do the same thing every day,” explains Caroline Paulus, Community Growth Director, “Everyone here has the opportunity to shape the direction of this organization.”

Garden City Group provides legal services administration across the United States. With a staff of more than 1000, GCG is a trusted organization that’s served the legal community for over 30 years.

There’s no limit on your potential at GCG. The company continually looks for new ways to engage, develop, and recognize the team. GCG encourages employees to take ownership of their growth and career development. And, employees’ abilities to educate themselves and experience all GCG has to offer give them the exposure they need to grow in their careers.

Label Insight helps brands, retailers—and ultimately consumers—unlock the power of product data. By changing the way customers and companies interact, the organization provides complete transparency.

Professional development is an important part of life at Label Insight. Managers act as mentors to assist in setting and reaching goals, and employees are free to attend conferences and classes that might make their skill sets stronger. The company also has a mentorship program (with a monthly allowance for coffee, lunch, or to purchase learning materials!) to facilitate the career growth and development of employees.

Unilever is a global leader in promoting sustainable living and is the company behind many much-loved brands, including Dove, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, Suave, Pond’s, and Q-Tips.

As one of the World’s Most Admired Companies, Unilever operates in dozens of countries on every continent—except Antarctica. Whether it’s working on an international rotation, working across global teams, or studying abroad with the company’s Tuition Assistance Program, Unilever truly delivers a global experience for employees. 

Like most financial institutions, Goldman Sachs specializes in several key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, investment research, securities and risk management, and technological innovation.

Think a career on Wall Street is formal, cut-throat, and conservative? Think again. The team at Goldman Sachs genuinely enjoys having fun together—both in the office and out. Employees partake in everything from parties to celebrate personal milestones to rock climbing classes and karaoke at the local bars. Want to see for yourself? Apply for one of the company’s hundreds of open positions.

Think your company should be on a list like this? Learn more and get in touch!

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