19 Companies With Awesome New Employee Programs

While starting a new job is always exciting, it can also be a little nerve-wracking. You don’t know how any of the tools or software work. You don’t know anybody’s name. You feel like you need to leave a trail of bread crumbs just to find your way to the break room.

But, if there’s one thing that helps you to feel a little more at ease, it’s knowing that your new employer and your colleagues won’t just throw you to the wolves and let you fend for yourself. Instead, they put in the effort to get you adjusted and up to speed.

Don’t think that exists? Well, think again. These 19 companies boast awesome new employee programs that will help you learn about your workplace, meet your colleagues, and have you feeling right at home.

The best part? They’re all hiring right now. So, submit your application and hopefully you’ll be joining in on one of these programs in no time.

Empowering people to experience the world is the Booking.com mission. It’s why they tell their customers, “Whatever you want to do, wherever you want to go, you book it with us.”

With an annual meeting that dives into company-wide goals and regular events that encourage bonding between team members, Booking.com is serious about ensuring that all employees—rookies and veterans alike—are on the same page. In fact, one of their core values is reaching success together, not as individuals. Another thing they’re passionate about? The power of curiosity and experimentation. This empowers employees to tackle new challenges and even make mistakes, with the support and guidance of the company behind them.

As America’s number one online mortgage lender, Quicken Loans has a client-focused culture that ignites passion, accelerates results, and leads folks to the right decision with certainty.

QuickenLoans is big on setting employees up for success. “What really makes Quicken Loans special is that we want to make sure that if you’ve been here for a day or even 10 years, you have someone who’s holding you accountable, giving you feedback, and making sure you’re as successful as possible,” says Dana Staniec, Senior Director of Mortgage Banking.

HotelTonight aims to help people plan less and live more by providing a platform where consumers can access fantastic last-minute hotel deals in hot spots all around the world.

HotelTonight knows that the best thing to have when you’re starting a new job is a friend in the office. So, every quarter, the company puts on a happy hour hosted by its newest employees so that everyone gets a chance to get to meet the team. The new hires get together to pick a theme, and then they serve up a couple signature cocktails at the HotelTonight Bar.

Wells Fargo is a diversified community-based financial services company with a vision to satisfy customer’s financial needs and help them succeed financially.

Wells Fargo’s learn-and-grow management style prepares, then pushes, its employees to excel. Managers teach best practices with early hands-on training, adjust approaches to accommodate individual personalities, and motivate staff to move mountains. With trust, assistance, and advocacy from leadership, every employee has tremendous mobility to quickly advance careers and ideas.

Dex Media advocates for small business growth by delivering and supporting a suite of digital marketing solutions that enable local companies to reach more customers online.

Dex Media doesn’t just want to get new employees up to speed. The company wants to make sure that team members are encouraged to continue climbing the ladder. “The learning culture is truly top-down. We don’t just support the rookies—we want everyone to expand their breadth of experience, no matter their level,” says Chris Joeckel, Director of Sales.

1-800 Contacts makes it easier to buy and wear contact lenses. The company strives to keep contacts lenses affordable and to offer consumers as much choice as possible.

1-800-Contacts has a very people-oriented culture, and all employees—new and old—love that they can feel comfortable in a work environment where they’re appreciated and recognized. “Everyone is friendly here, and everyone knows your name. It’s a big company—no one who works here is regarded as a number,” says Yessenia Figueroa, Software Engineer.

GLG provides professional educational platforms that connect industry experts—changing the way the world’s business leaders learn and share information.

New hires at GLG quickly realize that the company is all about learning, and it’s reassuring for newbie employees to know that you can turn to a colleague for advice on everything from a project to the best thing to order from the in-office barista. “Everyone at GLG is eager to learn from one another and because no day is ever the same, you can always feel the culture of curiosity and learning,” explains Keith Hoare, Senior Research Manager—Legal, Economic, and Regulatory Affairs.

Box helps companies replace outdated technological systems in favor of using the cloud to securely store files, collaborate on content, and access information from anywhere—on any device.

New hires get to know their colleagues at Friday Lunch, a longstanding tradition at Box. What began as a weekly all-hands for the company to get together, eat, and hear about what’s going on has turned into an exciting event the whole team looks forward to. There’s always some element of fun, ranging from roasting new executives to pie eating contests.

FiveStars boosts the brand loyalty of its business and community clients by creating incredibly unique opportunities that help turn each transaction into a long-term relationship.

