20 Companies Hiring Like Crazy in December

We can hardly believe it, but it’s already the last month of 2016—meaning it’s time to start brainstorming your resolutions for the coming new year.

Is “land an awesome new job” at the very top of the list? If so, you’re in luck. Whether you want brag-worthy perks, an amazing company culture, or a sweet office space (or, uh, all of the above!), these 20 companies fit the bill—and they’re all hiring now!

So, take a look at their open roles and get ready to submit your application. This might even be the first year that you actually keep your resolution.

The real estate industry has been around for a while, but Redfin is disrupting the way that people buy and sell homes. The customer-first brokerage redefines real estate by building a team of experienced agents as customer advocates.

And, the company’s innovative approach and numerous successes gives the team plenty to celebrate—which they do with everything from tequila toasts to bowling tournaments. “We have a great team here at Redfin,” says Patricia Ammann, Senior Agent. “I love coming to the office because we are all committed to the same goal—and we all work really hard, but have a great time doing it.”

Box helps companies replace outdated technological systems in favor of using the cloud to securely store files, collaborate on content, and access information from anywhere—on any device.

Box is growing in terms of the number of employees and new customers, as well as expanding into new industries. When it comes to growing the team, Box looks for employees who are driven, collaborative, and willing to learn. And, once new team members are on board, they’re bound to appreciate everything from the company’s themed conference rooms to the staff-favorite “Fun Fridays” tradition.

Atlassian is a leading provider of collaboration software. With products like JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, and HipChat, Atlassian helps all sorts of teams to plan, code, and track projects with ease.

Atlassian prides itself on core values that illustrate its dedication to getting things done together, and the company has managed to build a staff that’s filled with passionate and driven team players. And, with more than 100 open roles, Atlassian is seeking to add to that awesome team. So, dust off your resume and get ready to land a rewarding new gig, working with co-workers you also consider friends.

Omnigon is a multinational digital consulting company—delivering award-winning services and products to sports, media, and entertainment brands.

As an Omnigon employee, you’ll enjoy some pretty sweet perks. From weekly happy hours and foosball tournaments to professional in-office massages, amazing company events, and an espresso bar onsite, life in the Omnigon office is good. Submit your application for one of the company’s numerous open positions, and get ready to make all of your friends jealous.

Like most financial institutions, Goldman Sachs specializes in several key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, investment research, securities and risk management, and technological innovation.

Many outsiders view Wall Street as cutthroat and conservative. But Goldman Sachs employees paint an alternative perspective—a collaborative environment where team members help each other out. “Before we leave for the day, I always ask everyone if there’s anything else I can do to help out. We don’t want one person taking the brunt of the work and responsibilities here,” says Goldman Sachs’ Project Manager, Business Architecture and Change Management.

Axiom’s attorneys and consultants provide cost-effective legal services to businesses and corporate employers. Axiom charges less than typical law firms—and delivers solid service to clients.

Think working for a legal services firm is bound to be stiff and boring? Think again. With a team of non-conformists, Axiom has thrown out the rulebook. From the hip, brightly colored office to the fun-centric culture—complete with guacamole contests and scavenger hunts—there’s never a dull moment in the Axiom office.

Bluewolf is a global business consulting firm, innovating business processes and technologies to help companies accelerate customer engagement and drive sales.

With top industry clients, three major product releases a year, growing offices around the world, and an impressive pool of technical resources and talent, Bluewolf is headed for massive global impact. To scale its ever-evolving platform, Bluewolf wants to hire the right people—enterprising game-changers who believe in transformational business methodology and can move challenging ideas forward. Did we just describe you? Apply for one of the company’s open positions now!

DigitalOcean offers cloud space server solutions—created by developers, for developers.

You’re probably familiar with relaxed dress codes. But, bunny slippers in the office? That’s something DigitalOcean does differently. Two Fridays each month, employees don their company-issued bunny slippers to the office to enjoy a comfortable end to their extremely productive weeks. Throw in the all-inclusive, collaborative culture and the incredibly innovative mission, and you’ll want to hop right to applying for this company’s open roles (pun intended).

Pactiv is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of food packaging and food service products.

Employees at Pactiv don’t let any grass grow under their feet. “There’s always something going on, whether we’re creating a new product for a customer or trying to get new business or increase our market share,” says Joanie Wang, Project Lead. Team members thrive on the company’s fast-paced atmosphere and the numerous opportunities to think outside the box and contribute to the company’s goals.

Stack Overflow offers internet users free, expert knowledge on diverse topics—from parenting to programming—through a network of user-friendly question and answer websites.

