10 Best Online Classes to Get Ahead, According to Muse Readers

Whether you’re looking to pursue a new field, snag a big promotion, or push through the job search, online classes can be your lifesaver. They can’t get you a job (I know, if only it were that easy), but they can give you cheap and easy access to the knowledge and skill set you need to land a job or excel at your current one.

Don’t believe me? We’ve rounded up Muse readers’ top 10 favorite classes from our courses section and were pleasantly surprised to see such a variety of options! From becoming a certified product manager or expert-level developer, to building your personal website and maximizing your social media, we’re sure that there’s a class out there just for you.

Stuck in a rut? Wish you could figure out just what you’re meant to do? This course will inspire you to practice and cultivate your own calling so that you can then pursue it with confidence.

Cost: $0.99 for first 3 months
Length: 53 minutes/ 13 videos

And once you know your purpose, this class is your ultimate guide to prepping for, applying to, and landing that ideal job.

Cost: $50
Length: 12 hours/ 280 lectures

If you’re interested in project management, you’ll definitely want to take this certification course. Plus, once you buy it, you’ll have access to it 24/7 for an entire year (who says you have to rush your career?).

Cost: $99
Length: Varies

Take it from a pro and learn what it takes to turn your strengths into a shiny online brand that hiring managers won’t be able to ignore.

Cost: $25
Length: 2 hours/ 50 lectures

Having Excel woes? Don’t worry, here’s an easy way to pick up everything you need to know about this important program in only an hour.

Cost: $0.99 for first 3 months
Length: 1 hour/ 10 videos

Who knew business school could be so simple (and free of informational sessions and application essays)? Check out this in-depth series full of exercises, tutorials, and real-world examples that are just as good as an expensive degree.

Cost: $50
Length: 56.5 hours/ 82 lectures

If “analytics” and “data” are terrifying buzzwords you’d like to ignore, you’re missing out on some key career skills. Luckily, with this course, you’ll understand and be able to put them into practice in no time.

Cost: $95
Length: 5 courses

An awesome job application starts with a killer personal website. If you’re no designer, this is the class you need to effectively make yours (and make it beautiful).

Cost: Free
Length: 1 hour, 15 minutes/ 15 videos

Before you go into that PM interview, make sure you’re thinking like an expert with this quick (and inexpensive!) class on classic principles, processes, and pro tips.

Not a product manager? You’d be surprised how diverse and useful these skills can be for any industry.

Cost: $39
Length: 13 hours/ 38 lessons

For a crazy low price, you’ll be immersed in basically every important language and strategy for web development—meaning a career in engineering won’t be so far out of reach!

Cost: $50
Length: 43 hours/ 321 lectures

Don’t see anything that suites your needs or interests? We have lots of other classes you might like! (Wink wink, nudge nudge)

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