13 Companies Hiring Like Crazy in August

Think job hunting is bound to be slow in the summer? Think again.

Just take a look at the 13 companies we’ve rounded up right here. All of them are awesome places to work. But, the best part? They’re also all making major hires right now.

So, freshen up that resume of yours and toss your hat into the ring for one of their open positions. While everybody else is planning their next vacation, you’ll be taking steps toward your next big career move.

One of the largest media organizations in the United States, Hearst Magazines publishes popular print and digital information that reaches readers throughout the nation and all around the world.

If you’re interested in working with digital and print publications, Hearst is where you want to be. The company has a vast and diverse group of household-name titles under its umbrella. And, Hearst’s emphasis on development makes it a great place to grow your career. “From a professional development standpoint, Hearst is certainly on top of it. Within even the review process alone there is really an encouragement for development as an employee,” shares a Senior Designer.

Like most financial institutions, Goldman Sachs specializes in several key areas, including mergers and acquisitions, investment research, securities and risk management, and technological innovation.

Many outsiders view Wall Street as cut-throat and conservative. But Goldman Sachs employees paint an alternative perspective—a collaborative environment where people have fun at work and after hours. Certain teams throw parties to celebrate personal milestones, take rock climbing classes together, and socialize over karaoke at the local bars. Want to join the fun? The company is currently hiring for over 700 (yes, you read that right!) open positions.

Pep manages timelines, budgets, and vendor coordination for promotional marketing projects so clients can focus on performance to ultimately produce profitable results.

Starting a job can be intimidating, so Pep does what it can to empower new employees. When the company brings on a new hire, it provides a roadmap to success straight from the start. Mutual responsibilities and expectations are laid out right away, eliminating any question of accountability and allowing employees to create a career path in the way that works best for them—without anyone peeking over their shoulders.

Mosaic makes solar energy more accessible and affordable for homeowners. With its online lending platform, people of all financial means can invest in and profit from solar power.

Mosaic is steadily growing, as evidenced by the company’s numerous open positions. But, when it comes to what the company is looking for in new hires, don’t be tricked into thinking that you need to be an expert in one specific thing. Instead, Mosaic searches for people who are passionate, excited to collaborate and tackle problems, and are always willing to learn. We think you’ll love the company’s very best interview advice: Just be yourself.

OfferUp connects local buyers and sellers through a simple marketplace app that gives peer-to-peer commerce a community feel while enabling users to benefit from valuable exchanges.

Forget trust falls and “get to know you” games. Employees at OfferUp take a different approach to bonding outside of the office—including unique local lunch spots, nearby trails, and free kayak and paddleboard rentals on the campus canal. The company’s Puget Sound playground also creates opportunities for unconventional team-building. Sailing, hikes, and brewery tours are just some of their favorite ways to connect outside of working hours.

Ceterus works to empower entrepreneurs by providing a high-tech, low-cost accounting solution and support system—Edge—freeing entrepreneurs to focus their time on improving their businesses.

If you assume a career in accounting is dry and boring, you don’t know Ceterus—an accounting solution that boasts the exciting atmosphere of a tech startup. Instead of long hours, Ceterus values results. Instead of a strict corporate or partner-based firm structure, Ceterus is flexible. From beautiful beaches to baseball games, from board game nights to Charleston dinners, Ceterus fosters a vibrant culture.

Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data, and reduce security risks through managed software services and technologies.

Trustwave is growing rapidly, which means the company is actively hiring to match that pace. What interests Trustwave most in potential employees? A few sound skills and a bit of background. Even if applicants aren’t able to meet every requirement, Trustwave is willing to teach anyone with the right attitude and an aptitude for learning—and who will later be interested in turning around and teaching all the knowledge they’ve learned to new co-workers.

Rubicon Global changes the rules of recycling, leveraging a cloud-based platform and industry education to challenge the notion of monetizing landfills while also reducing waste management costs.

Want a workplace where your voice is heard? You’ll feel right at home at Rubicon Global. In the office, employees can freely toss in ideas, concerns, and even personal tidbits. The sense of top-down appreciation comes from more than pizza parties and frequent recognition awards—since leaders encourage using creativity and personal approaches that forge individual career paths, with support along the way.

WebstaurantStore is an e-commerce channel specializing in providing restaurants and commercial food vendors with access to all the products—and information—they need to be successful.

WebstaurantStore provides an environment where everyone feels welcome, appreciated, and able to contribute. There are employee-customized murals decorating halls, low-cost daycare for parents, and two on-site chefs providing delicious meals. Oh, and did we mention the frequent catering from local restaurants and food-trucks? WebstaurantStore is a fun, pet-friendly company with great celebrations for milestones and tons of clubs for employees to join.

Washington REIT is an owner and operator of office, retail, and multifamily assets in Washington, DC, targeting for value creation through leasing, repositioning, expansion, and development.

Hate performance reviews? Well, then you’ll love Washington REIT—the company takes a different approach to professional development. “We have an open feedback culture. We’ve gotten rid of the old school performance reviews, and now we give ongoing feedback. Our focus for everyone is to strive for success, and the only way to do that is to get feedback throughout the year,” explains Tabitha Brittain, Vice President of Property Management.

Exact Sciences is a diagnostic company that focuses on the early detection and prevention of colorectal cancer.

With a collaborative culture, an emphasis on giving back, and plenty of opportunities for career development, employees don’t have a tough time finding things to love about working for Exact Sciences. But, without a doubt, it’s the rewarding mission that takes the cake. “I’m excited about the future of Exact Sciences because there’s so much opportunity here to change lives and make a difference,” says the company’s Senior Manager, IT Services.

PerkinElmer helps scientists and clinicians accelerate their work through innovative detection, imaging, and informatics services that protect the health of people and the environment.

With years of experience and over 9,000 employees world-wide, there’s no denying that PerkinElmer is well-established. But, that doesn’t mean the company (or its team!) are content with the same-old, same-old. “For a company that’s been around for decades, we take risks and change courses like a startup,” shares the company’s Director of Clinical Analytics and Informatics.

Prometheus is revolutionizing the apartment-renting industry by providing superior quality service and attending to the small details of the apartment search and rental experience.

“What I love most about the culture is the appreciation for the hard work we do,” says Lauren Kralovec, Neighbor Ambassador. Indeed, Prometheus takes extra care to ensure employees feel valued. Whether it’s surpassing a leasing goal or reaching a notable anniversary milestone with the company, the Prometheus “TORCH” program encourages Prometheans to ensure no great work—large or small—goes unrecognized.

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