What’s one thing Stack Overflow’s employees love the most? The entertaining and laid-back atmosphere. “Honestly, it’s always fun here. There’s always something going on,” says Jean Anstett, Campaign Manager. From a chat by the coffee bar to a friendly game of Jenga, Stack Overflow is overflowing with fun. Beyond that, team members appreciate the emphasis on continuing education through night classes, conferences, and lunchtime share sessions.

Illumio works with companies the world over to deliver adaptive security software for every computing environment—protecting 80% of data center and cloud traffic threats missed by perimeter programs.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a growing company like Illumio is the all-around impact employees have. Each person’s work directly affects the outcome of the finalized product and success of the business. Additionally, every individual has the opportunity to work cross-departmentally to learn new aspects of the company and their job.

Vera Bradley is an apparel and fashion retail company, specializing in colorful and stylish travel and lifestyle products that make everything a little bit happier.

Vera Bradley’s management style is centered on trust, allowing associates the opportunity to control and complete everyday tasks and annual goals. Leadership provides the flexibility and focus to allow all Vera Bradley associates to prioritize their different team projects effectively and create the best products for clients around the world. “The management style at Vera Bradley is inclusive. Your opinion really is important to the process,” adds John Omlor, VP, Client Services.

Billtrust is the leader in payment cycle management services. The company provides a one-stop solution for its clients to receive invoice payments from customers as quickly as possible.

Billtrust is focused on progress, rather than perfection. The company strongly values all of its employees’ ideas and contributions and empowers them to think outside the box. And, Billtrust recognizes the importance of investing in people and helping them to reach their full potential, which is why the company has a training department dedicated to providing resources for employee success.

Guggenheim Partners is a leading financial services provider—with an international reputation for excellence.

Guggenheim prides itself on its diverse and energetic pool of talent.  “I think that Guggenheim does a great job of finding talent, cultivating that talent, and watching it grow,” shares Guggenheim’s Corporate Events Project Manager. Once you’re a part of the team, you’ll enjoy supportive management and co-workers and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. The firm gives young people the chance to work alongside leaders in the industry, tackling a range of challenges for clients and collaborating to deliver innovative solutions.

Main Street Hub is the voice of more local businesses than any other company. The company offers a unique “do-it-for-you” marketing platform that integrates social media, customer reviews, and email marketing to help local businesses get more customers and keep them coming back. The team of dedicated, bright, positive people in Austin and New York is on a mission to create thriving local economies and help merchants and customers discover community.

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Main Street Hub! As the company continues to grow and thrive, not only is there an exciting referral program for employees, but there’s also​ a $250 ​external​ ​referral bonus to friends of Main Street Hub team members.

Signpost is cloud-based marketing software company, giving local businesses the power to effortlessly build and manage customer relationships.

Signpost is building an impressive team, and current staff members welcome new hires with open arms. From new hire happy hours to hilarious icebreaker questions, everyone at Signpost does their part to ensure people feel like part of the team from day one. And, that collaborative, familial atmosphere is one of the things Signpost employees enjoy the most.

Swoon is a fast-growing, award-winning professional staffing and recruiting firm bringing together top-tier talent and powerhouse companies with a progressive approach and impressive results.

If you’re searching for a team that feels more like family, you’ll feel right at home at Swoon Group. The close-knit employees aren’t only friends—they’re also a special family with unique traditions. Employees lunch daily together at Swoon’s beautiful cafe and share favorite music during listening parties on Record Club Fridays. Outside of the office, team members gather annually for the anticipated events like a boat cruise and big backyard barbecue.

Perfect Sense helps companies develop innovative web and mobile platforms, including online revenue programs and metrics dashboards that drive awareness, expand capabilities, and improve performance.

Perfect Sense may be a smaller company, but it boasts the perks and attitude of one that’s much larger. With an on-site gym and a cafeteria with a barista on staff, the office space keeps employees healthy, happy, and energized. And, team members also appreciate Perfect Sense’s commitment to giving back. Partnering with both the YMCA and Special Olympics year after year, Perfect Sense is heavily involved in using its team’s talents to support the community.

Black Mountain Systems is an information technology company, changing the way the financial industry manages workflow and data software.

At BMS, micromanagement is a dirty word. Employees are given the autonomy to work the way that suits them best, including owning their projects and having the ability to set their own schedules. This supportive management style is something that all of BMS’ team members appreciate, and makes each day in the office enjoyable—rather than a chore. “Even on Mondays, I’m really excited to come to work,” says Veronica Burnett, Professional Services Engineer.

Think your company should be on a list like this? Learn more and get in touch!

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