20 Amazing Tech Companies to Work For

If you asked someone just a few decades ago to predict what one of the most booming career fields would be today, it’s likely nobody would have said the tech industry.

But our world changes fast. And sure enough, tech companies are now some of the most successful, forward-thinking, and fastest growing companies in the world—as evidenced by the 20 awesome workplaces we’ve rounded up here.

As a result of our ever-changing landscape, these companies are all making big hires in their tech departments and beyond. So, if you’re eager to join the age of innovation, there’s never been a better time to dust off your resume, check out their open positions, and prepare to keep moving toward the future.

For more than 170 years, New York Life has been helping families and individuals all across the country with investment, retirement, and life insurances plans and policies.

Don’t think of a mutual life insurance company as part of the tech industry? Think again. At New York Life, the pace of constantly evolving technology is driving the business forward—and the company is looking for the ambitious tech professionals whose ideas will help shape its future. It’s a unique opportunity to apply plenty of ingenuity to an established and long-standing industry leader.

Synaptics is a human-interface company. Founded in 1986, Synaptics developed the first touch-pad and has been instrumental in enabling the ecosystem of ubiquitous personal devices that exists today.

With the ever-expanding market for personal electronics, the need for human-interface technology has never been greater, and this need will only grow as technology improves and more markets open up. The current leader in touch and authentication technology, Synaptics is perfectly poised to outperform the competition in the high-growth landscape of human-interface technology.

The Washington Post is a historic pillar of American journalism, renowned for in-depth political reporting and investigative journalism—with over a dozen foreign bureaus committed to excellence.

If you think working in the news industry is, well, old news, The Washington Post will challenge everything you think you know. Combining world-class journalism with cutting-edge engineering, The Post is defining the future of news—a concept that keeps employees motivated. “There’s this scrappy, can-do attitude and a willingness to experiment and lean heavily into the future of new ideas,” says Joey Marburger, Director of Product.

StellaService evaluates online retailers to measure customer service effectiveness and guides companies to build better interactions.

StellaService is an agile and lean environment where products are shipped at the speed of light—and all employees play an integral part in developing the platform, regardless of their background. StellaService combines the energy and frenetic pace of a start-up with the financial backing of an established company. The company’s teams work together to define the future of customer service, and they believe in working hard and having fun while they do it.

Smartly.io enables some of the world’s best advertisers to automate and optimize advertising through an excellent solution that boosts reach as a badged Facebook Marketing Partner.

When it comes to management and leadership, Smartly.io does things differently—like cutting out titles that limit people to one lane. In fact, the company aims to employ technical people in at least 50% of its customer-facing roles. With this approach, employees are challenged to expand their own horizons, and customers appreciate that they only have to talk to one person to get their problems fixed.

Symphony makes the exchange of sensitive business content more secure and efficient through multi-channel communication platforms that enhance company collaboration.

“Symphony is a rare opportunity to truly change the way an industry works. In the two years I’ve been here, I’ve only become more excited about our product and our team,” says the company’s Visual Designer. With plenty of autonomy and freedom in the office, Symphony employees take pride in knowing each and every contribution is key to reaching the company-wide goal of delivering secure communication platforms to the worldwide marketplace.

Shift is a one-stop shop for people to buy and sell used cars, focused on creating a safe, simple, and hassle-free experience based on trust and transparency.

Founded by Silicon Valley veterans, Shift is on a mission to disrupt the used-car market as we know it. And, that emphasis on pushing the envelope and shaking things up keeps every single employee excited to come into the office day in and day out. “We want to build something that can actually transform the industry,” says Minnie Ingersoll, COO and Co-founder.

CSI globalVcard creates completely customizable financial software suites that allow clients all around the world to reduce costs and increase profitability in all areas of corporate purchasing.

Every single employee at CSI globalVCard is motivated by the company’s mission to drive innovation in B2B landscapes. And, as a result, everybody is always thinking about what the future might hold. “We always have our eyes peeled for emerging technologies,” says Jacob Eisen, Director of Corporate Development and New Ventures.

HP has been creating top-notch technologies, for more than 50 years, aiming engineer awesome equipment and incredible experiences that make a better world for people all around the globe.

There’s no denying that HP is a household name. But, the company isn’t content to rest on its laurels and stellar reputation. Instead, HP is constantly thinking of ways to engineer equipment that’s even better. “Every day, we try to be more innovative than the day before,” explains Samim Riaz, Marketing Analytics and Operations Manager.

Thomson Reuters provides professionals with the global intelligence, technology, and human expertise they need to find trusted information in areas from finance and law to government and media.