FiveStars has a custom training program designed to develop people’s leadership skills to their maximum potential and help them do their very best work. Managers, called “Coaches,” take on the role of leading, managing, and mentoring team members. Coaches model and live out the values, focusing on the growth and well-being of people—and improving the community.

ThoughtWorks provides revolutionary technology, consulting, and software delivery to numerous global clients.

“We have such a collaborative culture at ThoughtWorks, and I truly love working with my co-workers everyday,” says Ana, Client Principal. Indeed, collaboration is at the core of ThoughtWorks’ culture, which is a trait that’s especially helpful for new employees who are trying to learn the ropes at the company.

First Western Trust connects clients with integrated financial guidance, wealth management, and private banking, creating exponential success for individuals with complex financial situations.

First Western Trust is big on encouraging co-workers to foster relationships both inside the office and out—and, the company knows it’s a great way for new hires to feel more acclimated. As a result, the company plans plenty of fun events. Whether it’s hosting a cornhole tournament on the fifth floor, taking an outing to Top Golf, or gathering for team lunches or happy hour, the entire company enjoys getting together.

Entertainment One is a leading international entertainment company specializing in the acquisition, production, and widespread distribution of industry-altering film, television, and music content.

Every other Wednesday, eOne hosts one-hour panel discussions for employees interested in learning more about how the business runs. These events, cleverly named “Think Outside the Box Office,” include any topics pertaining to the industry, and have thus far focused on issues like industry piracy, as well as Q&A sessions with senior executives. They’re a great way for new hires to get even more familiar with the business.

Sovrn connects advertisers with hard-to-reach audiences through programmatic advertising using independent publishers as the link, offering tons of features to help understand and grow audiences.

Leadership at Sovrn is passionate about keeping the entire team—from new hires to established employees—in the loop. Leaders regularly share updates about challenges and progress, and the CEO shares all board meeting slides with the entire team. This see-through approach keeps staff updated and promotes a team mentality.

SoundCloud is the world’s largest audio streaming platform. SoundCloud makes it easy for music creators to share digital music files, podcasts, and other recorded content.

SoundCloud believes that encouraging employees to develop professionally and personally is a worthwhile investment. People who work at the company enjoy learning new things—and frequently take advantage of training and education opportunities. The company regularly puts together “open houses,” for example, where team members can learn more about what other departments are working on.

Pandora is a personalized radio service, available anytime and anywhere through connected devices. The company’s goal is to play music that its listeners will love every time they tune in.

All employees feel like they’ve found the perfect fit in the Pandora office, whether they’re brand new or well established. This feeling of being right at home is largely credited to the company’s welcoming culture and the Pandora Employee Resource Groups (PERGs), which allow employees to create interest groups to share their passions with co-workers.

Hanna Andersson lets kids be kids. Crafting high-quality children’s clothing, Hanna Andersson is one of the fastest growing and most prominent premium children’s apparel and lifestyle brands.

New employees feel right at home at Hanna Andersson, thanks to the company’s welcoming and supportive culture. “The culture is extremely collaborative,” says Kristen Drzayich, Girl’s Designer, “Brainstorming, talking about our concepts for the season, and working on brilliant ideas together are some of my favorite things about my job.”

ReachMobi helps clients drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue by reaching massive amounts of mobile users—even when they aren’t already on the business’ app or website.

The best way to learn and grow at ReachMobi is to shake that hesitation that comes along with trying something new or making a mistake—no matter how green you are in your position. The company empowers new and veteran employees to push their limits through a coach-and-player-style relationship—where managers provide advice and direction, but not strict instructions and approaches.

The Bridgespan Group is a nonprofit advisor and resource for mission-driven organizations and philanthropists.

With a lengthy list of social issues to take on, Bridgespan needs employees that offer fresh perspectives on complicated matters. The company cultivates and trains a diverse team of skilled and values-driven people who bring expertise to the social sector’s most complex problems—and who grow into leaders at Bridgespan and in the nonprofit and for profit worlds.

NewsCred is a content marketing company dedicated to uplifting the creator-consumer relationship, empowering brands to become detectives and storytellers to create genuine connections with consumers.

Every employee at NewsCred is encouraged to “be their own CEO” and take ownership of their ideas, with the guidance of the company behind them. As a result, there’s great potential for team members to develop and grow. “New people who come in and make their interests known—they have the opportunity to grow into the role they want,” says Neil Barlow, Sales Director.

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