19 Companies as Great as Google

Often ranked as one of the top companies to work for, Google has become synonymous with “cool place to work.” But, believe us when we tell you that the tech giant doesn’t monopolize that market.

As a matter of fact, we’ve pulled together 19 companies that are just as awesome as Google (maybe even more so!), offering everything from brag-worthy perks to the chance to work on innovative products. And, the best part? They’re all hiring right now.

So, polish up your resume, submit your application, and prepare to do what you always thought was impossible: Making Google employees jealous of your sweet new job.

HomeAway is the leading online marketplace for vacation rentals, with vacation homes in over 193 countries around the world.

Want to get your foot in the door with an industry that’s constantly growing? “The tourism industry and HomeAway are developing and evolving a lot, so there are many exciting things to look forward to here,” shares Laura Matala, Onboarding Project Lead. Beyond that, employees enjoy a fun atmosphere, sweet offices, the chance to win a totally free vacation, and one amazing holiday bash.

Virgin Mobile offers customers control, flexibility, and connectivity through no-contract unlimited wireless plans on a nationwide network.

Looking for a company where you can really make your mark? Every day, Virgin Mobile team members play a key role creating the future, with all employees having an equally valuable voice and leaving a footprint on defining moments for the brand. “Nothing compares to stepping in at the beginning of a something I believe can change an industry,” shares Greg Wagner, People Operations.

The Vanguard Group is one of the world’s largest investment companies, advising clients and the general public on savings, investment, retirement, personal finance, the economy, and much more.

Googlers love giving back to their community, and the same can be said for the team members at Vanguard. The company provides staff with plenty of community service opportunities, an annual volunteer paid day off, and a salary withdrawal program where employees can designate a portion of their paycheck to be donated to an organization of their choosing.

Pure Storage offers enterprise, all-flash storage solutions that provide the power, reliability, and simplicity businesses need to tackle the most demanding industry and IT problems.

A job at Pure Storage will not only give you the chance to work on cutting-edge projects, but also to do it with a cutting-edge team of creative thinkers. “I love working with such dedicated people who are so passionate about their jobs,” shares Naveen Neelakantam, Technical Lead.

Much like Google, AlphaSights is a company that’s pretty far-reaching. As a global leader in knowledge search, the company has offices in New York City, London, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

AlphaSights knows that its future is in the hands of its employees. So, the company fosters an environment of coaching and learning, including setting up a personal mentorship relationship for employees, where individual progress and goals are tracked and encouraged.

Bankrate knows the value of being flexible and staying current. Founded in 1976, this one-stop resource for personal finance needs has witnessed many ups and downs in the financial markets and adapted to massively disruptive innovations, both within corporate culture and the financial world in general. And, time after time, Bankrate comes back stronger and better than before.

When employees need a break from all of that hustling? From ping-pong and foosball tables to painting classes and bingo tournaments, Bankrate offers plenty of opportunities for team members to blow off some steam.

Better Mortgage is a full-stack mortgage company connecting consumers directly to funders, speeding and simplifying the process to purchase or refinance a home.

If you’ve always envied the sense of pride and ownership Googlers have over their work, Better could be the perfect place for you. The CEO imagines a future with entrepreneurial employees all spearheading development in specific areas so designated managers aren’t needed. Instead of passing ideas up a command chain, team members share informal collaborations that naturally form teams to achieve milestones.

Nexus Systems is a leading provider of integrated accounts payable and procure-to-pay services, giving clients web apps that increase efficiency and improve visibility, accountability, and control.

Google is big on trust and transparency, and so is the team at Nexus. Each Friday, all employees—from the CEO to entry-level interns—gather together to discuss the company’s direction, strategy, values, and mission. By ensuring alignment toward one purpose, the organization enables employees to assert their own judgement in situations throughout the week.

Jive is the leader in accelerating workplace digital transformation for organizations, enabling people to work better together.

Google team members are lovingly nicknamed “Googlers”, while Jive has “Jivers”. But, the companies have more in common than just that—both workplaces emphasize creating a fun atmosphere for employees. “Jivers love to have fun,” adds Kosheno Moore, Senior Enterprise Community Manager. “That’s one of the key cultural aspects about Jive.”