“What I love about this company is how creative it is in regard to connecting with people, and the way it’s invested in becoming a news outlet for the new age,” says Catherine Ngai, Energy Markets Reporter. In order to continue down that path, the company knows it needs the right team—which is why Thomson Reuters is currently hiring for positions ranging from engineers to account executives.

540 brings full-stack development and support to government clients who value the same modern, agile approach as startups by offering innovative services across entire product lifecycles.

540 brings cutting-edge technology solutions to government clients (think: Department of Defense) with their team of tech geeks (their words, not ours!) and consultants. Founder John O’Brien started the company so the government would have access to the innovations of the startup world. And at 540 there is no shortage of innovation. They hold regular hackathons and monthly problem-solving luncheons to keep everyone on their toes.

Dealer-FX’s automotive software platform uses advanced data analysis and mobile applications to deliver convenience, transparency, and trust to retail dealership consumers.

When Dealer-FX needs a new tool for the office, they build it. For example, everyone uses a company-wide Knowledge Tree application, which serves to get everyone up to speed on the latest product insights and developments. The company is leveraging the tool to assist with customer training and support, and continues to develop new software tools to standardize core business functions.

Volusion offers budding and established businesses an all-in-one e-commerce solution with 24/7 support that proactively helps entrepreneurs build and manage successful online stores.

Volusion knows that micromanagement won’t help in empowering employees to continue making tricky technology more accessible. Instead, leadership at the company believes the best ways to foster quality employee performance is to hire top talent, give them the room and resources they need to innovate and grow, and make sure they have fun while they’re working on it all.

ServiceTitan is a mobile, cloud-based software platform that helps home service companies streamline operations, improve customer service, and grow their business.

Nearly doubling in size over the last year, Service Titan has experienced explosive growth. Everyone on the team is committed to maintaining that rapid pace—as evidenced by their open roles for everything from developers to engineers. “We’re kind of like a rocket ship—we’re moving at a million miles an hour, but if you’re ready to put in the work and hold on, you’re going to have a great time,” says Kathy Chang, Implementation Manager.

TaskUs provides people, processes, and technology to power notable brands and disruptive businesses. The customer care provider leads back-office outsourcing to scale support systems and bottom lines.

TaskUs does more than fill operational gaps in the world’s best companies—it joins clients as a partner and business advocate to promote transformational growth without legacy systems and outdated processes. This forward-thinking approach also means the company continually looks to incorporate AI and technology into the mix.

Asana is a web and mobile task management app—designed to effortlessly increase teamwork productivity without email.

Asana is run by a lean team of mission-oriented individuals driven by big ideas. Experts in versatile fields, the incredibly high caliber team wholeheartedly embraces the concept of growth behind Asana’s aspirational products. Employees view each company challenge as a chance to build purpose together, become better personally and professionally, and change the potential collective output of humanity. Talk about a rewarding job!

Strategic Mobility Group creates possibilities that connect client enterprises to intuitive data mobility solutions, ultimately allowing businesses to maximize workforce and workplace productivity.

While employees enjoy everything from a designated Relaxation Room to regular happy hours where they can celebrate recent wins, there’s one thing that team members appreciate most: The impact that their work has. “We’re changing lives with our technologies,” shares Michael Grudecki, Vice President of Marketing and Inside Sales.

Workiva develops user-friendly, cloud-based solutions for data compilation, management, and analysis, offering tools that enable strategic, data-informed decision-making.

In order to keep growing and advancing, Workiva knows that it needs to foster a culture of fresh ideas. To do so, the company encourages team members to ask questions big and small. Additionally, Workiva invests heavily in professional development. From conferences to trainings, employees are empowered to grab the reins and grow their talents and careers.

Symbility Intersect builds mobile and IoT products that fuse innovative technology and user experience to provide client solutions that align with business goals—and delight end users.

This company recognizes that innovation starts from within. So, Symbility Intersect emphasizes autonomy, trust, and plenty of idea-sharing in order to keep thinking outside of the box. “What you put in is only half of what you’ll get out. By driving change and sharing your ideas, you’ll skyrocket in experience,” says Nahim Nasser, VP of Engineering.

Hearst Digital Media boasts a powerful web portfolio that serves as a companion for publications like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Popular Mechanics, with combined readership of over 120 million.

It’s no secret that a media giant the size of Hearst is going to be on the cutting edge of all things digital. So, the company keeps its employees’ creative juices flowing by offering learning opportunities like Hearst’s Master Classes, where experts, innovators, and luminaries—from Arianna Huffington to Barbra Streisand—come to Hearst Tower to share their insights and experiences.

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