10 Companies That Will Help You Find a Mentor

If you’ve ever tried to find a mentor, you know that it’s hard enough to find the perfect person to help push your career forward, let alone put in the time to develop a relationship.

Well, we have good news—these 10 companies are handling that first step for you. Whether it’s through formal mentorship programs, accessible leadership, or teams that love learning from each other, each one will connect you with amazing people who could take your career to the next level.

If you’re ready for the chance to meet your future mentors, apply to one of their many open positions ASAP!

Unilever is a global leader in promoting sustainable living and is the company behind many much-loved brands, including Dove, Hellmann’s, Lipton, Ben & Jerry’s, Tresemme, Vaseline, and Q-Tips.

But Unilever is also a global leader in, well, growing leaders. In addition to offering an impressive Future Leaders program that uses training and mentorship to fast track development from college graduate to management in just three years, Unilever encourages managers and co-workers alike to learn about how you want to grow—and help you get there. Everyone who joins the company even gets paired with a “buddy” on their first day to help them hit the ground running.

The result? Interns who regularly become full-time employees and people who stick around for 10 or 20 years—all because they were given a support network from the start.

Pandora is a personalized radio service, available anytime and anywhere through connected devices. The company’s goal is to play music that its listeners will love every time they tune in.

Pandora employees love that they get to learn from their brilliant colleagues, from the people they sit next to all the way to the top. “Our CEO Tim Westergren is such an incredible person to work with,” shares Marta Riggins, Director, Employee Experience and Marketing. “He’s the most humble and kind leader I’ve ever worked with… and having him lead us forward is very exciting.”

Jive is the leader in accelerating workplace digital transformation for organizations, enabling people to work better together. The company provides industry-leading Interactive Intranet and Customer Community solutions that connect people, information and ideas to help businesses outpace their competitors.

While, yes, there’s a formal mentorship program, Jivers talk more about the opportunities to learn from their peers. “Jivers love to help others and collaborate on any task. Oftentimes, you might see people from other roles chiming in to make your results better, ” shares Kosheno Moore, Senior Enterprise Community Manager.

With a range of policy options, GEICO provides affordable insurance for millions of customers across the United States.

GEICO is definitely dedicated to developing its employees—especially its tech talent. The company’s three-year rotational program offers the chance to learn on the job and gives access to mentorship from upper management.

Beyond the formal training, employees love the genuine relationships they’re able to build. “The family feel here is the best. From meet-the-CEO and the open-door policy to daily interactions, it’s easy to feel a connection between everyone,” shares Team Lead Soumya Padmanabhan.

Hearst Digital Media boasts a powerful web portfolio that serves as a companion for publications like Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Popular Mechanics, with combined readership of over 120 million.

For many employees, a favorite part of being in the Hearst family is the opportunity to snag a front row seat at a Master Class, where experts, innovators, and luminaries—from Arianna Huffington to Barbra Streisand—come to Hearst Tower to share their insights and experiences.

In other words? At Hearst, you could have the opportunity to learn from your dream mentors who were formerly out of reach.

Rainforest is the only Continuous QA platform engineered for speed and efficiency to help companies test their websites or applications in multiple browsers on multiple devices.

While the company has a unique “self-management” style that gives staff the power to oversee themselves, this doesn’t mean that employees at Rainforest QA are all on their own.

“We work in self-managing teams, which really gives us the ability to give each other feedback to help each other grow,” explains Akhila Iruku, Customer Success Manager. Meaning you can get mentorship from every angle at Rainforest QA.

Asana is a web and mobile task management app—designed to effortlessly increase teamwork productivity without email.

Unsurprisingly, the Asana team works well together, not only to get the job done but to help each other grow. Employees describe their managers as “life coaches” who want to help them develop and say that feeling supported by their colleagues helps them take bigger risks.

“There are so many smart people here, and there are so many avenues to engage with them and work on really cool things that you have to stop censoring yourself and be fearless in how you approach work,” says Michael Nguyen, Customer Success Manager.

Levatas is a full-service digital ad agency, specializing in strategy, communications, and platforms.

Levatas keeps on growing, which means there are plenty of smart new people for you to learn from every day.

“I’ve been lucky to see Levatas grow from a six-person crew to now over 50 strong, and in each step of the way, every move has been made to not only improve the company, but also the employees,” shares Andrew Pignato, Creative Team Lead.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization is an influential community of over 11,000 entrepreneurs, exclusively supporting today’s business owners in all aspects of their entrepreneurial journey.

With a job at The Entrepreneurs’ Organization, you’ll have access to leading professionals, giving you a wealth of potential mentors. “If I joined a normal company, I would learn from one entrepreneur. Within EO, however, I can learn from more than 11,000 leading entrepreneurs, and that’s amazing,” says Dennis Vilovic, Business Development Director.

ServiceTitan is a mobile, cloud-based software platform that helps home service companies streamline operations, improve customer service, and grow their business.

Not only do ServiceTitan employees report learning from leadership, they’re truly inspired by them every day. “My manager is awesome… he trusts his employees, and at the same time he gives us the resources that we need in order to succeed professionally,” shares Technical Project Manager Kindle Scott.

“Your manager should feel like an ally as well as an advocate and, of course, a mentor,” adds Senior Account Implementation Specialist Dalena Nguyen. And you can find those relationships at ServiceTitan.

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