When you say you work at Google, there’s instant name recognition—and the very same thing can be said when you’re an AT&T employee. But, if you hear this name and only think cell phone plans, you’re sorely mistaken. AT&T spearheads fast-paced sprint projects and deploys smart technology for external startups, innovators, entrepreneurs, academics, and inventors. “At AT&T, we’re working on many different innovative and intuitive telepresence and applications projects—beyond cell phones,” adds Nancy Dominguez, Traffic Manager.

Magoosh is an online test prep company—guaranteeing higher scores for hard working students.

Magoosh isn’t content to just coast along and stick with the status quo. The company is making strides in the education industry by creating new tools to address unfamiliar study areas, track student progress, and blend regular learning tactics into addictive test prep apps. “The most exciting thing about the ed tech space is that there’s still so much potential,” says Sam Ju, Data Analyst. “We’re not even close to the saturation point.”

Vera Bradley is an apparel and fashion retail company, specializing in colorful and stylish travel and lifestyle products that make everything a little bit happier.

As an organization, Vera Bradley is passionate about both its products and its people. Random moments of fun make every day at work incredibly entertaining and energizing—from hilarious associate sing-alongs to booming Friday music mornings, excitement runs high, and pride runs deep.

LISI advocates for the brokerage community, offering extensive training, exceptional service, expert knowledge, and valuable tools to give insurance brokers a competitive advantage.

Have you always lusted after Google’s collaborative culture? You’ll love the atmosphere at LISI—where employees agree that the company’s supportive environment is the greatest perk. LISI prides itself on an open-door, interactive management style, where leaders are often promoted from within and understand what newer associates are going through. 

Virool transforms the way businesses use video ads through a data management platform that targets the right people. Intuitive placement and visual optimization create an experience—not just an ad.

With a team full of dreamers and doers, Virool instills a sense of belonging and community in its employees—so much so that they enjoy time together both in and out of the office. From getaways to Yosemite to fun bus trips, the Virool team definite subscribes to a “work hard, play hard” mentality.

Redfin is a customer-first real estate brokerage that represents people buying and selling homes. The company redefines real estate by building a team of experienced agents as customer advocates.

Google is known for doing things differently—and so is Redfin. The company’s real estate agents don’t work on commission. Instead, they’re given a salary and bonuses based on customer satisfaction surveys. This approach is shaking up the real estate industry as a whole. “At Redfin, you can find agents who are really, truly advocates for our clients,” explains Patricia Ammann, Senior Agent. “I think that’s what really makes a big difference—and shows a shift in the industry.”

DecisionDesk provides colleges, fine arts programs, and nonprofits with software that streamlines admissions processes through intuitive application, review, and comparative technology.

Like Google, DecisionDesk places a huge emphasis on innovation and transparency, including hosting Demo Days every other Friday afternoon. During this informal time, the engineering department presents new programs from the current sprint, and other teams share accomplishments from the previous weeks as well.

Perfect Sense helps companies develop innovative web and mobile platforms, including online revenue programs and metrics dashboards that drive awareness, expand capabilities, and improve performance.

Perfect Sense may be a smaller company, but it offers big perks that rival those of larger companies like Google. Perfect Sense’s office has an on-site gym and cafeteria complete with a barista for all those afternoon coffee breaks. And, after five years of employment, staffers are eligible for a three-week paid sabbatical.

Frontline Education provides over 8,500 educational organizations with innovative software solutions to efficiently manage their needs, including recruiting, hiring, attendance tracking, and more.

Frontline Education is big on work-life balance and flexibility. Managers trust their staff completely, allowing them to work remotely or create their own schedules to meet the needs of their families at home. There’s no question about it—family comes first at Frontline Education.

ThoughtWorks provides revolutionary technology, consulting, and software delivery to numerous global clients.

If what you’ve always admired about Google is the company’s level of innovation, you’re going to feel right at home at ThoughtWorks. The company pioneered agile development through its Chief Scientist Martin Fowler, one of the original authors of “The Agile Manifesto,” and has been staying ahead of the curve since. Better yet, the company was recently named the winner the 2016 Top Companies for Women Technologists Program—beating out companies like Google and Facebook. Needless to say, ThoughtWorks is a great place for technologists of all stripes to grow and develop cutting-edge processes and frameworks.

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